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Thanksgiving dinner is a special time to enjoy with the family. But the stress of cooking a dinner, and getting the turkey just right, can put a cloud over the day. You may want to consider eating out at one of the many New York restaurants on Thanksgiving, saving yourself the hassle of organizing a Thanksgiving meal. Take this quiz to learn more about Thanksgiving dinners in the Big Apple.

The Fraunces Tavern was a favorite location of which famous American?

George Washington and other revolutionary leaders were frequent visitors of the Fraunces Tavern. In fact, George Washington delivered his famous farewell address in the long room of the tavern.


What features does the Fraunces Tavern have today?

The Fraunces Tavern now features a restaurant and a museum. Many of the rooms throughout the three-story tavern building are open to the public. The restaurant was closed in the late 1990s for renovations and was reopened by Mike Rakusin, a New York restaurateur, and partners.


How much will a Thanksgiving dinner at the Fraunces Tavern cost you?

Thanksgiving dinner at the Fraunces Tavern is very popular. The three-course meal has a fixed price of $60, plus tax and gratuity.


What sort of dress code applies at the Fraunces Tavern on Thanksgiving?

In "the spirit of freedom and independence," there is no enforced dress code at the Fraunces on Thanksgiving.


Where is the Fraunces Tavern located?

The Fraunces Tavern is located in downtown Manhattan. The address is 54 Perl Street and the tavern is open from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. It is recommended that you make a reservation well in advance.


Which of the following is one of New York's main dinner cruise circuits?

Spirit Cruises, Bateaux New York and World Yacht dominate the city's dinner cruise circuit. A Thanksgiving cruise dinner offers you a meal with great scenery.


What feature does Bateaux's ship have?

Bateaux's ship has floor-to-ceiling windows, good food and a decent band. They offer a lunch or a dinner cruise on Thanksgiving, although the dinner cruise is double the price of the lunch cruise.


How is the meal presented on a Spirit Cruise?

Spirit Cruise offer a buffet-style Thanksgiving Day lunch cruise, at $45 per person, with alcoholic beverages not included in the price.


Where is World Yacht located?

Unlike its two main competitors, which dock at Chelsea Pier, World Yacht docks at Pier 81 on W. 41st St. World Yacht offer a four-course dinner, music and dancing.


How many types of organic wines does the Counter restaurant offer?

The Counter restaurant offers a choice of more than 50 different organic wines. The vegetarian restaurant is located in the East Village and offers a fixed rate of $65 per person for a Thanksgiving meal.


In what year did the Candle Cafe win the New York Naturally Award?

The Candle Cafe is an organic, vegan restaurant that has two locations, one in the Upper East Side and a new location at 154 E. 79th St. In 2005, the Candle Cafe was voted "New York Naturally's" Restaurant of the Year.


What type food is the Pure Food and Wine restaurant famous for?

Pure Food and Wine serve a Thanksgiving meal made completely from raw, vegan components. They are also known as the "raw food" restaurant.


What did the Pure Food and Wine restaurant use instead of a turkey one year?

In place of a turkey, the Pure Food and Wine presented a sage-marinated-and-rubbed Portobello mushroom. You can get takeout Thanksgiving meals up to three weeks before Thanksgiving from the Pure Food and Wine takeout location.


Why is it hard to find an open restaurant in the Mulberry St. vicinity on Thanksgiving Day?

Most of the Italian restaurants located on Mulberry St. are family-owned establishments, so many of them close to have their own family Thanksgiving.


In what style is the Il Cortile restaurant decorated?

The Il Cortile is decorated in Roman-garden style, with statues, white columns, fountains and a giant skylight. The restaurant, located at 125 Mulberry St., offers excellent food in a classic Little Italy environment.


Until what time is the La Bella Ferrara bakery open?

The La Bella Ferrara bakery is open until midnight on Thanksgiving Day, so you can swing by there if you are looking for a late night sweet.


Where does Ping's Seafood restaurant get their seafood from?

The Hong Kong-style restaurant boasts super-fresh meals, serving you seafood straight from a fish tank in the restaurant.


What is Joe's Shanghai restaurant famous for?

Soup dumplings are the highlight at Joe's Shanghai, located at 9 Pell St. Make sure you taste the pork and the crabmeat dumplings while you are there.


What enables the chefs at Chinatown Brasserie to make a good turkey?

Chinatown Brasserie, located slightly North of Chinatown itself, has a custom-built Peking duck oven, which they use to prepare their turkeys, helping them to create a perfect crisp, brown skin texture. The turkey spring rolls and baked turkey buns are also worth trying.


In which country was ice cream invented?

The Chinese are credited with inventing ice cream. The Chinatown Ice Cream Factory will make you grateful to the Chinese for their invention.


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