Tell Us About Your Taste in '80s Music and We'll Tell You Which WWE Hall of Famer You Are

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Since 1975, WWE has been pumping out wrestling superstars that keep fans glued to their seat week after week! Because this is a sport that combines physicality with improvisation and great storylines, WWE wrestlers have personalities all their own. After you tell us about your taste in '80s music, we'll let you know who you and your personality would be in the ring! Are you more like Hillbilly Jim or The Rock? 

With catchy stage names and an alter ego that would make Batman jealous, WWE wrestlers represent a talented and dedicated group of athletes. From charity work to television promotions, WWE wrestlers always do their best to showcase their creativity and their goodwill. 

Think of all the WWE wrestlers you loved when you were a kid or the wrestlers you still like, and summons up all the '80s music that you know. Your tastes in music will point un in the direction of the wrestler you would be should you decide to take up wrestling as a new career. 

Whether you prefer to get down to Devo or The Bangles, is a choice all your own. We would love to hear about all those '80s songs that get you singing along! Once we get a good feel for your '80s musical personality, we'll tell you if you are a Randy Orton! 

Which Michael Jackson song do you like most?

Do you like The Bangles or The Go-Gos more?

Which kind of '80s music do you like most?

When you hop in the ring, which Poison song would you use as your entrance music?

Which '80s hair metal band do you like most?

Which '80s one-hit wonder do you like most?

Which '80s boy band had the best songs?

How do you feel about Depeche Mode?

Which '80s pop singer do you like most?

Which Prince song can you sing along with word-for-word?

Do you prefer Bon Jovi or Iron Maiden?

Which '80s song makes you want to dance the most?

Did the '80s make the best music of any decade?

Which U2 song do you know best?

Which punk band would you have listened to in the '80s?

Which Kenny Rogers song from the '80s do you like most?

Which '80s song would you do for karaoke?

Which '80s country band do you like most?

Which '80s band had the best front man?

Which song by The Cure could you listen to on repeat?

If you were DJ-ing an '80s party, which song would you start off with?

Which '80s hip hop act makes you happiest?

Which '80s song makes you want to party?

Which '80s band do you think was most fashionable?

Which British '80s band had the best tunes?

Do you prefer Debbie Gibson or Tiffany?

Do you know all the words to "Total Eclipse of the Heart?"

Which Def Leppard song makes you want to rock?

Which Gun 'n Roses song could be your life anthem?

Which Salt-n-Pepa song do you like most?

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