Tell Us About Your Relationship and We'll Guess the Gender of Your First Child

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It used to be the case that certain relationships were mostly centered around having children. If you couldn't produce children - and in many cases, specifically if you couldn't produce boys - then the relationship was considered to be a waste of time. Indeed, many women throughout history have been blamed for "failing" in this regard, whether or not the issue was on their side, with women from Anne Boleyn to millions of unnamed wives being beaten or even murdered.

Fortunately, nowadays we are more enlightened, and we know two things: One, that any child is a blessing regardless of their gender, and two, that people are allowed to postpone children or only have one or two (or even none!) if that's what is best for their relationship, finances, and personality. However, this hasn't erased pressures on couples that vary depending on whether they have a boy or girl first. For example, men  become more pro women's rights if they have a girl first, as suddenly they realize that sexism isn't academic and that the person carrying their legacy forward may be unable to do so because of it. Meanwhile some people insist that girls or boys are harder or easier to raise, for all sorts of reasons. 

The upshot of it is, that your child's gender may impact your relationship in surprising ways. Let's see if we can spot the gender by finding out a little about you and your boo!

How long have you been together?

Did you know the gender of your first before they were born?

How many kids do you have?

Do you and your boo go to church/temple/etc together?

How early on did you discuss children?

How often do you take a night off to just be together?

How do you divide the child care?

Does one of you tend to be more of a disciplinarian?

Do you ever challenge your boo in front of the kids?

How old were you when you met your boo?

Did either of you have kids from a previous relationship?

Did one of you want kids more than the other?

Does one of you think the other is a little overprotective?

What is your most common parenting disagreement?

What's the best thing about parenting?

How has parenting brought you closer?

What did you learn about your boo from co-parenting?

Could your boo order for you in a restaurant and pick something you like?

Does your extended family play a large role in your relationship?

Do you have any pets together?

Who was the driving impetus for moving in together?

What dealbreaker did you both agree on first?

Did you care what gender your children were?

Did you plan kids, or was it a delightful surprise to find the first was coming?

Did you always agree on how many kids you wanted?

If one of you has to be away, how often do you call home?

Do you agree on how to dress your kids?

Does your child look like your boo?

What was your boo's biggest hope for your child when they were born?

What activity do you and your boo love to do with your kid(s)?

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