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With well over 600 episodes on the books, "The Simpsons" has become one of the longest running shows in TV history. That many episodes means that even the most loyal fans of the show might have trouble keeping track of all the characters introduced on the series. Take our quiz to see how many of these obscure Simpsons characters you remember!

Who runs the local convenience store?

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon manages the Kwik-E-Mart, where Homer frequently stops for donuts, hot dogs and other delicious treats. During the two or three hours a day when Apu is not on the clock, he enjoys spending time with his wife Manjula or caring for his young octuplets.


Who is Springfield's mayor?

It's Diamond Joe Quimby who keeps the trains running on time in Springfield. While Quimby is married to wife Martha, he often spends time with other women -- such as the lovely Miss Springfield -- and has a baby with Cookie Kwan.


Who drives the school bus in Springfield?

Stoner and heavy metal enthusiast Otto Mann drives the school bus in Springfield, despite his terrible driving skills and lack of license.


What kind of creature is Springfield legend Blinky?

When Mr. Burns runs for governor in Season 2, his campaign is cut short when Bart catches a very unusual fish. Dubbed Blinky, the creature has three eyes -- a mutation caused by waste from Burns' own Springfield Nuclear Plant.


This mafia leader first appeared in Season 3.

Marion "Fat Tony" D'Amico first appeared in "Bart the Murderer" during the show's third season. He rules the Springfield underground with the help of his associates, including Legs, Louie, and Johnny Tightlips.


Who is Springfield's one-armed shopkeeper?

Herman Hermann owns Herman's Military Antiques, the perfect place to pick up a miniature A-bomb or bomb shelter. The proprietor is missing an arm, but it's unclear whether he lost the limb while hitchhiking or when he foolishly stuck his arm out of the school bus window.


Who is Reverend Lovejoy's wife?

Reverend Timothy Lovejoy provides spiritual guidance to the good churchgoers of the First Church of Springfield with the help of his wife Helen, who is constantly reminding everyone to please think of the children.


What is the name of Lisa's teacher at Springfield Elementary School?

Miss Hoover teaches Lisa Simpson and the other second grade students at Springfield Elementary. Like many of the other staff at the school, she often relies on cigarettes and alcohol to help her survive until the end of each day.


Whose favorite activity is paddlin'?

Abe Simpson's close buddy Jasper Beardly believes that almost any occasion is the right time for a paddlin'. When he's not swinging his paddle, he can sometimes be found frozen in suspended animation in the freezers at the Kwik-E-Mart.


What is the name of Selma's adopted daughter?

When she finally accepts that she won't be having any children, Marge's sister Selma pretends that Homer is her husband so she can adopt a daughter named Ling from China.


What is the name of Superintendent Chalmers' daughter?

Shauna, who dated both Jimbo Jones and Bart Simpson at various points, happens to also be the daughter of Superintendent Chalmers; or Super Nintendo Chalmers, to Ralph Wiggum.


Who is "Homer's Enemy," from the Season 8 episode?

Frank Grimes -- or Grimey, as he's known to his friends -- is an everyman who comes to work at the Nuclear Plant. He eventually grows so frustrated with Homer's lazy-yet-successful lifestyle that he electrocutes himself in a fit a rage. His son Frank Grimes Jr. later returns to seek revenge on the Simpsons.


Which Springfielder invented hamburger earmuffs?

Professor John Frink is Springfield's resident genius. He runs the local astronomical observatory and dreams up brilliant inventions like a sarcasm detector and hamburger earmuffs. Glavin!


Who is Maggie's biggest rival?

Maggie and Baby Gerald Samson, who is known for his impressive unibrow, are sworn enemies. Despite the fact that neither is able to talk, the feud between the two babies runs deep.


Who is Ned's Vegas wife?

During a drunken night in Vegas, Ned Flanders married cocktail waitress Ginger, despite the fact that he was already married to Maude. Homer tied the knot with Amber that same night, and the two women later travel to Springfield in pursuit of their new husbands.


Who is Homer's favorite exotic dancer?

In the Season 1 episode "Homer's Night Out," Homer is attending co-worker Eugene Fisk's bachelor party when he is caught dancing on stage with belly dancer Princess Kashmir. Unfortunately, Bart is there to capture the action on his spy camera.


Who was Marge's prom date?

Marge attends the prom with the very hands-on Artie Ziff, but ditches him when he refuses to take no for an answer. Artie later gets rich, then offers Marge $1 million to spend the weekend with him. She reluctantly accepts because she needs the money to fix Homer's snoring problem.


Which team hosts Springfield's favorite radio show?

Bill and Marty host their own program over at KBBL. In Season 5, the pair host a contest where the winner can choose between $10,000 and a full-grown elephant. When Bart Simpson wins, he causes problems for Bill and Marty when he chooses the elephant.


Who is Springfield's version of Elvira?

Spooky show host Boobarella is Springfield's Elvora parody -- a rough combination of Barbarella and Vampirella. Homer happens to be watching Boobarella the first time he views a commercial for his favorite sandwich, the Ribwich.


Who is No. 1 on the west side?

Introduced in Season 9, Cookie Kwan is one of Springfield's top real estate agents -- probably because she threatens anyone who dares set foot on her turf over on the west side.


Who asks Homer to bunk with her tonight?

When Homer takes on the role as her manager in "Colonel Homer," country singer Lurleen Lumpkin gets the wrong idea and pens a song called "Bunk with Me Tonight." When Homer rejects her and stays loyal to Marge, Lurleen follows up with "Stand By Your Manager."


What is the name of Springfield's favorite daredevil?

Captain Lance Murdock draws the crowds when he performs his stunts, some of which result in him breaking every bone in his body. Murdock even has his own action figure, which comes complete with an ambulance.


Who is the music teacher at Springfield Elementary School?

Dewey Largo teaches music at Springfield Elementary, typically relying on his love of John Philip Sousa to guide his curriculum. In addition to teaching, Mr. Largo briefly fills in as school groundskeeper, but turns out to be terrible at the job.


Who went broke buying Faberge eggs?

Lisa's favorite jazz musician Bleeding Gums Murphy made it big thanks to the success of his album "Sax on the Beach," then went broke blowing all his money on Faberge eggs.


Who is the Springfield traffic reporter?

It's Arnie Pye with "Arnie in the Sky" on KBBL-TV who directs Springfielders through traffic jams -- when he's not in a spat with anchorman Kent Brockman, that is.


What is the name of Homer's older half-brother?

Before he had Homer, Abe Simpson had a son named Herb with a woman named Gaby. Herb went to Harvard then made a fortune selling cars. He embraces the Simpsons family when they meet, but goes broke after he lets Homer design a car for his company.


What is the name of Cletus' wife?

Cletus and wife/sister Brandine married at age 13 -- it was her fifth trip down the aisle. They have several dozen children, but it's unclear how many actually belong to Cletus.


Who is Krusty's monkey sidekick?

Heavy smoker Mr. Teeny plays Krusty's loyal chimp sidekick on "The Krusty the Clown Show."


Who is Sideshow Bob's younger and equally evil brother?

Cecil Terwilliger steps in to wreak havoc in Springfield when Sideshow Bob is in prison or attempting to live on the right side of the law. The character is voiced by David Hyde Pierce, while Kelsey Grammer voices Bob.


Who is the Simpsons' favorite movie action star?

Movie star Rainier Wolfcastle, who is modeled after Arnold Schwarzenegger, plays in the "McBain" movie series on the show. He is also the star of the "Radioactive Man" movie, which featured Milhouse as Fallout Boy.


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