Tell Us About Your Truck and We'll Guess Which Military Branch You Served In

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About This Quiz

We know that your truck is an important part of your family! After you tell us all about it, we'll be able to figure out which branch of the military you gave your dedicated service. We're certain that we'll be able to get it right, but we'll need your help first! 

Whether your truck just rolled off the showroom floor or it's been a family heirloom for as long as you can remember, we know that you know your truck and its features inside and out. Once we learn about the things you love about it and the way you drive it, your military service will be quite clear. 

While each branch of the military comes with specialized training, your time in the service has left some traits in your soul that are reflected in your truck. You'll just have to trust our method to see if we can get it right, but we think that the things you tell us about your beloved truck will give you away. 

Whether you were a member of the Navy or the Marines, your truck will let us know. Share the things you love and the things you would like to add, and we'll do the rest! Are you ready to give us a chance? 

How old is your truck?

Is your truck an automatic or manual shift?

Where do you park your truck?

Does your truck has a name?

Does your truck have an extended cab?

Would you go off-roading in your truck?

Which word best describes your truck's condition?

Where did you buy your truck?

What do you like most about driving your truck?

Would you trade your truck for a sports car?

How would your best friend describe the way you drive your truck?

Have you used your truck to help someone move?

Do you let people eat in your truck?

Does your truck have 4WD?

Which custom feature would you add to your truck?

Does your truck have a backup camera?

How loud is your truck?

Do you let others drive your truck?

Where do you drive your truck the most?

Did you drive your truck while you were in the military?

What would you most like to change about your truck?

Which truck do you like the best?

Which military vehicle looks almost as fun as your truck?

Which cut of meat is your truck most like?

What color are your truck's flashlights?

If you were to get another vehicle, what kind would it be?

Which word best describes your truck's performance?

Where would you most like to take your truck on a road trip?

Are you happy with your truck's windshield wipers?

Does your truck drive well in the snow?

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