Quiz: Tell Us About Your Personality and We'll Give You a Motorcycle You Should Ride
Tell Us About Your Personality and We'll Give You a Motorcycle You Should Ride
By: Robin Tyler
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About This Quiz

How boring would the world be if we were all the same?

All of us acting in the same way. Just carbon copies of each other.  But thankfully, the world is not like that, and every one of us has a unique personality made up of traits. That means there is just no one like you personality-wise when it comes to the other seven billion people in the world! Sure, some might be similar, but we are all unique. 

Personality traits include things like helpfulness, calmness, kindness, bravery, and friendliness. These are all pretty easy to understand and see in a person. There are many more of them, however.

For example, what about frugal, moralistic, mystical, debonair, gullible, impractical and much, much more. There are so many combinations that no one in the world has the same personality, that is for sure. 

So let's do some magic. Based on a list of 30 questions, we will ask you about your personality and the many traits you may or may not have, and we will tell you the motorcycle that you should drive and indeed have in your collection, stored away nicely in your garage at home. 

Sound impossible? Well, it's not. All it takes is an open mind and about 20 minutes of your time. 

Want to give it a shot? Then what are you waiting for? Let's begin. 

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On a scale of 1 (not very) to 10 (very), how casual are you?

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If you had to pick a color for your motorcycle, what would it be?

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In terms of motorcycles, your personality would lean towards which type?

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Organized, disorganized or somewhere in between.

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Do you like to spend time by yourself or spend time with people? How much of a loner are you?

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Are you a disciplined individual?

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It's mine! Or is it? Would you say you are a possessive person?

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how much of a worrier are you?

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What's your favorite sport?

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If you could pick your dream car, what would it be?

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Which of these would tell us how intelligent you are?

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