Tell Us Your Relationship Deal Breakers and We'll Guess The Exact Year You'll Be Married!

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Whenever a couple starts a relationship, they may not know this, but they enter into a world of compromise.  There are some of us who end up settling for their mates, maybe out of desperation or some other circumstance; however, on the other side of the spectrum, there are others who have such high standards, they end up being alone for the rest of their lives.  There is usually one person who ends up caving in to the demands of the other, but there are times when you have to put your foot down and say enough is enough.  

When one of these make or break situations arises, many of us sit and think, "Is this person really worth it?" or "Should I end this?"  On one end of the spectrum where many of us would consider walking away, some people forgive their significant others if they found out they were cheated on.  On the other end of the spectrum, the little things like grinding one's teeth while sleeping may be a deal breaker for others.  

Do your friends think you have higher standards than most, or do they think you should stand up for yourself more often?  Maybe you're wondering when your current mate is going to pop the question.  Whatever the reason, you should take this quiz to find out when you'll end up walking down the aisle.

How would you feel if your significant other snored?

If they didn't get along with your roommate, would you break it off with them?

What would you do if you found out your significant other was cheating?

If you and your significant other were out and about and you caught them checking someone else out, what would you do?

If your partner was a fan of PDA and you weren't, would you say something?

If you were out on a date and your significant other "forgot their wallet" would you be upset?

Would you date someone without a job?

If you found out your partner didn't have the same level of education that you do, what would you do?

Would you date someone who made less money than you?

If you found out that your partner doesn't want to have kids but you did, what would you do?

Would you date someone who was extremely taller or extremely shorter than you?

Would you date someone who chewed with their mouth open?

Right in the middle of a romantic dinner, your significant other takes their napkin and blows their nose at the table. What happens next?

Would you date someone who didn't hold the door open for you when you had a lot in your arms?

If you needed help bringing in the groceries and they didn't, would you break it off?

Would you date someone who made jokes about your appearance?

If you have a pet and your mate doesn't like it, would you stay with them?

If you found your mate had gotten addicted to illegal drugs, would you stick with them?

If your significant other had a job that was illegal (prostitute, hitman, or something like that) would you remain with them?

If you didn't get along with your significant other's friends, would you stay with them?

Would you date someone with a gambling problem?

Would you enter a marriage with someone who had a great deal of debt?

If you found out that your partner enjoyed going to strip clubs, would you break up with them?

Would you date someone who has different taste in music than you do?

On one of your first dates, you go to the movies. Upon entering, you find out that your tastes are drastically different. Would you cut the evening short?

Would you date someone who has a different diet (vegan or other) than you have?

It's time to vote. What would you do if they voted for the opposite party?

If you found out that your partner didn't go to the dentist regularly and had poor oral hygiene, would that make you or break you?

If you live in a clean house and discovered that your partner was messy, what would you do?

If one of your family members died and your significant other didn't attend the wake because funeral homes make them feel uncomfortable, what would you do?

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