Quiz: The Common Phrases Quiz
The Common Phrases Quiz
By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

The English language is a funny thing, not only because it's very complicated- just ask the foreigners- but also because we say things that don't make sense while making perfect sense. In which other language can you tell a person to break a limb and they respond with a smile and a thank you? And while we're not sure why or how phrases came to be, we are thankful for their presence, because they do make speaking more fun. 

And we're about to have some fun in this quiz by asking you what some common phrases mean. We'll ask you a question about how a sentence or question should be phrased and it'll be your job to choose the idiom or figure of speech that does just that. We'll talk about breaking legs, costing arms and legs, letting cats go free and spilling some beans. If you can answer enough of our questions to pass this quiz, we'll crown you an English expert. 

So, if you'd like to prove to us that you know your phrases as well as you think you do, it's time to start answering our questions. 

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Of the following, which means to spoil something?
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Which do you think refers to someone making a decision or move?
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Which of these phrases mean to joke with someone?
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Wasting your time is never a good feeling. Which phrase reflects that?
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Which phrase below means to not presume something until it's truly over?
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Can you tell us which phrase drives home the meaning of hard work?
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What must you not do if you want to keep a secret?
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Which of the following actions is said when an unpleasant act must be done?
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Completing more than one task at a time is a great accomplishment. Which phrase coveys that?
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What do you do when you want to cut out the unnecessary details?
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How would you say you're not feeling well?
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Which of the following phrases say that advanced planning yields good results?
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This term also refers to telling a secret. Which is it?
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Which of the following phrases is synonymous with having patience?
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How would you tell someone that something really isn't that difficult?
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Which option is a very strange and somewhat harsh way of saying "good luck"?
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How would you tell someone that they better be careful, or they'll risk your wrath?
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How do you tell someone you have more important things to handle?
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Which of the options below points to something that just cannot be ignored?
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Which phrase is saying that similar people tend to hang out with each other?
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Which of the options is basically saying that having everything your way is not possible?
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Which of these would you say just before giving up on something or someone?
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What would you happily mutter right right before you leave work?
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Which phrase shows that two dissimilar items should not be measured on the same scale?
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How would you say someone is being a bit frosty with you?
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Which phrase is used to describe an initially bad experience which yields great results?
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How would one say that they'll judge you innocent until proven guilty?
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What's a pretty morbid way of saying something is expensive?
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