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Are you a die-hard "True Blood" fan? If you've seen every episode... twice... find out how much you really know about the show by taking this quiz.

"True Blood" is an HBO horror series that first hit the small screen in September 2008. The show ran for seven seasons and a total of 80 episodes with the last episode airing on August 24, 2014. No worries if you missed the show, though, it lives on in its entirety on several platforms. 

"True Blood" was created by Alan Ball, the creative genius behind sister HBO show "Six Feet Under" and movie hits such as "American Beauty" and "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks." The series was based on the book "The Southern Vampire Mysteries," by Charlaine Harries, which is a series of books that are also often called "The Sookie Stackhouse" novels. Like many series, the show was a critical success, then slid in the ratings a bit as the show was winding down.

"True Blood" starred former child star Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse. Paquin began her career when she was only nine years old. "True Blood" also stars Stephen Moyer, Paquin's real-life husband, and Alexander Skarsgard.

Test your "True Blood" knowledge with this quiz.

What is the name of the town where "True Blood" is set?

The times in Bon Temps were often difficult, making the name ironic.


What is Bill Compton nickname throughout the show?

This might be because he's the first vampire many Bon Temps residents met; later, it grew commonplace.


What development allowed vampires to "come out of the coffin"?

No longer needing to feed on humans made vampires far less of a threat


What nation developed the synthetic "TruBlood"?

Interestingly, Japan, has been at the forefront of attempts to synthesize blood for surgical purposes in real life.


Which of the following is not an effect of exposure to vampire blood?

The series had a lot of fun with inappropriate sexual fantasies after exchanges of blood, and many injuries were instantly healed, as well.


What was Bill's punishment for killing another vampire?

Bill's relationship with Jessica Hamby eventually grew into a genuine father-daughter bond.


Who faked a Cajun accent throughout Season One?

Rene was revealed to be killing women who had relationships with vampires.


What sort of magical creature is Maryanne revealed to be?

Maryanne's influence makes the townspeople go a bit crazy -- like the influence of wine.


What was the name of the anti-vampire church that Jason gets involved with?

Reverend Newlin and his wife Sarah were involved in the show until the end of its run.


Which character lived under the thumb of his controlling mother?

We'd like to see anyone try to control Eric Northman, the bad-boy owner of Fangtasia.


Who played Sophie-Anne, the vampire queen of Louisiana?

Eva Amurri was Wood's co-star in the indie film "The Life Before Her Eyes."


Who had a troubled relationship with her mother, largely due to alcoholism?

Both Tara and her mother sought "exorcisms" from a woman who turned out to be a fraud.


In which state was Russell Edgington the vampire king?

It's hard to imagine this state being terribly open to his relationship with his beloved Talbot; fortunately, vampire society was different.


Where does Lafayette's mother live?

Alfre Woodward played her in a guest appearance.


From what magical race is Sookie revealed to be descended?

This explains her telepathy, which her brother Jason didn't inherit.


What is the name of Sookie's "faerie godmother"?

Claudine is eventually killed, accidentally, by Eric.


What kind of supernatural creature does Crystal, Jason's love interest, turn out to be?

The were-panthers of Hotshot. Also meth cooks, were the show's allegory for the backwoods poor.


Who buys Sookie's house while she's in the faerie world for a year?

Eric gets his comeuppance, though -- the dreaded "amnesia story line."


What did Tara, going by "Toni", do for work in New Orleans?

Tara had a rough ride on the show; this was a rare period of happiness.


Who played Alcide Herveaux's father?

Joe Mangianello, of course, played Alcide.


Who shot and killed Tara?

Really, Tara should never have come back from New Orleans.


Who then became Tara's vampire maker?

Tara was not happy to be turned, but eventually had a loving relationship with Pam.


Who came out in Season Five as a "proud gay American vampire"?

Steve became Russell Edgington's new love interest, some time after Talbot's death.


What was the name of the vampire who killed Sookie and Jason's parents?

He was promised the first Stackhouse heir with fey powers -- which is Sookie.


Who finally drinks all of Lilith's blood?

Bill was going around the bend for a while before doing so.


What is the result of Andy Bellefleur's sexual encounter with a faerie?

His quadruplets grow up extremely fast, a common trope in fantasy fiction.


Who played Niall, Sookie and Jason's faerie grandfather?

He helped to protect Sookie against Warlow.


How does Tara (ultimately) die?

Tara appeared in the last season only via a series of visions her mother, Lettie Mae, had.


How does Sam learn that Nicole is pregnant?

Sam has a number of romantic entanglements on the show, but settles down with Nicole.


Who ends up owning Merlotte's?

Arlene also ends up in a non-sexual relationship with the vampire Keith.


Who does Sookie end up with?

A man is sitting next to Sookie at the family-and-friends gathering at the end of the show, but we don't know who he is.


What is Ginger's reward for years of service to Eric?

Their sex scene is comic, not passionate.


Who officiates at Hoyt and Jessica's wedding?

Andy says that Louisiana might not consider the marriage valid, "but I have no doubt that God does."


Which following actor is actually from Louisiana?

Paquin, Moyer and Skarsgard are from New Zealand, the UK and Sweden, respectively -- accent coaching must have been essential!


What is the name of the author whose books were used as an adaption for "True Blood" called "The Southern Vampire Mysteries"?

Alan Ball discovered the books and adapted them for TV.


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