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Take a group of very different girls, add in one sassy red-haired housemother and you've got "The Facts of Life," an '80s sitcom that perfectly captured the style and flavor of the decade. Take the good, take the bad and take our quiz to see how much you remember about Blair, Jo, Natalie and Tootie!

"The Facts of Life" is a spinoff of this series.

"Diff'rent Strokes" was such a hit when it premiered in 1978 that network management quickly approved a spin-off starring the Drummond's housekeeper Edna Garrett.


Which of the four young stars was not part of Season 1?

Blair, Natalie and Tootie were part of a larger ensemble cast during Season 1. By Season 2, the rest of the ensemble was dropped and Nancy McKeon was brought on to play Jo.


What school does the Mrs. Garrett serve as housemother at?

In "Diff'rent Strokes," Kimberly went to East Lake School. After the pilot episode of "The Facts of Life," the name of the school was changed to Eastland.


How many seasons did "The Facts of Life" run?

The show ran for more than 200 episodes over nine seasons from 1979 to 1988. The show would have continued for a 10th season but several of the stars were ready to move on after Season 9.


Which of the characters was known for wearing roller skates during Season 1?

Kim Fields played young student Tootie, who wore roller skates during much of Season 1 to disguise the fact that she was so much shorter than the other actresses.


Which of the stars had a cousin named Geri?

Blair's cousin Geri often appeared on the show. She was played by comedian Geri Jewell, who had cerebral palsy and was one of the first actresses with the condition to star on a network TV show.


Why are Blair, Jo, Natalie and Tootie forced to live together?

At Jo's urging, the girls steal the school van and end up crashing it. When they are caught, they are forced to live together next to Mrs. Garrett and work in the kitchen to pay for the damages.


After paying off the damages from the van, what do the girls do to get sentenced to share a room once again?

After finally paying off the damages to the van, the girls get into a paint fight and are once more sentenced to live together and work in the cafeteria to pay for the damages.


Which of the girls is adopted?

After learning that Natalie is adopted, Blair tries hard to find her birth mother and stage a reunion between the pair.


What do the girls give Mrs. Garrett for her birthday in Season 2?

The girls gift Mrs. Garrett a shirt -- which Jo stole from a store. When Mrs. Garrett tries to exchange the gift at the store, she gets arrested for shoplifting.


Which of the girls is dating a guy named Eddie?

Jo and Eddie plan to elope to West Virginia early in the series, but they're stopped by Blair and Mrs. Garrett. Though Eddie appears multiple times throughout the series, Jo ultimately ties the knot with another man.


Which of the girls writes for the school newspaper?

Natalie writes for the Eastland school paper and eventually becomes editor. She dreams of becoming a writer or a journalist after graduation.


What college do Blair and Jo attend?

At the start of Season 5, Blair and Jo leave Eastland behind and head for Langley College.


What type of business did Mrs. Garrett start when she quit her job at Eastland?

After leaving Eastland in Season five, Mrs. Garrett started a gourmet food store called Edna's Edibles and hired Jo, Blair, Natalie and Tootie to work for her.


What was the name of the character played by Mackenzie Astin?

Mackenzie Astin played Andy Moffett, a foster child hired as an errand boy at the shop. He was constantly coming up with new and creative ways to make a buck and was eventually adopted by Mrs. Garrett's sister.


What heartthrob played Kevin Metcalf on the show?

Teen dream Ryan Cassidy guest starred on several episodes of "The Facts of Life." He plays Kevin Metcalf, who moves into the attic when Mrs. Garrett is dating his father Ted.


Which of the girls decides to take a year off after high school?

After graduating from Eastland, Natalie turns down an offer from Princeton and takes a year off to travel. She eventually decides to stay close to Eastland and attend Langley College.


What type of store is Over Our Heads?

After losing Edna's Edibles to a fire, the girls and Mrs. Garrett open a trendy gift shop that they name Over Our Heads.


What famous actor played a handyman on the show?

Before he was a mega-star, George Clooney played a handyman named George Burnett on "The Facts of Life."


Who did Mrs. Garrett marry at the start of Season 8?

When Charlotte Rae was ready to leave the show, her character Mrs. Garrett married Dr. Bruce Gaines and moved to Africa.


What was the name of Mrs. Garrett's sister?

When Mrs. Garrett leaves for Africa, her sister Beverly Anne Sickle -- played by Cloris Leachman -- comes to takeover the shop.


Which of the girls is the first to marry?

Jo is the first of the girls to marry when she weds Rick Bonner in Season 9. Blair proposes to her boyfriend Casey around the same time, but he isn't ready to tie the knot.


Where did the girls visit during their first TV movie in 1982?

In the 1982 special "The Facts of Life Goes to Paris," Mrs. Garrett attends a fine French cooking school while the girls attend a program at a boarding school outside of Paris.


Who accompanied the girls to Australia for "The Facts of Life Down Under?"

It was Beverly Ann who took a trip down under with the girls for a 1987 TV movie, where the girls visited Koolunga -- their sister school.


What type of bad guys do the girls run into in Australia?

In "The Facts of Life Down Under," Blair and Jo inadvertently get involved with jewel thieves and pass the jewels onto an unsuspecting Natalie.


Which of the girls ends up being a high-powered lawyer?

In the 2001 "The Facts of Life Reunion," viewers learn that Blair went to law school and now runs a hotel with her husband Tad.


What is Tootie's real name?

In "The Facts of Life Reunion," fans of the show learn that Tootie hosts a talk show called "Waking Up With Dorothy" -- her real name.


What career does Jo pursue after college?

Jo becomes a police officer while Natalie ends up as a producer at CNN.


Eastland closes at the end of the series.

After learning that Eastland has financial trouble, Blair buys the school and steps into Mrs. Garrett's former role as the series ends.


How many spinoffs of "The Facts of Life" were attempted?

Producers attempted six different spinoffs -- all in the form of "backdoor pilots" -- and none were successful. Ideas included a show about Tootie's aunt, a series about an all-boy's school and a show about Blair's life as the housemother at Eastland.


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