Tell Us About Your Taste in Sushi and We'll Tell You Your Most Dominant Personality Trait

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There's nothing better in the entire world than sitting down in front of a freshly made plate of sushi! As they say, the only person that doesn't like sushi is a person that hasn't tried sushi!. The things you prefer and the things you avoid will tell us a lot about your taste in food. It will also let us know you as a person! 

Not everyone is cut out for unagi, but even that fact says something about you. Even the amount of wasabi you put on your Philly roll tells us things like whether or not you are bold or if you are better tempered! In turn, the sushi you choose to stuff in your pie hole will tell us the personality trait that leads you through life. 

Sushi wouldn't be sushi if it comprised of only one ingredient, and you wouldn't be you if you were not multi-layered. The trick is finding out how your sushi likes and loves set one of your traits apart. 

Grab a napkin and a couple of extra napkins. Our questions will make you salivate, and they will make your most dominant trait crystal clear! Dig in, and we'll let you know what we find out!

Have you ever eaten a Sunshine Roll?

What is your favorite part of Miso soup?

Do you use low sodium soy?

Do you prefer cucumber rolls or avocado rolls?

Do you prefer Poke with or without shrimp?

How do you feel about soft shell crab?

How many Lobster Avocado Rolls could you eat?

What's your favorite part of a Spicy Tuna Roll?

Do you order a salad when you go out for sushi?

Have you ever tried to make sushi at home?

Do you like Caterpillar Rolls?

Do you like it when cucumbers are used for wrappers?

What part of a Spider Roll could you eat the most of?

Do you prefer sea bass or yellowtail?

Would you ever try a sea cucumber?

How much wasabi do you use?

Do you like pickled ginger?

Do you prefer Shrimp Tempura or Coconut Shrimp?

Do you like octopus?

How do you feel about roe?

Would you order a vegetarian roll?

Would you eat grocery store sushi?

What do you wash your sushi down with?

Do you like the asparagus in some rolls?

How do you feel about the sesame seeds?

Who might you next take out for sushi?

Do you prefer baked salmon or smoked salmon?

Which kind of Sashimi do you like most?

Do you eat your leftovers the next day?

Do you like spicy tuna or spicy crab more?

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