Test Your Vocabulary and We'll Guess Where in the US You Live!

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

You may have never considered the fact that your place of residence helps to shape your vocabulary, but it does! Whether you realize it or not, you pick up local phrases and words that become part of the way you speak. After you fill in our blanks, pick a few words and answer our questions, the place you reside will be clear to us! 

Through careful study, we have noticed that the major regions of the United States have unique differences in vocabulary. When you read our questions, don't try to change a thing about yourself. Instead, pick the word that is most likely to come flying out of your mouth. For every question you answer, you will put us one step closer to figuring out where you are taking this quiz. 

Will we be able to correctly locate you based upon the words you use and the way you finish sentences? Before you begin, try to clear your mind so that you can speak as honestly to us as you speak to your mother. We might not be able to nail down your ZIP code, but if you are truthful the place you live should come shining through in your choices. Or, will it?

What do you take to the curb once or twice a week?

Fill in the blank: I ______ accepted the award.

Which of these old-timey words do you use most often?

Where do you go to the bathroom?

Complete this sentence: I usually wake up feeling ______.

Do you call it soda or do you call it pop?

How did you refer to your first apartment?

Which word do you use most when you are excited?

Fill in the blank: I would like to ______ my revenge on my enemies.

Do you sit on the sofa or the couch?

Which word meaning pretty do you say most often?

Complete this sentence: I see movies at the ______.

How do you describe a great plate of food?

Fill in the blank: I always dress ______.

If someone is smart, how do you describe them?

Do you tend to call it dinner or supper?

Which of these words is the most hopeful sounding?

Is it a kiss, a smooch or some sugar?

How do you refer to money?

Do you carry a bag, a satchel or a purse?

Complete this sentence: My job is sometimes a _______.

If something is oversized, what word do you use?

What do you call the thing you drive?

How do you usually answer the phone?

If you dislike something, how do you sum it up?

Fill in the blank: I really think ostriches are ______.

Is it a backyard, or is it a garden?

Where do you cook Ramen noodles?

If a meeting is boring, which word would you use to describe it?

What do you call your best pal?

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