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One-eyed Willie is the pirate who sparked one of the greatest adventures any kid has ever been on and sparked the fantasies of millions. If you grew up in the '80s, '90s or beyond, you not only know who the Goonies are, but you want to be them. But, how much of a "Goonies" fan are you? It's time for you to prove your worth with this quiz. After all, One-eyed Willie doesn't give his treasure up that easily. 

But, it's not just One-eyed Willie's booby traps that make this adventure for pirate treasure so appealing. The Goonies also have to go up against the gun-wielding Fratelli family, who capture, interrogate and chase the Goonies so they can collect the spoils. But do you know the name of the restaurant that the Fratellis use as a hideout? Or do you remember what Mama Fratelli tells Mouth the only thing they serve at their restaurant is?

Who's Rosalita? What's Chunk's real name, and which side is Sloth supposed to be on, anyway? It's time to pull out your map, line up the markers and have a little faith. This quest isn't going to be easy, but if you know "The Goonies" as well as you think you do, then you might just finish this quiz holding onto the spoils. It's time to show One-eyed Willie that you're not afraid of a little death when his treasure is on the line. 

What year did The Goonies premiere?

The Goonies was released on June 9, 1985 and brought in more than $9 million in it's opening weekend alone!


Where are The Goonies from?

The Goon Docks was a neighborhood of Astoria, Oregon.


The Goonies' family homes are at risk of _________.

The Astoria Country Club is expanding and will demolish their homes to do so!


Which one of the Goonies convinces his friends to go on a treasure hunt?

Mikey is an eternal optimist who thinks they can save their houses if they just find some treasure!


Who is Mikey's brother?

Brandon is Mikey's older brother.


Which famous actor plays the role of Goonie Clark Devereaux?

In addition to acting, Corey Feldman is also the lead singer for the rock band Truth Movement.


What was Clark Devereaux's nickname in The Goonies?

They called him Mouth because he was so talkative!


One-Eyed Willy was a famous _______.

The Goonies are in search of Willy's pirate ship.


Why is Brandon riding a bicycle in the beginning of the movie?

Despite his usual authoritative older brother attitude, the bicycle mentally takes away Brandon's sense of power.


Where does Mikey find the map that leads to the hidden treasure?

The map is found alongside a 1632 gold coin!


Who do the Goonies encounter at a restaurant near the coast?

The Fratellis consist of two sons and a mother.


Which famous actress plays the role of Mama Fratelli?

Anne Ramsey died at the age of 59 on August 11, 1988.


What was the name of the restaurant where the Goonies met the Fratellis?

The Fratellis are hiding out from the police in the rundown Lighthouse Lounge restaurant.


Two of the Fratelli brothers are named Jake and _________.

Francis Fratellis is played by actor Joe Pantoliano.


What is Chunk's real name?

Lawrence "Chunk" Cohen was portrayed by actor Jeff Cohen.


Which famous actor played the role of Mikey?

Sean Astin also played the main role in the 1993 movie Rudy.


Who's nickname was Data?

Key Huy Quan was portrayed by actor Jonathan Ke Quan who was born in Saigon, Vietnam.


Who is Rosalita?

Rosalita was played by actress Lupe Ontiveros who passed away on July 26, 2012 at the age of 69.


Which one of the Goonies do the Fratellis capture and interrogate?

Jeff Cohen grew up to be an attorney!


Sloth is a member of which family?

Sloth was the eldest of the three Fratelli brothers.


The Fratellis leave Chunk locked in a room at the restaurant with _________.

Sloth is played by John Matuszak who was an American football defensive end in the NFL and later became an actor.


Why can't Sloth leave the restaurant?

He is chained to a chair and to the floor by his family!


Why is Chunk so excited when he opens the freezer at the restaurant?

This is a memorable scene when Chunk starts naming off all of the different kinds of ice cream found in the freezer.


Why does Chunk scream and run out of the freezer?

All of the other Goonies see the body before Chunk because he is so distracted by all of the ice cream.


What is the name of Willie's ship?

The Goonies find The Inferno after passing through many deadly traps set by One-Eyed Willie.


What kind of candy bar does Chunk offer to Sloth?

Chunk offers Sloth a Baby Ruth to help calm him down.


The kids run into Brand with two girls, Andy and ______.

Stef is a nerdy girl who wears glasses.


Who does Brand have a crush on?

Andy is a popular cheerleader who likes Brand too, however ends up kissing Mikey on their adventure.


Data tries to ward off the Fratellis by setting _______ traps.

"That's what I said! Booby traps!!"


Who loses their glasses in the cave?

Stef is portrayed by actress Martha Plimpton.


Which one of the Goonies has asthma?

He is scene using his inhaler several times throughout the movie.


Who ziplines into the Walsh's house from next door?

As he approaches, Mikey opens the door for him.


Mama Fratelli tells Mouth that the only thing they serve in their restaurant is _______.

She tells him this as she is squeezing his face with a knife in her hand!


Chunk confesses the worst thing he ever did was fake ______.

He made fake puke at home and brought it with him to the movie theater and everyone else started puking for real.


At the end of the movie, what do the Goonies see out on the horizon?

They wave goodbye to the ship as it sails off. Mikey feels that Willie was the original Goonie.


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