Tell Us About Your Past Relationships and We'll Guess the First Letter of Your Soulmate's Name

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If there's one thing we love to hear about here at HowStuffWorks, it's about relationships. Whether it's some juicy dirt on your ex or the love story about how you and your boo met, we like knowing these things. And today really is no different. We want you to tell us about all the heartache you've been through, but we also want to hear about the good times. Tell us these things, and we'll give you the one letter that could change your life.

And this is information that could really come in handy. What if you're considering ignoring the guy or girl whose name starts with "P" when he or she could possibly be the one? And if the letter isn't enough, we'll also give you a preview of what you should expect once you find and get into a relationship with your soulmate.

We really can't see how our offer wouldn't appeal to you. So let's sit down and have a little chat about the things you've endured. You may end up laughing at what used to be, all while finding out what could be, with the guy or girl whose name starts with the letter "V."

How old were you when you got into your first serious relationship?

How long did it last?

What would you have done differently?

Let's talk generally about your exes. Where did you meet most of them?

How long did you guys date before making it official?

How were most of the first kisses?

How would you rate your exes in the bedroom?

How many of them did you really fall in love with?

Did you ever discuss marriage?

Have you discussed babies?

How did your parents feel about them?

What about your friends?

After how long did things start going bad?

Did you see any warning signs?

What's usually the first strike?

And why do they ultimately fail?

Who usually ended the relationship?

Is there usually bad blood?

Have you ever gone back to an ex in the hope that you could make things work?

We're not blaming you at all here, but do you think you played a part in the demise of any of your relationships?

Now tell us what you expect from your soulmate. What word should describe them?

What should they love doing?

What field do you want them to work in?

Physically, how tall or short should they be?

What should be their best body part?

Tattoos or no?

Should they be an introvert or extrovert?

What quality does your soulmate need to have?

And which of these is the biggest dealbreaker?

Are you ready to meet your soulmate?

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