Tell Us Your Stance on These Unpopular Foods and We'll Guess If You're Millennial or Gen Z

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Food is a continually evolving thing.  If something is delicious, it will last forever. Roast chicken has probably existed as long as fire has been around because it's great. Jalapeno Popper Burritos were only at Taco Bell for a short while because they just didn't work out. Such is the way of life. The problem with some unpopular foods is that they never truly go away, though. Like a Brussels sprout is really never going to leave, whether you like it or not. That's in part because a lot of people do like them, and partially because it's a plant and you can't just make a plant not happen.

So what do you do with unpopular foods? Well, first you need to try them and discover why they're so unpopular. Then you're either going to develop a fondness for them or avoid them like the plague for the rest of your life. And we're willing to bet that if you give us your thoughts on some of the most unpopular foods in the world, we can tell if you're from GenZ or if you're a Millennial. All you need to do is endure the stress of going over a list of foods you may not like and tell us if mayo moves you or if blue cheese makes you go blech and you'll have your answer!

Someone cooked up a big bowl of Brussels sprouts, what's your opinion?

How likely are you to eat mayonnaise with a meal?

Someone offers you cheese and crackers but it turns out to be blue cheese. Now what?

There's good news and bad news. Good news is that the pizza is here. Bad news is that it's covered in anchovies. Now what?

They say people can actually have a genetic aversion to the taste of cilantro. What's your opinion?

Grandma brought some candy over and it's black licorice. Are you stoked?

We're having beets for dinner, how exciting is that?

Kale is considered some kind of super food. Do you think it's super?

Asparagus is an acquired taste. Is it one you've acquired?

Would you ever reach for a prune if you were looking for a snack?

Are you a fan of kombucha?

There are a lot of old-school diners out there that'll serve you liver and onions. Would you order it?

What do you think of some nice, fresh kohlrabi?

There are a ton of beans you could eat if you're hungry, but would you ever choose lima beans?

Are you a fan of okra or not?

When it's time for lunch, if tuna fish is on the menu are you trying it?

Have you ever actually wanted to sit down and eat a turnip?

Have you ever experienced an aspic? It's essentially savory Jell-O, maybe with meat or vegetables inside of it.

Would you ever down a raw oyster at an oyster bar?

Would you ever dig into a big bowl of cottage cheese if you were hungry?

They say even when pizza is bad, it's still petty good. Is that true when it's a pineapple-covered Hawaiian pizza?

When you go shopping, right there on the shelf next to the mayonnaise is Miracle Whip. Are you buying any?

When Halloween rolls around, do you ever get into the spirit of the season by eating candy corn?

Whether or not you know what animal it came from, are you going to eat a bologna sandwich?

Have you ever had the urge to just pop open a jar of olives and eat some?

Tofu is hugely popular, so everyone clearly loves it. Right?

How often do you enjoy eating a plain ol' celery stick?

How likely are you to have a whole bunch of mushrooms in your fridge?

Carrot sticks are often suggested as a healthy snack. What about a bunch of soft, cooked carrots?

How much do you love to snack on a handful of raisins?

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