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Learning about the Bible is just one step to improving your relationship with God. It gives you the whole picture, from how He created everything to His story and the story of those important to Him. It teaches the Christian ways to live and the punishment for bad behavior. It also teaches love and understanding among many other lessons. Think you're an expert on how to study and maintain your relationship with your maker?

Do you know the tools you need to start studying the Bible? What about the techniques you can use or strategies to help you learn to your fullest potential? Do you know what the purpose of studying the Bible is? With perseverance and hard work, learning all about the greatest story ever told will be easy as pie!

How much basic knowledge do you have on the Bible? Do you know the books, verses, and gospels within the text? What about the names of a few key people that you'll learn about while studying the story? You'll have to know it all to ace this quiz!

So, you know the basics, but can you get down to business and prove you have what it takes to study the Bible? Take the quiz to see your score!

What does studying the Bible allow you to do?

By studying the Bible, you are able to understand God and His purpose and importance in your life. Not only do you learn His background as well as your own, but you also learn about His ways of doing things.


Which book from the New Testament tells the future of the church?

The Book of Revelation from the New Testament tells the future of the church. The author of the book is thought to be John​ but that has not been confirmed.


What do you need to study the bible?

Buying a study Bible is a worthwhile investment to fully grasp the knowledge within the story. These Bibles typically have references to help you better understand what you're reading. You can mark up and highlight your favorite passages in one of these books!


After completing a Bible study, what can you do?

After completing your Bible study, you'll have a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible. You can take what you learned and start applying it to your everyday life.


Which book speaks of the creation of the world?

The Book of Genesis is a great place to go as a starting point in Bible studies. The book tells the story of creation by God over the seven days that it took Him to create the world and mankind.


Is it true or false that the Bible was written by only one person?

This is false. The Bible was written by multiple people, including Moses and John, and many, many, others. The Bible was written around 6 B.C. in Hebrew, and has been translated throughout the years.


What do you need to understand about each passage?

In order to understand the passages you are reading, it's important to ask yourself the five 'w' questions. They will answer any other other questions you may have about the passage and give you a better understanding of what you are reading.


How long did it take to write the Bible?

It took around 1,500 years to finish the entire Bible. That might seem excessively long, but don't forget the many authors that it took to write the entire text!


What can you do if you're still not understanding a passage?

Commentary is a useful tool that can give you insight into​ a passage that you might not have otherwise had. Often, people who do commentaries will explain the passage as well, helping you to learn the passage to the fullest.


What is the last word in the Bible?

The last word in the Bible is "amen." It is also one of the first words in the Bible with a large importance to not only the story, but also to Christians in general.


What is a Gospel?

A Gospel is a message that is part of the Bible. There are only four Gospels in the Bible. They were written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. They tell the story of the life of Jesus from their own perspectives, meaning their stories can differ at times.


How are the Letters in the Bible usually referred to?

The Epistles of Paul is the name used for seven letters written in the Bible. Since they are named for him, many of the letters are believed to have been written by him as well.


How many books are in the Bible?

There are 66 books within the Bible. This can sound pretty intimidating, but the Bible has a lot to tell! Each book in the Bible has its own purpose​ and teaches different lessons to the reader.


What is the best way to study the Bible?

The best way to study the Bible is to study small chunks of it. For example, you could read a few chapters a day and make sure you understand them fully.


What book is a good foundation from which to begin your study?

The Gospel of John is a great place for a beginner to start learning. It sets a foundation for the rest of the Bible and teaches about Jesus to start. He is one of the most important figures in the Bible, after all!


In which book do you find the Ten Commandments?

The Book of Exodus is an important one to remember as it lists the Ten Commandments that must be followed. Did you know that the commandments are also listed in another book? It's the Book of Deuteronomy!


Which of the following is not a person included in the one God?

Adam is not part of God like the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (known as the Trinity) are. This is something that is basic knowledge gained through Bible study.


How many wise men visited Jesus?

Three wise men visited Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. Of course, everyone knows the story of the men bringing gifts to a newborn baby Jesus that night. It is a very important story in the Bible.


It is often emphasized that we love God. What is also highly emphasized?

Just as much as God is loved by us, He returns the love to us. But if the love ever stops on our end, we may feel that God doesn't love us back. In those instances, we have to look within ourselves.


On what day did Jesus rise?

Jesus rose on the third day. In other words, He was resurrected. After His resurrection, He appeared to several people before going to Heaven.


Which book did Jesus quote most?

The Book of Isaiah was a favorite of Jesus' as He often quoted passages from it. He also quoted scriptures from the books of Exodus and Psalms, but not as often as Isaiah.


Which book in the Bible is about law?

The Book of Leviticus is less about beliefs and more about legalities. In this book, God teaches the Israelites right from wrong and how to distinguish sins from good deeds.


In which book did the sun go backward?

In the Book of Kings, Isaiah the prophet made a prayer to God, which God responded by making the sun go backward at the call of Isaiah and proved it to Hezekiah.


Is it true or false that it is easier to start with the New Testament?

This is true. The New Testament adds more to the Old Testament and is clearer for a beginner to the Bible. It has many more answers to questions that the Old Testament does not, leaving less to the imagination.


When studying the Bible, what should you do to fully understand it?

In order to fully understand the Bible, it's best to pick a language that you are very proficient in and understand fully. The Bible is already difficult to interpret and understand, so doing this will only make it easier on yourself!


What is Acts?

Acts is a book in the Bible that was written by an anonymous author. The book goes hand-in-hand with the Gospel of Luke, so pairing the two while studying the Bible is a good idea in order to fully understand it.


What is the most popular version of the Bible?

The most popular version of the Bible is the New International Version. King James is also a very popular Bible, but it was outsold by the NIV. But how much does it matter when the Bible itself is the best-selling book of all time?


What is the shortest verse of the Bible?

The shortest verse of the Bible is John 11:35, which simple states: "Jesus wept." Though it is short, this might not be the best place to start when working on your Bible study, as it can leave you with so many unanswered questions!


Which of the following is not a continent in the Bible?

North America is never mentioned in the Bible, and nothing takes place there. Many of the locations include Jerusalem, Egypt, and other parts of Israel.


Which book is about the wisest man in the world?

Proverbs is all about the wisest man in the world, King Solomon. It is dedicated to the wise sayings, questions, and thoughts that he had throughout his life. His sayings were so important, there's an entire book dedicated to them!


What is the purpose of learning about the Bible?

The purpose of Bible study is to better yourself and others through understanding your maker. Bible study is meant to increase your relationship with God and for you to learn about Him.


What is unique about the Book of Jeremiah?

The Book of Jeremiah is the longest book in the Bible, but it's worth the read. It may not be the best to start off a Bible study with , however!


Which book is about the royal family of Judah?

The book of Ruth speaks all about the royal family of Judah. As it is named for her, Ruth is also a central character to this book. Did you know that she is David's great-grandmother?


Which of the following can help you understand the Bible better?

Bible study groups can help you get a better understanding of the Bible as well as getting the perspective of others. It's also a great environment in which to learn, and it can be helpful in giving you a deeper understanding of​ what you are reading.


What was the first language of the New Testament?

The New Testament was written in Greek, different than the Old Testament, which was written in Hebrew. Of course, all Bibles come in a variety of different languages now, since they have been translated.


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