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Remember "Beverly Hills, 90210?" Take this quiz to see just how much you actually remember.

Ah, the drama of the teenage years and high school. Unlike the lighter side of post-adolescence "Beverly Hills, 90210" took the daily soap opera and turned it into a show that teens were eager to watch. The show ran for ten seasons and 293 episodes despite an initially poor reception. The show was originally planned to be about characters Brandon and Brenda Walsh's adjustment to life in Beverly Hills (referenced in the show's title both in name and zip code) but morphed from its original concept into a drama that followed the characters through high school and college and into the world of adulthood.

With mega creator, Aaron Spelling at the helm of the show (and his daughter in the cast), Beverly Hills, 90210 became one of Spelling's biggest sellers. Spelling was also responsible for such long-running, and popular, shows as "Charlie's Angels," "The Love Boat," "Dynasty," "7th Heaven," and "Charmed." The show tackled some of the issues facing the generation such as pregnancy, STDs, domestic violence, eating disorders, racism, suicide, and drugs, and spawned such spinoffs as "Melrose Place" and "Models Inc."

Ready to test your "Beverly Hills, 90210" knowledge? Let's get started.

How are Brandon Walsh and Brenda Walsh related?

Brenda and Brandon aren't just siblings; they're fraternal twins.


The Walsh family came from which state before moving to Beverly Hills?

Jim Walsh got a job promotion, prompting the family to move to Beverly Hills. The show initially focused on their struggles and how they adjusted to their new lives in Beverly Hills with culture shock and their relationships with their new Beverly Hills friends.


Kelly Taylor was a cover model for which magazine?

Kelly landed the cover of Seventeen in season 5, during her sophomore year at CU.


Colin Robbins' father was a veteran of which war?

During season 6, Valerie tries to arrange a truce between Colin and his estranged father, an artist who lost his sight in Vietnam. Colin is afraid to reveal his legal problems, but Mr. Robbins already knows the truth and has come to offer his support.


What was the name of the newspaper founded by Steve Sanders and Brandon Walsh?

The Beverly Beat was a small-time newspaper, but gave Brandon the experience he needed to get hired elsewhere.


What is the name of the stray dog that Donna and Brenda adopt?

When Brenda learns Rocky is a survivor of medical testing, she gets involved with a group of campus animal rights extremists.


In season 1, which famous hip hop artist did David want to perform at a school dance?

Unfortunately, David was not successful.


For how many seasons did "90210" run?

The series lasted for 296 episodes, or 304 if you count the two-part pilot, 292 regular episodes and 11 specials.


Joe Bradley leaves the CU football team due to a disorder with which organ?

Joe Bradley is an all-star quarterback at California University introduced in Season 6. He came to Donna's aid after Ray became abusive to her. They dated dated, but his plan to move to his Pennsylvania hometown and coach football after asking Donna to marry him wasn't what she was looking for.


Which leading man also directed 15 episodes?

Priestly directed two of the show’s most iconic episodes. One was the episode in which Dylan’s wife (Rebecca Gayheart) gets killed while accidentally getting in the way of a mob hit. The other was the episode involving Donna and David’s first time.


True or False: Not one character appeared in every single episode of the series.

Not one regular actor appeared in every single episode of the series.


Which of the following was NOT a franchise series of Beverly Hills, 90210?

Melrose Place s the second series in the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise. It ran on Fox from July 8, 1992 to May 24, 1999, for seven seasons. Models Inc. is the third series in the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise.


Which newspaper recruits Brandon, forcing him to leave Beverly Hills?

In Season 9, episode 6, Brandon announces that he has accepted a job with the Washington bureau of the New York Chronicle. Later in the episode Brandon decides that he wants to stay in Los Angeles, but Kelly urges him to take the job and pursue his dreams.


Which of the following characters was present in every season?

Kelly appears prominently in a majority of the shows which compose the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise. In addition to her role in launching the spin-off Melrose Place, Garth was the first performer from the original show to be cast in the third spin-off, 90210.


Who was first main character to leave the show?

Scott was written out of the show as Doug Emerson decided to quit acting.


Which sport does Brandon Walsh start gambling on with bookmaker Duke Weatherill?

Brandon developed a serious gambling problem by betting with Duke Weatherill, Nat's friend and bookie. However, after Brandon got in over his head and Duke started making threats, Nat bailed him out of the situation on the condition Brandon would never bet again.


Which of the following was originally intended to be the name of the show?

Rumor has it that in order to pay homage to his hometown of Potomac, Maryland, creator Darren Star used the working title Potomac 20854 at one point during development.


While under past-life hypnosis, what is Dylan's occupation?

While under hypnosis, Dylan recalls a past life as a gunslinger in the Wild West. He recognizes Kelly as the woman who convinced him to change his ways and become a family man. He concludes that Kelly is his soulmate.


Which real life Californian college was used when filming scenes for California University?

Occidental College has been a popular film site since the silent film era.


How old was Gabrielle Carteris when she first played 16 year old Andrea Zuckerman?

Carteris was a relatively advanced 29 years old when she first played 16-year-old yearbook editor Andrea Zuckerman. After the 5th season, her age difference was too apparent for producers to keep her on as a college freshman.


In what year did Beverly Hills, 90210 debut?

The Gulf War helped the show succeed. The teen drama actually began as a family show centered around the Walsh family, but shifted focus on Brandon and Brenda’s high school friends halfway through season one. The first of these teen-centered episodes aired in Feb. 1991, on the same day that every other network had suspended programming to report on the Gulf War. Fox didn’t have a news department at the time, so it aired 90210 and got a ratings spike due to the lack of competition.


Who was Brenda's major love interest in the show?

The Brenda/Dylan/Kelly love triangle was at times subtle and other times very obvious. The storyline spanned the entire length of the series and is considered one of more enduring and memorable themes of the show.


How did Dylan end up in a coma?

After a period of drug use and reckless behavior enabled by his drug dealer, Mr. Trilling, Dylan eventually winds up in the hospital after a car crash while driving under the influence.


How did Scott Scanlon die?

Scott died in season two after accidentally shooting himself at his own birthday party while playing with a gun. This occurred in front of David, who became emotionally jarred for some time afterwards.


True or False: West Beverly High is a fictional school.

Exterior shots are of Torrance High School in Torrance, CA.


Who was the first actor cast in a leading role on the show?

Garth was the first actor to be cast as a series regular.


Shannen Doherty was famously difficult to work with on the show. What was the last straw for the producers?

The thing that really got Shannen Doherty kicked off was that she cut her hair halfway through shooting the season 4 finale without telling anyone, thus throwing off the continuity of the episode.


The Peach Pit was a real restaurant. What is it called?

According to their website, The Apple Pan is a "lively diner dishing up classic American fare from burgers to pies from its tiny counter since 1947."


Which character was the only one not to lose their virginity in high school?

It took Donna Martin seven seasons, 206 episodes, and a lot of false starts by David Silver to finally lose her virginity on Beverly Hills, 90210.


Which of these now-famous actresses was NOT offered the role of Valerie?

Both Drew Barrymore and Alicia Silverstone turned down the role of Valerie. Alyssa Milano was nearly cast before Tiffani Amber Theissen scored the part.


Which leading man was Tiffani Amber Theissen already dating in real life when she was cast as Valerie?

At the time of Theissen’s casting, she was dating Green, who was not pleased when her character ended up getting it on with the vast majority of the male characters.


What other popular TV series used the same real-life high school as its set?

Torrance High School is a popular filming location for television and motion picture production. It is most widely known for its appearance in Beverly Hills, 90210 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


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