Quiz: The American Muscle Car Quiz
The American Muscle Car Quiz
By: Robin Tyler
Image: peepo / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

You won't find any car aficionados who don't appreciate a muscle car, that's for sure.

What about you? Do you have a favorite? Maybe it's the one considered the first true muscle car by many, the one that started it all for Ford in the mid-1960s. The pony car that is still loved today. 

Or perhaps it's one of the many muscle cars made by Ford's biggest rival, Chevrolet. Pretty much every American car brand has produced some form of muscle car at one point or another in its history.

But what is it exactly that makes a muscle car? Perhaps the most important thing is the engine. A straight-six is just not going to cut it, that's for sure. It has to be a least a V6 (and there are car snobs that will tell you that's not enough) or a V8. But it's got to put out the horsepower as well, that's for sure.

And what about looks? Well, they are important as well. A muscle car's stance is unmistakable. Big, wide, bold and brash ... it just looks fast even when standing still. In the 1960s and '70s, muscle cars could be hardtops, convertibles, two-door, four-door and even pickups.

But just how much do you know about American muscle cars? Let's test your knowledge in this quiz of 35 questions.

Good luck!

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From the list below, can you pick out the iconic American muscle car first released in 1964?
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First released in 1963, what is the name the vehicle that quickly became a rival to the Ford Mustang?
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Which of these cars quickly became a firm favorite in the muscle car community after it was introduced in 1970?
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Can you name the Hemi-engined vehicle that soon was a sought-after muscle car model?
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From the list below, which of these is one of the most iconic American muscle cars ever produced?
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True or false? The Oldsmobile Toronado is a front-wheel-drive muscle car.
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Early versions of this car had many of the defining traits of muscle cars, but there is a lot of discussion about whether it qualifies as one. Can you pick it out from the list below?
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Introduced in 1967, from the options below can you name one of the most iconic muscle cars in history?
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Which of these options is the muscle car that featured prominently in the TV show "The Dukes of Hazzard"?
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What is the name of the muscle car with a 428-cubic inch Cobra Jet V8 engine and a fastback body shape?
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Are you able to identify the NASCAR racer from the '70s that was also available to purchase as a street legal muscle car?
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Which of these is a lesser-known muscle car that came as a two-door coupe with V8 power?
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Based on the Chevrolet Camaro chassis, can you identify the muscle car which sold 87,000 units in 1967?
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Although not all versions of this vehicle are considered to be muscle cars, can you name the one with a 7-liter Cobra Jet engine V8 engine that is?
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Which of these below is a coupe-utility that entered the world of the muscle car?
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In this list, we have a not-so-popular car of which the 5.0-liter or 6.5-liter V8 version are considered to be muscle cars. Which is it?
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Please can you name a 1960's car model which featured a European styling that is considered to be a muscle car?
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True or false? The SS badge put on the Nova along with a big block V8 engine pushed it into muscle car territory.
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First introduced in the 1950s, versions of this car with Hemi V8 engines are considered to be muscle cars. Which of these below are we referring to?
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Can you identify a car from the list below that was basically an upscaled Mustang?
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With two-door hardtop styling and a massive V8 engine, at least one model of this vehicle is considered to be a muscle car. Do you know which it is?
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Can you name the muscle car below with a Cammer V8 engine that was in direct competition with the Chevrolet Impala?
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Of the options below, although not as well known as its two bigger brothers, the Challenger and Charger, which is a muscle car in its own right?
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An extra badge, a massive V8 motor and what wasn't a muscle car suddenly is one. What car are we talking about?
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Do you know the name of the model produced from 1962 to 1970, the final version of which had a 455-cubic inch V8 which produced 370 brake horsepower?
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A well-priced muscle car, perfect for entry-level buyers, can you name this vehicle released in 1968?
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Although most think the Ford Mustang was the first muscle car, many car lovers consider this model from 1955 to be the original. What is it?
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Which muscle car was not only a NASCAR winner but a modified Charger?
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Introduced as a model of the Skylark in 1965, can you name the muscle car that became a stand-alone model in 1967?
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First appearing in 1970, can you identify the muscle car was marketed under the slogan, “Up with the Rebel Machine"?
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Marketed at the mature buyer, which muscle car was produced between 1967 and 1971?
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Which of these is a high-performance model of one of the manufacturers belonging to the Ford group?
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Can you name the GT-style sports car produced between 1968 and 1970 that was a stablemate to the Gremlin?
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Which of these below is a muscle car from the late 1960s?
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Produced until 1976, can you identify the vehicle that was a performance version of a Valiant?
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