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Congratulations! After months of deliberation, it was time you decided to get a new kitty. It could be because you have an empty house and are a little fed up with having the sound of silence greeting you every night. Or perhaps you already have a feline in your home, and it either is bursting with so much energy that you are awake at night or it just seems a bit lonely and needs a companion. Either way, you're on your way to the local animal shelter to meet your new furry roommate.

Just like humans, kitties can have an off day. They could be feeling a little under the weather or just want to have a little me time. That's why we encourage you to visit your local animal shelter more than one time. That way, you can see all the kitties in their ranges of emotions. Another benefit to visiting the shelter more than once is that if you've already picked your roommate, you could build upon the bond that you're going to share once they get into its forever home.

Without further ado, let's see how much you know about your feline companion. If you feel you need help, grab your roommate, give it a couple of pets, and then take this quiz.

What color cat is associated with bad luck?

Even though they are more robust than others (scientists believe that their increased melanin levels give them better immunity systems), black cats are overlooked by potential adopters because lighter fur colors are more eye-catching.


What noise do kitties make when they're happy?

Humans may associate purring with one of a cat's methods of communicating that they're content, but in truth, there are many reasons why this could be happening. If a cat is stressed out, it may purr to calm itself down.


Do you need a date for a gala? Maybe you should look into getting one of these kitties who are already dressed up. What kind of coat are we thinking of?

If you're looking for an example of a tuxedo cat, check out Tweety Bird's archnemesis, Sylvester the Cat. As one of sweet-hearted Granny's pets, he would constantly be scolded for chasing after Tweety, who could easily hold her own.


What kind of cat was Morris, the spokescat for 9Lives cat food?

One of the reasons that Morris the Cat is orange may be because of his distinctive coat. Traditionally most orange tabbies are known for their relaxed demeanor and sweet dispositions. It doesn't help that orange and blue look great together!


If a kitty is "making biscuits," what is it doing?

Whether they be on your lap or curled up on their favorite blanket, when your kitty kneads, it is something they learned from kittenhood. In order to get milk from its mom, the kitten will knead at its mom's teats for meals.


Creating a kitty costume? If so, you'll need to draw some lines across your cheeks denoting these hypersensitive hairs. What body part is it?

Even though they are tiny, whiskers play a pivotal role in the world of a cat. If they come upon a tight space that they want to occupy, a cat will use its whiskers to see if it will fit.


When approaching a cat outdoors, it skitters away looking scared. What kind of kitty is unused to human interaction?

Animal shelters will often use the letters TNR in reference to feral kitties. TNR stands for Trap Neuter Release and is a great tool to help keep the population at a maintainable level by preventing unwanted litters.


Do you know what part of a cat's body is referred to as "toebeans"?

If you're wondering if your kitty is nervous a the vet, run your fingers along its paw pads. In addition to being super soft, paw pads serve an essential purpose; they are one of the few places where cats sweat.


If your kitty is great at catching mice, what might you call it?

If you're looking to get yourself a mouse killing machine, you should be cautious about the breed. Among the kinds that are best suited for mousing are the gentle giant Maine coon and the chatty Siamese.


This breed of cat is known for going limp when picked up. What purr machine is it?

If you want a cat that sticks to you like glue and is on the larger side, check out the ragdoll. These furbabies enjoy lounging on the floor, and their favorite thing to do is to hang out with their humans.


Just like the tortie, cats with this coat are predominantly female. What kind of coat is it?

If you're looking for a cat that is sassy and wants to dominate the pack, join #teamcalico. Just like the tortie, the calico has two different coat types: a coat with orange, white and black and the dilute that has gray, light orange and white.


Oh no, it's on! What is it called when your cat lowers to the ground and wiggles its haunches?

What do itty bitty kittens and tigers have in common? Not only are they in the same family, but they both pounce. Even though this behavior is most associated with hunting for food, it is also used to start a play session between two cats.


You will rarely find a cat that doesn't express its dissatisfaction without warning. Which of these things should you look for to see if a cat is angry?

When a cat hisses, it could be for a couple of reasons. The first is an obvious one; they want you to stay away from them. One of the other instances is that you've startled them and they want to make sure that you know they can defend themselves.


What kind of cat food looks like breakfast cereal?

Many pet owners will opt to feed their kitties kibble for many reasons. For one, kibble is scentless, so then there's no gag factor when feeding your feline and you only need one dish for many servings.


While holding your cat, you feel its tail starts whipping back and forth. What should you do?

Unlike a dog, if your cat is wagging its tail, it isn't because it is happy or excited; it is about to attack whether in fear or anger. Depending on the cat, you may get a few flicks of the tail before an attack, or it may be with little warning.


Eep! You just found out that your cat is pregnant! What procedure could you have gotten done to prevent this?

When you get your kitty spayed, you're not only helping the cat population remain at a manageable number, but there are a couple of health benefits as well; spaying prevents uterine infections as well as breast cancer, which is 90% fatal to cats.


What does it mean when a cat walks with its tail straight in the air?

In addition to litter box use and eating and drinking, kitty parents should also monitor their kitty's moods. If an upright tail is seen, that usually means that the kitty is secure, confident and most importantly, happy.


Don't bring your kitty to the office if you're planning on using one of these during a presentation. What piece of office equipment do kitties love?

If your finger is sore from holding the pointer on too long and your arm aches from swinging the toy around, take heart! You can purchase an automated laser pointer toy that will shine a laser around the room on a timer to your kitty's delight.


To prevent aggression and maintain the feline population, many vets encourage that this procedure gets performed on male cats. What is it?

In addition to calming a cat down, a neutered cat's urine smells better after the procedure. Before neutering, the male cat's urine is pretty eye-watering due to the fact testosterone is pumping in its veins.


Upon entering a room, your kitty stands on its tiptoes and its tail becomes huge. Why is it doing this?

If you see a cat puffing its tail and arching its back to you, it is perceiving you as a threat and making itself bigger than it is. On top of this, if you were to move towards it, the cat may skitter away sideways so it can keep an eye on you.


Your kitty had a great day at the vet, so let's celebrate! What herb would you give to your feline to treat them?

Just like a human's taste buds changing with age, a kitten won't develop a taste for catnip until they're older. Of course, this is dependent on whether its parents had the cravings for catnip; it is an inherited trait.


What mischievous breed of feline played a role in "Lady and the Tramp"?

If you've ever wondered what it means when cat fanciers describe a Siamese kitty's coat as color pointed, wonder no more! If a cat's coat is pointed, it means that it has colored fur on its extremities and a semi-solid white coat on the rest of its body.


Earnest Hemingway had an affinity for these cats with a unique mutation. What type of kitty is it?

The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum currently houses about 50 polydactyl kitties. These multi-toed cats live the life; they have a vet on staff and have free reign over the house that resides on one acre of land.


Some kitties may make this sound when they say hello to their owners. What sound are we thinking of?

Just like kneading, some cats will learn how to trill from their moms. When a mama cat trills, it usually means that she's calling her children to her; however, when a grown cat trills, it is usually a cheery hello.


This cat looks like a mix between a feline and a dachshund. What breed is it?

What the munchkin lacks in size is made up in its personality. These pint-sized furballs are packed with energy and take joy in charging around the house at all hours. However, it does appreciate snuggle time as well; it loves being handled.


Why do cats have a third eyelid?

Cats need their third eyelid of many reasons, most of which are related to protection. When outside, they use them to protect the eyes from scratches from the prey, and when you have a house panther, it could be to protect the eye from litter dust.


What type of cat coat has stripes or dots?

For all you tabby parents out there, you may have noticed that your fur baby has an M on its forehead. It was for this reason that many believed that witches kept a tabby in their homes for their magical qualities.


Which breed of cat was Mr. Bigglesworth from the Austin Powers films?

Even though these semi-hairless (they can have a little bit of fur) cats look like a mix between Yoda, an alien and a cat, the Sphynx cat is nowhere near ancient. It isn't from Egypt either; the first hairless cat was born in Canada in the 1960s.


What feline mutation shares its name with a monster in Greek mythology?

If you want to check out the purrfect example of a chimera cat, take a glance at Venus the two-faced cat. Her distinctive look is a perfect illustration of this genetic anomaly which happens when a kitty has an extra X chromosome.


Time to go to the swimming hole! What breed of cat would love to take a dip with you?

In addition to swimming, the Turkish van is a high octane cat. They will play with whatever toy suits their needs for hours and thrive in an environment where there are many things to stimulate their constant demand for play.


What cat's coat also shares its name with a pattern used in fashion?

There are two different types of tortoiseshell cats, one with a distinct black and orange coloring, and the dilute tortie with gray and lighter orange coloring. Either way, these fierce felines are sassy and demand rule of the house.


What does it mean when a cat has "airplane ears"?

When cat aficionados say that their kitty has "airplane ears," it means that a kitty's ears are flat against its head, making them look like an airplane's wings. If you see this, the best bet is to give it some space.


Time for din din! What kind of cat food looks like a meaty cube?

If your kitty is looking a little dehydrated, you may be able to sneak some water in through some wet food. Why would this work? Most wild cats rely on their prey for their water needs, which is what a rich pate has plenty of.


No one likes to get clawed up by their cat, but it happens when playing. If a cat swipes you with all of its claws, how many claw scratches are you going to have to clean?

If you ever have a kitty that is destroying furniture, you may want to try getting them a scratching post. One way you can get your cat to start using it is to take a small bit of catnip and rub it on the post, giving it additional incentive.


Just like humans, kitties have hard bones with the exception of this one bone. What bone is it?

Over the centuries, cats have become known as the perfect hunter. One of the reasons is because of its flexible shoulder blades, which allow cats to fall freely as well as squeeze through small places.


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