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As the world's second largest country, Canada is home to countless landmarks, monuments and points of interests that draw in locals and tourists alike. These sites range from modern urban city centers to impressive architectural specimens to natural wonders and more. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the most recognized Canadian landmarks!

Canada's first official National Landmark is dedicated to this geographic feature.

Dedicated in 1984, Pingo National Landmark remains Canada's only official National Landmark as of 2016. It is home to 25 percent of the world's pingos -- mounds of earth that rise out of permafrost.


What year did the CN Tower open?

Toronto's CN Tower was the tallest tower in the world when it opened in 1976, measuring 1,800 feet tall. It has since been eclipsed by other structures but remains a landmark for visitors to Ontario.


What is the tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies?

At just shy of 13,000 feet, Mount Robson is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies.


The Canadian Rockies extend into the Yukon.

The spectacular Rockies straddle the border between British Columbia and Alberta, but stop south of the Liard River. The Mackenzie Mountains north of the Liard extend into Tukon Territory, but are considered separate from the Rockies.


What famous Bay is nestled between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia?

The majestic Bay of Fundy sits on the east coast of Canada between the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It draws visitors with its spectacular sandstone cliffs and frequent whale sightings.


What is the Bay of Fundy's biggest claim to fame?

The Bay of Fundy offers some of the biggest tidal ranges on the planet. That means the water can rise up to 50 feet at high tide, but that same area will be completely free of water at low tide. Local folklore blames these incredible tidal shifts on whales, who change the tide as they splash in the water.


The Citadelle is part of the still-standing wall around this Canadian city.

The Citadelle serves as the official residence of both the monarch and governor general of Canada. It is part of the wall surrounding Quebec City, which remains one of only two walled cities in North America.


How many waterfalls make up the the natural wonder known as Niagara Falls?

The mighty Niagara actually consists of three separate falls, including Horseshoe on the Canadian side and the small American and Bridal Veil falls on the U.S. side of the border.


People have actually survived going over Niagara Falls in a barrel.

Annie Taylor was the first person to survive a trip over the falls in a barrel. She sent a cat over first, and after the feline survived, Taylor took the plunge on her 63rd birthday in 1901.


What was Canada's first national park?

After railroad workers discovered natural hot springs in the area, Banff became Canada's first national park in 1885.


The Rideau Canal connects Kingston with this city.

Established in 1832 to maximize wartime security, the Rideau Canal runs from Kingston, Ontario to Canada's capital city of Ottawa. Today, it's largely used for pleasure boating rather than military functions and security.


What year was the Rideau Canal officially transformed into a winter skating trail for the first time?

Each winter, the Rideau Canal is transformed into a 5-mile long ice skating rink. The canal officially opened for skating in 1971, and now plays hosts to more than 1 million skaters each year.


Fort York was built in 1793 and served as the foundation for this major city.

From a simple trading spot built in 1793, Fort York became the modern city of Toronto. Though the garrison was burned down in 1813, it was rebuilt the next year and serves as an important historic landmark for visitors and residents.


What Canadian city is home to the country's largest Chinatown?

Established in the 19th century, Vancouver's Chinatown was home to more than 1,000 people of Chinese descent by 1890. Today it's the largest Chinatown in Canada, and the third largest in North America.


What year was Casa Loma completed?

The gorgeous Gothic Revival mansion was built for Sir Henry Pellatt in 1914. Today, it's a popular Toronto museum with a lush five-acre garden.


Where will you find Canada's largest amusement park?

Established in 1981, Canada's Wonderland sits just outside of Toronto. It's Canada's largest theme park.


How many major coasters does Canada's Wonderland have as of 2016?

The park is home to 16 major coasters as of 2016. That's the most of any park in the world with the exception of Magic Mountain and Cedar Point in the U.S.


What popular meeting spot sits where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet?

The Forks sits at the heart of Winnipeg, Manitoba, at the spot where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet. It's been a local gathering spot for 600 years, and today serves as a shopping and entertainment hub.


The Forks made it into Guinness World Records for this feat.

In an area where temperatures routinely dip below freezing and snow is plentiful, residents have learned to embrace the winter. When temperatures drop, the area around the Forks is transformed into the world's longest skating trail, which at more than 5 miles long just outranks Ottawa's Rideau Canal trail.


Where can you find Canada's largest city square?

Nathan Phillips Square sits in front of Toronto's City Hall and is Canada's largest public city square. It's named for Nathan Phillips, who served as mayor of the city from 1955 to 1962 and hosts many public events, from concerts to seasonal markets.


What city is home to the Capilano Suspension Bridge?

Stretching 460 feet across the Capilano River, the Capilano Suspension Bridge is a popular attraction located just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia.


What Canadian city is home to Parliament Hill?

Want to watch the changing of the guard ceremony without going to England? Head for Ottawa, where the guards perform a traditional ceremony at Parliament Hill -- the country's primary seat of government.


The grand Chateau Frontenac sits on the banks of this river.

Situated on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec City, the Chateau Frontenac is one of a series of grand hotels built to support the Canadian Pacific Railway. The castle-like Chateau Frontenac was declared a National Historic Site in 1980.


Which province is home to Cabot Tower and Signal Hill?

Cabot Tower sits on Signal Hill, near the town of St. John's in Labrador and Newfoundland. The tower played an important role in communications history when the first wireless transatlantic transmission took place there in 1901.


What year did the National Gallery of Canada open?

The Gallery, which houses more than 40,000 works of art, opened in 1988. It's located in Ottawa near Parliament Hill and offers a spectacular view of the city.


What creature guards the National Gallery of Canada?

Watch out arachnophobes! A 30-foot tall spider sculpture named Maman guards a cache of 26 eggs just outside the doors of the gallery.


What subject is the focus of Canada's first national museum located outside of the greater-Toronto area?

Canada chose human rights as the focus of its first national museum to be opened outside of the greater-Toronto area, and the country's first national museum opened since the '60s. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights opened in 2014 in Winnipeg, just next to the Forks.


West Edmonton Mall is bigger than the Mall of America.

Located in the plains of Alberta, the West Edmonton Mall is the largest in North America and one of the dozen largest malls on the planet. In addition to hundreds of stores, the mall is home to an amusement park, the world's largest indoor wave pool and an ice rink.


What city is home to the world's largest inclined tower?

Built for the 1976 Olympics, the Olympic Stadium in Montreal features the world's largest inclined tower, as well as the greatest seating capacity of any arena in the country.


How many pipes make up the organ at the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal?

The architectural wonder Gothic Revival cathedral was dedicated in 1829 and is home to an organ made up of 7,000 pipes.


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