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For those of us with cats, once one enters the house, it is nearly impossible for us to not get another.  They're literally like furry potato chips; once you have one, you can't stop.  These aloof creatures have been demonized and worshiped for centuries.  The ancient Egyptians had a goddess dedicated to the care of cats: Bast.  In addition to this, when the pharaohs were buried in their tombs, in addition to the treasures they had in life, their kitties were mummified to spend an eternity with their masters.  Fast forward a millennium or more.  When a woman was found to have a cat companion, she was suspected of being a witch.  During the Salem Witch Trials, 20 women were burned at the stake for their nonexistent beliefs.  

Today, we have kitty celebrities, some of which are helping other felines in need.  Lil BUB, a runt of a healthy feral cat litter, has a steady group of followers on Instagram and even her own website.  To date, this petite purrer has helped raise $300,000 for her fellow felines.  In the case of Monty Happiness, he and his sister (Molly Happiness) are helping spread the word that having abnormalities (they both have a chromosomal disorder that affects their appearances in the most adorable way) doesn't mean you can't have a fabulous life.  

Whether you are a longtime fan of the felines or you're new to the game, you're certain to know a little something about your furry companion.  Let's see if you can get a purrfect score with this quiz!  

Which of these coat types is distinguished by its patches of color, with a majority of the body being white?

Along with their colorful coats, calicos often have matching personalities. These ladies (97% of calicos are female) are more than happy to live as only cats in the household, however, if there are other kitties in the house, she'll make sure to let them know who's boss.


Which of these coat types is distinguished by black with orange splotches?

When dealing with a tortie, you should know that there is a great deal of attitude that comes with these ladies. Fiercely independent, hot-tempered and possessive of their humans, these ladies (males have a 1% chance of being a tortie) love to dominate the room and love their owners ferociously.


On a cat's front paws, what is the name of the claw that is placed higher on the leg?

Cats aren't the only animals with a dewclaw: Dogs and some birds have this appendage as well. In the case of cats, they will use their dewclaws like a thumb to help them climb higher distances and to help grip onto prey.


What does it mean if a cat's tail is held high in the air?

One way to check your cat's mood is what position its tail is in. And in the case of a high-carried tail, your kitty is happy and confident, which is what all us cat owners want to see.


What does it mean if a cat's tail is curved like a question mark?

One way to check your cat's mood is what position its tail is in. And when the kitty's tail is in a curved question mark position, you better break out the feather wands and laser pointers, because it is time for play.


What is the noise that cats make by vibrating their vocal chords called?

While many people think that cats purr to show their owners that they're content with the way things are going in their lives, it is actually one of the many reasons why they do it. Some other reasons include hunger, self soothing, and mama cats will do it to get their kittens to sleep.


What does it mean when your cat's eyes are dilated?

Aside from using dilated pupils to navigate a dark room, kitties will often have dilated pupils when they're excited. This will often happen when a kitty has a new toy to play with as well.


When it comes to canned food, what should the primary ingredient be?

When it comes to canned cat food, you definitely want to make sure that the first few ingredients are meat or meat sources. This insures that your kitty gets the nutrients that they need to survive.


How many eyelids does a typical cat have on each eye?

A cat's third eyelid (also known as the nictitating membrane) has more than one function. In addition to protecting the eye, the membrane will often help distribute tears to help keep the eye clean.


What does it mean when a cat's tail is puffed up?

When analyzing a cat's behavior, it is best to take into consideration all parts of the cat's body. In addition to the tail, the eyes and ears are both great resources of kitty emotions.


What do you do if your cat's tail is whipping back and forth?

When a cat whips its tail, it looks very similar to a dog wagging theirs, however it has the exact opposite meaning. When this starts happening, don't encourage interaction: instead give the kitty its alone time. You'll both appreciate it in the long run.


What breed of kitty is known for its calm demeanor and large size?

If you're looking for a cat who is great with kids, look no further than this gentle giant. They are considered one of the largest breeds of domestic cat and their hefty weight can range from 15 to 25 in a males and females range from 10 to 15 pounds, however they can grow to be even heavier, without being considered obese.


When it comes to medicating troublesome cats, which of these methods should you use to dose them?

Sometimes there are times where you need to give your kitty something that it may not want, like an antibiotic. If this is the case and they're being a little persnickety, grab the nearest towel and wrap it around the body. That way you can give the kitty its medication without getting hurt.


What kind of canned cat food is pureed ingredients?

In some cases, a pate is also called a classic blend. But either way, this kind of food is good for kitties of all ages because it is easy to swallow.


What is the flap of skin on the back of a cat's neck called?

In addition to a scruff being a body part, it is also an action in the world of pets. To pick a cat, ferret or rabbit up by the scruff is called scruffing. In the case of a cat, this method should only be used in times of emergency: it is such a small spot and cats can get pretty heavy, so it could be a little painful for them.


When finding a younger kitten, which of these items would you need to keep it warm?

In addition to kittens, the elderly feline can also benefit from a warming disc. When used, it can give off heat to help with aching joints and offer comfort. In addition, it can also help regulate their temperature.


On average, how many hours does a cat sleep a day?

While 15 hours is the typical amount of sleep an average cat needs a day, it should be noted that it depends on the cat. Not only do kittens need more sleep (they're active and growing), but if it is a rainy or snowy day, your cat may enjoy a little extra sleep because, well, who doesn't enjoy a lazy day from time to time?


Where does a microchip usually get inserted?

When it comes to microchipping, the more discreet location the better. A microchip is usually inserted under the skin into the cat's scruff, so they don't feel the need to disturb it.


What is the pink part of a cat's claw called?

When it comes to clipping a cat's claws, you need to be extremely careful. For one thing, unless the cat really trusts you, you're not going to get a hold of its paw easily and because of this while you're trying to clip the claw, they may jerk it away. If you cut the quick, apply some styptic powder to the claw to stop bleeding.


What is a cat with more than five toes on its front paws called?

Famed American writer Earnest Hemingway had an affinity for polydactyl cats. So much so, that his estate and museum houses between 40 and 50 of these felines, who live in the lap of luxury.


What kind of collar is best for a cat who goes outdoors?

If you have a cat that you let outside, you always want to make sure that it is wearing a breakaway collar. Why? Because these collars are designed to come off when they get stuck on any item that could cause the cat to hang. Humans have breakaway items too: many ID lanyards are breakaway so we don't hurt ourselves on various office implements.


What does the acronym TNR stand for?

TNR is one of the many humane ways to help feral colonies. With the numbers of kitties born every year in a colony, taking its members and neutering them helps keeps the food supply at a level where no cat is underfed.


What do you call a cat which has had little to no human interaction?

One way you can tell a feral cat from an outdoor pet is by the way it reacts. If you walk up to it and it bolts, it is more than likely feral. Don't feel bad for these kitties when you see them outside though, they have their own families and friends to hang with in their colonies.


What nickname is often given to a cat who is really good at hunting down pests?

When you have a mouser in the house, you only have two things to worry about. The first is cleanup, because you never know where prey will end up. The second is whether or not they're going to give you their hunt as a gift. Don't be upset by this, they want to just share in the joy that is their conquest.


What makes a cat's claws different from a dog's claws?

In addition to retracting, a cat's nails are usually white opposed to a dog's black. This usually makes clipping them a lot easier because the quick is visible through the claw.


Which of these plants are poisonous to cats?

Just like everything, you should be careful with plants when it comes to your kitty. There are many plants that can cause distress to a cat, however, when it comes to a lily, veterinarians are still stumped what part of the lily actually poisons the kitty.


What is the noise that cats make while watching prey from a distance called?

In 2017, scientists discovered that big cats chatter too. However, in this case, they found that it was actually trying to mimic their prey in order for the cat to get closer to it.


When a kitten is first born, what color are its eyes?

Eye color is one of the ways that a vet can tell the age of a cat. If a cat's eyes are anything other than blue, it is older than six or seven weeks. Keep in mind that this excludes the Siamese cat, which has blue eyes throughout its life.


What is one sign that your cat is sick?

If there is one thing you usually don't need to worry about in the case of cat ownership, it is bathing. Many times cats will spend hours making sure they look their best, even if it is to curl up and sleep in a favorite chair. However, if you start noticing that your kitty isn't keeping its appearance up, it may be time to hit the vet.


When cats sweat, where does it usually show up?

Any kitty owner at the vet with a frightened kitty can attest to the fact that their fur babies sweat out of their paws. Just like humans, when they get nervous, their hands get clammy and warm, however, this affect also happens when they're a little warm.


What is the name of the cut given to kitties who get mats in their fur called?

in addition to removing the mats, a lion cut will give your cat a little relief because the mats are gone from the fur and there won't be any irritation when they groom their fur. On top of this, if they get a lion cut during the summer, it will help the long-haired kitty stay cool.


Which of these brushes is used to spread the cat's natural oils while gently removing loose fur?

With its gentle plastic bristles, a bristle brush is an ideal grooming tool for kitties with semi-sensitive skin. These brushes are great for light duty work, however if you need to really get into your cat's coat, you may need to go with another tool.


Which of these brushes is recommended to owners of cats who have sensitive skin?

Just like humans, some kitties have sensitive skin. When it comes to brushing and sensitive skin, the harsher the bristle, the more pain your fur baby will be in if their skin is sensitive. With its protective rubber nubs on the tips of each bristle, a rubber brush is an ideal solution to the plight of the sensitive kitty and grooming.


Why should you brush your cat?

In addition to the above answers, a good brushing helps keep the house clean: less shed fur means less time vacuuming. And as a perk to the kitty, they get a free massage out of the deal!


How many treats a day should you give your kitty?

Just like cookies and sweet in humans, cats will have issues with treats if they get too many of them. This could result in obesity, which could be hard for the cat to work off, especially if it is a senior.


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