Tell Us About Your Personality and We'll Guess What Kind of Beauty You Are

By: Monica Lee
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About This Quiz

Of course, you're not just a pretty face, but how would others describe your type of beauty? Whether you think of yourself as a natural beauty, glamour gal, classic chic, woman extraordinaire or somewhere in between, we'll identify what makes you glow. That's the beauty of this quiz. 

We'll ask you a series of questions about your likes, dislikes, your favorite way to socialize and your preferences on different beauty styles. This includes clothes, eye makeup, lipstick, hair color, clothing and so much more. Your answers reveal more than you think -- enough so we can successfully match your personality with a specific style of beauty. 

Plus, by examining different areas of beauty, this quiz will get you thinking about your current style and how you may want to up your game in one or more areas. Isn't great that with makeup, hair, nails, and fun or flirty outfits you can be whatever you want to be? You can style to your mood! However, most of us have a routine look, one that we're most comfortable showing the world.  That's what this quiz seeks out and will define for you. Ready to take the quiz?  You're looking good. Take it now!

How do you feel about taking pictures?

When you hear about a new makeup trend, what do you do?

Which celebrity's style do you like the most?

You wake up late for work, really late. What do you do about your makeup routine?

How would you describe your hair routine?

You're out at a cafe and looking for love. What do you wear?

How would your friends describe your approach to beauty?

What types of people do you tend to attract?

What's your current body type?

What is the one makeup accessory you can't do without?

Where do you get inspiration for your fashion sense?

Which of these phrases describes best describes you?

What is your preferred manicure?

Do you turn heads when you walk into the room?

You are at a big party. Where would we find you?

Of these suggestions, what is your favorite meal?

What time is lights out at your house?

How do you feel about constantly changing your hair color?

Which of these phrases would your parents use to describe you?

What do you wear to sleep on cold winter nights?

Shoes! What's your favorite pair?

What is your exercise routine like?

What is your eye color?

Tattoos. Do you have any?

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

Piercings. Do you have any?

What is your favorite way to relax?

What is your favorite first date?

What is your favorite feature about yourself?

When it comes to the man in your life, what kind of partner would you like?

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