Can We Guess How Much You Agree With the President From Your Viewpoints?

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About This Quiz

Your opinion matters! It's our American duty to have our own viewpoints, especially about current events. The beautiful thing about it is that we all don't need to agree on everything in the land of the free. Standing up for what you value is what it's all about. 

Whether you agree with Donald J. Trump's administration and policies, from taxes to trade and the wall to your wallet, it is your American right to think whatever you want. Tell us your standpoint on a few current events (and no, we're not reporting your answers to anybody), and we'll compare the way you think with the way Donald Trump thinks. 

Think you already know how much you think alike? Got an idea where you'll have similarities and differences? 

It's time to find out!

Should employers have to pay overtime after 40 hours per week?

Did you vote in your last local election?

Do you think we should have free community college for everyone?

Would you vote for a third-party candidate?

What percentage of news do you think is fake?

Who do you think has the hardest White House job?

Did you watch the State of the Union address?

Do you think Melania Trump should be more active as First Lady?

How do you think Trump handles the nuclear threat?

Do you think there should be more parental leave than what's allowed under the current law?

Should the minimum wage be raised?

If you were elected president, what is the first thing you would do?

What do you think would be the hardest thing about being president?

Do you think Mike Pence was Trump's ideal running mate?

Which industry needs more focus in the United States, in your opinion?

Which country do you think currently represents the greatest challenge to the United States?

How should high-ranking officials act and speak?

What role should the Bible play in politics?

Which country is most important for us to foster a better relationship with?

Do you prefer Sean Spicer or Sarah Huckabee Sanders as press secretary?

What do you think about all the staffing changes during Donald Trump's first year?

Would you like to see Trump's tax returns?

Do you think Donald Trump should stick to his written speeches?

If you could, which of these U.S. presidents would you vote for again?

How do you feel about healthcare?

How would you feel about a debate against President Donald Trump?

If you set your own work hours, how much time would you spend playing golf?

Which of Donald Trump's children should run for political office?

What are your thoughts on immigration laws?

Do you tend to notice yourself agreeing more with Democrats or Republicans in local politics?

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