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Nothing makes for a sweeter Christmas than a stocking full of candy to nibble on! While sugary treats have long been a part of traditional holiday celebrations, today's candy makers offer a variety like never before for those looking to satisfy that Christmas sweet tooth. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the goodies and gum drops that add a little something extra to the holidays!

What's the biggest holiday of the year for candy sales?

It might seem like everyone is obsessed with sweets at Christmas, but it's actually the fourth busiest holiday for candy sales, with Easter leading the pack.


Candy canes date back to the 17th century.

Contrary to rumor, there isn't a shred of evidence that candy canes were invented back in 17th century Germany.


When was the striped candy cane most likely invented?

The first appearance of the striped candy cane in advertisements and pictures isn't until the early 20th century. Before that, people munched on straight white candy sticks, not striped ones with a hook at one end.


When was a machine invented to auto-bend candy canes?

The creation of the Keller machine by Priest Gregory Keller in the early 1950s allowed for accurate and efficient candy cane production.


How many candy canes are made each year?

Candy manufacturers produce 1.76 billion of the peppermint treats annually, with the vast majority of sales occurring during the Christmas season.


How many calories are in a typical candy cane?

A standard one-ounce candy cane contains just 110 calories, making it an ideal sweet treat for those looking to keep calories contained at Christmas.


How many chocolate Santas are sold each year?

Move over Easter Bunny -- candy fans buy an estimated 19 million chocolate Santas each year, including both solid and hollow varieties.


What year did Hershey first wrap kisses in red and green for Christmas?

Hershey's kisses have been lining stockings since 1907, but it wasn't until 1962 that the company started wrapping them in red and green foil to celebrate the season.


How long is the longest candy cane ever made?

In 2012, Chicago chef Alain Roby took the candy cane to new heights when he make a giant peppermint stick measuring 51 feet.


What are the remains left by pooping reindeer stocking stuffers?

Need a gag gift that still satisfies the sweet tooth? Pooping reindeer stocking stuffers deposit delicious jelly beans for those brave enough to eat them.


What shape is Reese's special holiday treat meant to represent?

The Hershey Company faced criticism on social media in 2015 when people complained that its famous peanut butter Christmas trees looked more like indistinguishable lumps than evergreens.


What is the best-selling Christmas candy?

Despite all the excitement over new Christmas creations, Hershey's Kisses remain the best-selling holiday treat as of 2015.


How long can you store bags of Christmas chocolate?

If you find some Christmas candy on clearance after the holidays, you should be able to store it for up to 11 months, as long as you keep it in a cool,dry place.


Boxes of candy canes are good for at least a year.

Got leftover candy canes? You could stick them in storage until next Christmas. Boxes of canes are good for at least a year, and some are good for up to five years. Just keep them clear of their ultimate enemy -- humidity.


Which of these candy cane flavors did the Archie McPhee company introduce for the 2016 season?

Archie McPhee is known for its line of questionable candy cane flavors, which include wasabi, pickles, bacon and even gravy-flavored canes.


What percent of fruitcakes are passed on rather than eaten?

While there's no hard statistic on this frequently re-gifted sweet, some estimates suggest that as many as 38 percent of all fruitcakes received as gifts are passed onto another unlucky recipient.


Fruitcakes only have a shelf life of around 21 days.

A standard fruitcake will last for 60 to 90 days, no refrigeration required.


Fruitcakes date back to the ancient Romans.

The ancient Romans enjoyed fruitcake, but the treat wasn't necessarily associated with Christmas until many centuries later.


What year was Terry's Chocolate Orange created?

The classic Christmas concoction was created in 1931 in York, England and remains a popular stocking stuffer to this day.


When were advent calendars first associated with Christmas?

Candy fans who prefer a daily dose of the sweet stuff should count down to Christmas with an advent calendar. Created by Gerhard Lang in Germany around 1900, the calendars satisfy sweet tooths with a daily dose of chocolate.


In what country do children celebrate Christmas with a sweet called knack?

Swedish children use knack -- a sweet toffee creation -- to decorate the Christmas tree, but the knack isn't traditionally eaten until St. Canute's Day on January 13th.


What type of treat is the Spanish turron?

Turron, a classic holiday treat in Spain and Latin America, consists of various types of flavored nougat.


What flavor is the British humbug?

The black and white striped hard candies are traditionally mint flavored and are popular in Great Britain during the holidays.


Holiday chocolate gifts in the Netherlands often take this form.

Verkade letters -- chocolate forged into the shape of the recipient's initials -- are a popular holiday gift in the Netherlands.


Which of these is commonly used to make marzipan?

The almond and sugar treat is common in Denmark and throughout Europe and can be forged into the shape of stars, animals and other holiday designs.


What country do korova hail from?

Korova -- Russian for little cow -- are small caramel treats enjoyed at Christmas.


The Kinder Surprise egg originated in Germany.

Despite its German-inspired name, the eggs are a product of Italy's Ferrero Company and were created in the early 1970s. Because they contain a small toy within their chocolate walls, they are banned in the U.S., but they remain a holiday favorite in Europe.


What type of nut is at the center of Ferrero Rocher candy?

Ferrero Rocher consists of layers of chocolate wafers wrapped around a simple hazelnut. The candy first came to the U.S. in 1988 and has since become a Christmas staple.


What's the top-selling chocolate gift box for the holidays?

Russell Stover dominates boxed candy sales with its holiday themed variety boxes of chocolate.


Which of these is the best-selling bar-sized candy in the U.S.?

When it comes to bar-sized -- the perfect stocking stuffing -- M&M's top the sales charts, with Reese's nipping at their heels.


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