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Texas offers visitors scenic hiking trails, parks, festivals and attractions of all kinds. Known for its vast spaces and warm hospitality, you and your family will find lots to do in the Lone Star State. Take our quiz and find out everything you need to know to plan a memorable family vacation in Texas.

Everything about Texas is big. How many counties are there in the state?

With a population of more than 20 million people and growing, Texas has more than 250 counties and covers an area of 270,000 square miles (699,297 square kilometers).


Where in Texas can adults and kids learn all about the United States space program?

At Space Center Houston in the Johnson Space Center complex in Houston, Texas, space buffs of all ages can learn about America's space program. Interactive exhibits help kids understand what life in space is really like.


At Space Center Houston in the Johnson Space Center complex in Houston, Texas, _____ help kids understand space exploration.

Live demonstrations, hands-on exhibits and simulated moonrides are just some of the fabulous attractions for kids at Space Center Houston. Your older kids can even have lunch with real astronauts-in-training.


The biggest rodeo in Texas is:

Head to Houston for the biggest and best rodeo in Texas, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. You won't be alone -- nearly 20 million people attend the rodeo every year.


At the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, your kids can meet rodeo athletes at Rodeo:

Your kids will love the chance to "enroll" at Rodeo University, where they can meet rodeo athletes, see roping demonstrations and hear all about life as a rodeo star.


You can see more than 250 artfully decorated cars at Everyone's Art Car _____ and Festival in Houston, Texas.

For a wacky and colorful event, head to Houston and Everyone's Art Car Parade and Festival during the second weekend of May. Outlandishly decorated vehicles will be on view throughout the weekend and you can even vote for your favorite.


Water park enthusiasts will love the Schlitterbahn Waterpark :

For one of the best water park experiences anywhere, visit the Schlitterbahn Water Park Resort in New Braunfels, Texas, about 175 miles west of Houston. There are plenty of attractions for all ages, including shallow-water playgrounds for younger children and a tidal wave river for older kids.


_____watching is the unusual pastime at the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, Texas.

If you want to get a "bat's-eye" view of the 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats that leave their home under the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, Texas every summer evening, you can lie on the riverbank, take a "bat boat" tour or simply view the event from the bridge itself.


One of the highlights of the downtown area of San Antonio, Texas is:

One of the highlights of San Antonio, Texas' downtown area is the Paseo del Rio or Riverwalk. Enjoy the cool walkways, shops and cafes as you stroll along the banks of the San Antonio river.


At the famous Texas landmark, the Alamo, Texans fought for independence from:

If you "Remember the Alamo," you won't want to miss a visit to this Texas landmark. Both Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie lost their lives defending the mission.


Market Square in San Antonio, Texas is a _____ marketplace.

For an authentic Mexican market experience, visit Market Square in San Antonio, Texas. You can dance to mariachi bands, eat in restaurants serving fajitas and shop in stores selling everything from pottery to pinatas.


What is the name of the site of the 1968 World's Fair that took place in San Antonio, Texas?

For a breathtaking view of San Antonio, take a ride to the top of the 750 foot (228.6 meters) high Tower of the Americas at HemisFair Park, site of the 1968 World's Fair.


More than 100 events are part of the Fiesta San Antonio, including three major:

Three unique parades highlight the Fiesta San Antonio. The Battle of Flowers Parade opens the Fiesta, the Texas Cavaliers River Parade is a water parade on the San Antonio River and the Famous Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade features illuminated floats and marching bands.


A favorite food to try at the San Antonio Fiesta is:

Take the opportunity to sample some of Texas's favorite foods during the festivities at the San Antonio Fiesta. Be sure to try the famous San Antonio "raspas" (snow cones) and roasted sweet corn.


Which San Antonio Fiesta parade features man's best friend?

Your kids are sure to love the Fiesta Pooch Parade. Dogs of all types parade thought the streets decked out in fiesta garb.


SeaWorld in San Antonio, Texas is the world's _____marine life adventure park.

Encompassing 250 acres, SeaWorld is the largest marine life adventure park in the world. You can see Shamu, the killer whale, perform his stunts and watch sea lions and dolphins splash and frolic.


Which type of fish can you find at Padre Island National Seashore in Corpus Christi, Texas?

If you love to fish, come to Padre Island National Seashore in Corpus Christi, Texas. Some of the species you will find there are speckled trout, black drum, redfish, and flounder.


The American Institute of Architects (AIA) sponsors _____competition in Galveston, Texas.

Come to Galveston, Texas on the first Saturday in June and watch 80 teams of architects and engineers construct usually elaborate, sometimes amusing sand castles of all shapes and sizes.


Austin, Texas is home to:

Austin is the capital city of Texas, but it has a laidback feel, due in part to the University of Texas campus. Its capitol building is the largest in the country and the most popular tourist attraction in the city.


The Presidio County Courthouse in Marfa, Texas was built in _____ style.

Built in 1887, the Presidio County Courthouse in the west Texas town of Marfa, is a pink Victorian masterpiece.You can see all of Marfa from its fifth floor observation deck.


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