Quiz: To the Death: The Battle of Stalingrad
To the Death: The Battle of Stalingrad
By: Nathan Chandler
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Hitler despised Communists and was determined to eviscerate their forces at Stalingrad. Do you know how the Soviet forces responded to the Nazi incursion?

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When did the Battle of Stalingrad begin?
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How long did the battle last?
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After the Nazis captured the city, what did Hitler plan to do to males in Stalingrad?
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How did the Soviets evacuate civilians from the city?
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The Battle of Stalingrad was one of the biggest in the history of humankind.
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About how many civilians died in the battle?
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On July 28, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin issued a famous order. What was that order?
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Who launched Operation Uranus?
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Including all of their allies, about how many Axis service members died during the battle?
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The Soviets used only well-trained soldiers to do the fighting at Stalingrad.
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Many Soviet soldiers in Stalingrad attempted to flee the Nazi invasion. How did the Red Army respond to attempted desertion?
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Who conducted Operation Little Saturn?
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What's the meaning of the German word "rattenkrieg"?
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The German forces in Stalingrad were eventually surrounded. How did the Nazis attempt to resupply their stranded army?
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Which German air fleet was tasked with attacking Soviet forces in the city?
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As the Germans pressed farther and farther into the city, how did the Soviets manage to resupply their troops?
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The Soviet 1077th Anti-Aircraft Regiment was mostly made of which people?
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As Germans poured into the city, how did the women of the 1077th Anti-Aircraft Regiment respond?
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Which German army was destroyed during the battle?
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About how many men did the Red Army execute for attempted desertion?
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How many German soldiers died during the battle?
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How many total casualties occurred during the Battle of Stalingrad?
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Who won the Battle of Stalingrad?
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How many Axis military personnel were captured at the battle?
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