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Why employ elementary language when you could besiege an audience with ostentatious terminology? Take our $10 word quiz and test your advanced vocabulary skills!

What is rodomontade?

It's the kind of thing you'd expect from a champion boxer or politician.


An imitator knows all about what?

It means that person is a less impressive copycat, like your annoying little sibling.


If you get a job as an amanuensis, you'll be doing what?

And you'll mostly likely be an assistant to the primary creator.


Which word refers to bitter criticism?

Spewing vitriol at someone will likely show mean-spirited malice on your part.


If something is incognitable, what will you do?

It's the kind of unthinkable thing that, well, you don't want to ponder.


Which word means dazzling?

It's the kind of life that Kanye West lives.


Which word might you use to describe a beautiful person?

It is one of the strangest words for beautiful that you'll ever see.


What's a synonym for pusillanimous?

But you could just call someone "chicken" instead.


If your dog dies, you will probably feel which way?

Poor Fluffy's passing will mostly likely make you feel sad.


What might you do if a friend tells a funny joke?

Or you might simply chuckle or scoff.


To what does "palimpsest" refer?

More specifically, a manuscript on which more than one text has been written.


What would a cowhearted person do in a scary situation?

That lily-livered softy won't be of much use in a confrontation.


What might a camarilla do?

They might be unofficial advisers to a powerful leader, scheming their way through life.


Which adjective could describe things from fine living?

Fancy things are usually reserved for wealthier folks.


"Cephalonomancy" was a type of divination that involved which body part?

It might be human or animal head, but it could supposedly be used to determine various facts.


If you are a sensual person, you probably want which word to describe your lover?

It means your mate will be randy and ready for action.


What does it mean if you have a predilection for something?

You may have a predilection for pepperoni pizza over anchovy and onion.


How do you want your gourmet dinner to taste?

And hopefully it is scrumptious, too.


What sort of behavior do you expect to see from politicians?

They love to constantly brag about themselves.


The word "inanition" might refer to what state?

You'll lack vigor, particularly if you're short on water and food.


If you call the police for an emergency, you probably don't want to hear them say which word?

Because if they do, you won't see them until the day after or maybe even longer.


Which word might describe a litter of weaned puppies?

They will likely be unruly and loud.


What sort of job might you expect a snollygoster to perform?

These kinds of people don't have any real principles.


If your toddler spills his milk all over the rug, what might you do?

Just a fancier word for scolding.


What word might be used to describe a suspenseful movie?

A scary film might very well be dark and forbidding.


What might you do when you notice excessive foofaraw?

Overdone frilliness or drama can be aggravating in a lot of situations.


A restless single man without standards might look for what kind of woman?

And like him, she might not have any standards, either.


If you're not excited about potential job advancement, you might be exhibiting what?

You might sort of want a promotion, but not enough to actually act for it.


At a funeral, people usually have what look about them?

Unless it was their enemy, then they might be exultant.


Many overbearing leaders might be described as what?

Their greed is often their undoing.


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