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Before you host or play a Texas Hold 'em tournament, do you know a river from a flop? A blind from a rake? Test your knowledge!

What are the blinds in a Texas Hold 'em poker tournament?

Blinds are the bets, typically made by the player directly left of the dealer and the player two over from the dealer. Blinds get the betting started and help set the standard minimum bet.


What does the acronym, WSOP, represent?

WSOP is the World Series of Poker, a poker contest that's been happening since the 1970s. This series of poker events, or circuits, is an annual event, culminating in the ultimate tournament, popularly known as "The Main Event" in Las Vegas.


What is the order of cards dealt in a Texas Hold 'em poker game?

The correct order is pocket cards (the 2 cards dealt facedown to each player), flop (three cards communal cards face up), turn (one communal card face up), and river (the final card face up). Betting occurs after each deal.


How are tournament rules decided upon at a home Texas Hold 'em tournament?

Typically, the host establishes the tournament rules. Many factors can vary, such as number of blinds or betting limits, just to name a few. Keep the rules consistent, discuss prior to play, and a print-out is a great idea.


True or False: It is legal to hold a Texas Hold 'em poker tournament in your house as long as the host's profits do not exceed $1,000.

States vary so check out the laws where you live. Typically, it's legal to host a poker tournament in your home as long as there is no "rake" or profits for the house -- in this case, host.


What's the best way to plan the seating chart for the tournament?

This isn't elementary school where you sit next to your BFF. Assign random seating by dealing cards ace-10, correlated to seats 1-10. Rotate tables during the tourney, but not after each hand.


What is a dealer button?

Usually, the dealer doesn't play that hand, but it's good to have some sort of marker to let players know who's dealing and if you're rotating dealers, who will be next.


What is the river in a Texas Hold 'em poker game?

The river is the community card dealt.


What are the medium cards in a Hold 'em game?

Medium cards are your 7-9; high cards are known as aces, faces and 10s. So if you do the math, the low cards are 2-6.


True or False: For a Hold 'em tournament with 24 players, you should use 3 tables of eight guests.

Traditional poker tables seat 8-10 players so for a 24-person guest list, opt for three tables. Comfort and space are good to have when playing cards.


What is a burn card?

The burn card is the top one that gets discarded before the dealer deals cards or sequence of cards. It was designed to prevent card-tampering or cheating.


What is not a material used to make poker chips?

For an authentic Hold 'em tournament, clay chips are great, but they are more expensive. A cheaper option is to go with lightweight plastic.


True or False: In the case of a dispute, the dealer decides who is correct.

When you host a home Texas Hold 'em tournament, you (not the dealer) keep the drinks flowing, tables stocked and also handle any disagreements.


What is considered a strong starting hand in Texas Hold 'em?

With the ace/king combination, a high pair (two aces) or working towards a straight are possiblities. On the other hands, you could try for a full house which is tough, but more likely be beaten by higher pairs.


Why are the first three community cards in Texas Hold 'em called the flop?

No one knows exactly how it got its name, but rumor is it originated from how the dealer "flopped" the cards on the table.


True or False: It is poor etiquette to have food on the table during a poker game.

A successful home tournament should have refreshments, whether host- or guest-provided. After all, it's a fun time. Good sense dictates nothing messy so opt for chips or pretzels instead of wings.


What happens in the Double Flop variation of Texas Hold 'em?

This nutty variation on traditional Hold 'Em has players playing off two parallel boards of cards, creating two poker hands. Similar to splitting in blackjack, Double Flop is a great twist for a home tournament.


Why is bluffing harder in Texas Hold 'em?

Bluffing works best when only the player sees his cards until time to show. For this reason, Texas Hold 'em is more about skill than a good poker face.


How many decks should you have on each table during a home Hold 'em tournament?

Two is the magic number. You play with one deck, and have another shuffled and ready to go.


How did the river card get its name?

Legend has that Texas Hold 'em originated on river boats; cheating players were sometimes caught dealing an extra communal card, resulting in the player being thrown overboard, into the "river."


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