Tell Us About Your Relationship With God and We'll Tell You How Long Your Courtship Will Last

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If you're a person of faith, then your relationship with God will surely impact your relationships with your fellow human beings, and none more profoundly then your romantic relationship. After all, while you might be happy to be with an atheist or a person of a different faith tradition than yours, you wouldn't want to be with a person who flat out thinks the whole idea of faith is just ridiculous. That's a short road to contempt for something that's really important to you, and contempt is the acid that can eat the heart out of any relationship.

There are lots of ways that your relationship with God might affect your relationship. For example, if you really want to marry within your faith, then if you come from a relatively small faith group, you might struggle more than average to find a single person. If your boo is converting to a faith that demands a lot of work from newbies, that'll really slow things down. If you're very devout, you're less likely to cohabit ahead of time, meaning you will generally marry a little faster. Tell us about your faith, and we'll figure out what the timeline of true love will look like for you!

How often do you talk to God?

When do you find yourself most likely to doubt God?

Do you have a member of clergy you can just email with a quick theological question?

Do you trust the institutions of your faith?

What bad behavior do you think God dislikes most?

Do you think God actually cares about things like premarital sex?

Do you feel like you have the right to question or challenge God?

Do you share your faith with friends and family?

When did you come to your faith?

Do you have any close friends from other faiths?

What's going to happen to atheists after death?

Can a person be good if they don't believe?

How do you picture God?

Did you go through a prolonged period of doubt, and if so, when?

Do you ever feel like you're bothering God with your prayers?

What's the biggest thing you've ever asked for in a prayer?

When do you need God most?

What's the longest you might go without thinking about God?

When someone makes fun of your faith, how do you feel about that?

Do you make jokes about your own religion or faith?

Do you wear any visible symbols of faith?

Have you ever tried to convert a person who had already indicated they weren't into it?

How much of the main text of your faith have you really read?

Do you go to regular services?

Do you find services boring?

Do you think there's more than one way to be a person of faith?

Have you ever had a friendship end over a matter of faith?

Would you date a person who did not have faith?

Do you ever think God can be a real jerk?

If you met God, for real, what's the first thing you would say?

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