Quiz: The American Rules of the Road Quiz
The American Rules of the Road Quiz
By: Deborah Beckwin
Image: Billy Richards Photography/Moment/GettyImages

About This Quiz

In the United States, we do a lot of things differently, and that is definitely true when it comes to driving. 

For example, in the States, we use the English measurement system more than the metric system. 

That difference really matters because you need to know how we measure speed (miles per hour vs. kilometers per hour) and distance (e.g., we use mile markers on the highway).

But one thing you'll find is that on top of America doing things differently than many countries, because America has 50 different states and other protectorates, the state and local traffic laws tend to vary, too. It's very important to know that as you may take road trips from state to state, city to city. 

Learning about how to take turns, how to approach and navigate intersections, normal American driving etiquette (sans the road rage), how traffic lights operate, the meaning of traffic signs and more can significantly help you as you learn how to drive here.

This quiz isn't going to ask you how drivers operate in Florida vs. Wisconsin. But there are some general things you should know about driving in the U.S. so you can safely get to your destination.

So are you ready to take the wheel and go on a trip of American road rules in this quiz? We hope you enjoy this little jaunt. Safe travels!

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On American roads, what side of the road do you drive on?
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In American cars, where is the steering wheel located?
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What does it mean when you see a broken yellow line on your side of the road?
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Where do you find usually find the carpool or high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane?
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If you see a pedestrian crossing the road, what should you do?
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How often should you use your car horn?
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What should you do when you see a steady red traffic light?
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What does a steady green traffic light mean?
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What does a flashing red traffic light mean you should do?
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If you see a flashing yellow traffic light, what should you do?
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How do you proceed if you see a steady green arrow and a steady red light for your lane?
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When should you use your fog lights?
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Which is NOT a typical reason for another drive flashing their headlights at you?
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Typically, which lane do you use to pass or overtake another vehicle?
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In the U.S., we have different colors for roadway signs. What does an orange sign indicate?
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What does a brown traffic sign indicate?
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If you see a blue traffic sign, what does that indicate?
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American traffic signs come in different shapes. So what does an upside triangle mean?
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What does a diamond-shaped traffic sign usually mean?
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What does a round traffic sign indicate?
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What does a pentagon-shaped sign indicate?
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If you see a pennant-shaped traffic sign, what does that mean?
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