Tell Us About Your Viewpoints and We'll Guess How Much You Actually Agree with Beto O'Rourke

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Just under two years ago, the Democrats were in a pathetic state of disarray. The Republicans had just annihilated them at every level of the federal government. The state level was even worse, with the Democratic bench having rotted under President Obama without anyone giving it much attention. Gerrymandering and voter suppression meant that it was etra hard for a Democrat to get and hold the lower offices where political careers were forged. That meant not only had the old guard been wiped out, there wasn't really anyone to look to for the future. There was no figure like Barack Obama in 2004, bursting onto the national consciousness. Who on earth could possibly be ready to take back the legislature in 2018? Who would be in the running in 2020?

Then came Beto O'Rourke. He's not the only Democrat who has recently exploded into the public eye. There's Andrew Gillum, the handsome and progressive gubernatorial candidate in Florida. There's Jason Kander, the gun-toting veteran from Missouri. There's Stacey Abrams, powerful and implacable Georgia gubernatorial candidate. They're diverse, smart, and on the move. Indeed, the Democrat field in 2018 is only minority white and male for the first time in history.

Beto is one of the most promising in this impressive array. He's handsome (by political standards), he's cool (certainly compared to his opponent), and he's outstandingly eloquent off the cuff. All fine qualities. Of course, none of them tell you anything about what the man actually believes. Since there's a good chance he's about to be a senator and clearly a non-zero chance he'll be President within 20 years, his positions are actually rather important. Let's talk about them!

How much immigration should there be?

How bothered are you by gerrymandering?

Dark money in politics; great, terrible, or awesome?

Is health care a right?

Do you want background checks for gun purchases?

How important is rural broadband?

Is the Earned Income Tax Credit a good idea?

Should marijuana be illegal?

Should prisons be run for profit?

Should nonviolent offenders go to jail?

Should only Congress have the power to declare war?

Could prescription drug prices be lowered by allowing Medicare to negotiate with providers?

Should women have access to birth control?

Is abortion a right?

How do you feel about the Title X Family Planning Program that provides low-income families with preventive health screenings?

Should the federal government be spending money on infrastructure in Texas?

Is protesting police brutality by kneeling during the anthem a good idea?

Should the DREAM act be passed, granting a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients?

Should immigration enforcement be militarized?

Should there be term limits in Congress?

Do you believe in marriage equality?

Should America cancel its upcoming departure from the Paris Accords?

Should any private school receive public money?

Should Congress underwrite crop insurance for farmers?

Should disabled people receive in-home services on the public purse?

Should there be a public option for health care access?

How do you feel about single payer?

How do you feel about the federal government boosting access to trade schools?

Does the bail bonds system need reform?

How likable is Ted Cruz?

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