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A variety of farm equipment is used to grow, cultivate and produce fruits, vegetables, grains and livestock. This quiz is a compilation of 40 different kinds of farm equipment that are used on a daily basis.

Let's take a look at some types of farm equipment that you may be familiar with. A tractor, for instance, is used to conveniently ride around a field, but can also be attached to things like a seed drill, a cultipacker and a plow. You might also know what a manure spreader is, which is used to evenly spread manure into soil.

Here are a few types of farm equipment that you have probably never heard of. A skid-steer loader has "arms" that are used to lift and move a variety of objects. It can also be attached with trencher attachments and power-driven auger attachments. Another type of farm equipment is a roller (which is also a type of attachment) and is used to "roll out" soil to make it smooth and even. Crops like to grow in soil that is loose, broken down and free of rocks and debris.

So, do you think you know enough about farm equipment to take this quiz? We'll give you the image and a brief description of the farm equipment, and all you have to do is guess what the name of it is! Take this quiz now to see how well you can do!

A honey wagon is also called a ...

A manure spreader is used to spread an even layer of manure on land. Manure is fecal matter that is used to fertilize soil.


This type of farm equipment can reap, thresh and winnow crops. Can you name it?

A combine harvester is used for many types of crops, and is typically long in length. These types of machines are also considered to reduce economic costs associated with labor.


A "back actor" is also called a ...

A backhoe can dig through a variety of soil, and is commonly referred to as a back actor. It's typically used for excavating purposes.


Liquid can be sprayed by using a ________.

A sprayer holds a variety of liquids that are used for spraying crops. Such liquids can be used to kill weeds, pests or grow crops.


Farm goods can be stored and transported in which of these vessels?

A wagon is an easy-to-maneuver vessel that can store and transport a variety of farm goods. Most wagons also have four wheels.


A ________ turns crops into bales.

Crops can turn into bales with the help of a baler, which are very large pieces of farm equipment. A bale is when you "bundle" pieces of crops together.


Which of these pieces of farm equipment is used to make soil more smooth?

A harrow is used to make soil more smooth for crop growth. It's often used after the surface has been "plowed."


A seedbed can be smoothed out by using a ...

A cultipacker is used to smooth out a seedbed, while getting rid of air pockets that may disrupt the growth process of crops. The back of a cultipacker has a set of wheels that gently "rolls" over the surface of soil.


Which of these farm equipment is used to collect cotton?

As its name implies, a cotton picker is used to collect a wide variety of cotton. They are often very large in size and can collect several rows of cotton at a time.


Fertilizer and seeds are spread in an even layer by using a ...

Broadcast spreaders come in various sizes; some are small and can be pushed with a handle, while others are large enough to cover a wide range of space. These are also called broadcast "seeders."


The top layer of soil can be "turned" with the help of a ...

A plow is used to "turn" the top layer of soil. Animals, like horses and mules, used to "plow" through soil, but now modern machines are used.


Fruit trees are harvested by using a ...

A mechanical tree shaker does what its name implies: It's used on trees to harvest the fruits. This is accomplished using a built-in hydraulic cylinder.


Thick grass can be cut with a ______ _______.

A flail mower is used to cut dense and/or thick types of grass. It's also utilized for tall grass, and contains many flails on the underside of the drum.


Which of these farm equipment can be ridden?

A tractor is a commonly used type of farm equipment that can be ridden by a person. It may also be attached to several other types of farm machinery.


This type of machine is used to remove rocks from soil. Can you name it?

A stone picker is used to remove rocks from the soil for efficient crop growth. This type of machine is also called a "rock picker."


A variety of attachments can be used on a ...

A skid-steer loader has "arms" that are used to lift and move a variety of objects. Several attachments can be used on this type of loader, like a trencher attachment and a power-driven auger attachment.


Hay windrows can be formed via a ...

A hay rake is used to create windrows of cut hay. Hay is also continuously "turned over" for a faster drying process.


Crops are cut and bound with the help of a ...

A reaper-binder cuts and binds a variety of crops. This may also be mounted on a tractor, and are considered to be a variation of the reaper.


You can cultivate soil with a ...

A cultivator is used cultivate soil, and may be attached to the back of a tractor. They can also distribute residue in the soil that can ward off weeds.


Drum, riding, brush and sickle-bar are all types of ...

A mower comes in a variety of variations, such as drum, riding, sickle-bar and brush mowers. These may be used for pastures, lawns and hay.


A large amount of grain can be stored in a ...

A grain hopper trailer is primarily used to store and carry a large amount of grains. These can also be attached to a tractor.


Soil can be smoothed out and broken down with the use of a ...

A roller is used for breaking down soil for crop growth. They are typically mounted in front of a tractor and feature long lengths of "rollers."


Windrows are formed via a ________.

A swather is used to create windrows in a field of crops. A windrow is an even layer of cut crops that form a row.


Animal food can be mixed together with the help of a ...

A diet feeder is used to feed a variety of livestock. This machine has paddles and blades inside that help "turn" various types of animal food.


Parallel-bar, rotary and belt are all types of ________.

Rakes can either be hand-held with a single rod, or be attached to a tractor. They come in many variations and are used mainly for hay in a field.


Which of these machines is used to grow hay?

A tedder is used in the production of hay, especially before the windrowing process. Hay can also dry faster with the use of this machine.


A _____ ________ is used to push fenceposts into the ground.

A post pounder is used to push fences into a land/field. This is also called a "post knocker," and is typically made of steel.


Seeds can be sowed with the help of a ...

A seed drill is used to place many seeds into the soil, which is usually measured out to a certain depth. The more evenly the seeds are, the more evenly the crops will grow.


Which of these pieces of farm equipment covers bundles of hay in plastic?

A bale wrapper is used to cover bundles of hay in plastic (these bundles of hay are also known as "bales"). These plastic-covered bales are then used to create silage.


A reaping-hook is better known as a ...

A sickle is a hook-shaped blade that is used for cutting through crops. The handle of a sickle may also be very short in length.


A flat lifter is also called a ...

A subsoiler is used on soil that is deep in the ground for crop growth. The soil also becomes more "loose" from this machine.


Another name for a slant wagon is a ...

A gravity wagon is used to store and carry a variety of crops. Because of its "slanted" shape, crops can be released easily due to gravity.


The process of drying hay can be sped up by using a ...

A hay conditioner is used to dry hay in an even and quick fashion. This is done primarily by crushing the hay into a flat layer.


Root crops can be harvested with a _______.

A hoe is used for a variety of farm aspects, including weed removal and for collecting crops. This tool is also great for clearing and shaping soil.


Seedlings are "transplanted" into soil by the use of a ...

A transplanter is used to disperse seedlings into the soil. Some transplanters are large in size, while some are small enough to be pushed with a handle.


Which of these machines is used to remove potato stems?

Before potatoes can be harvested, their stems have to be removed, which is where a haulm topper comes in. They can also be both front and rear-mounted.


This piece of equipment features a curved blade with a long handle. Can you name it?

A scythe features a long, curved blade with a long handle. It's also used for cultivating a variety of hay and crops, especially before machines were invented.


Bales can be carried via a ...

A bale lifter is used to carry and transport a variety of heavy bales. A bale is a large bundle of hay that is tightly wrapped together.


A grain cart is also referred to as a ...

A chaser bin has a screw conveyor built in that is used to carry and move grains. These types of machines may also be attached to a tractor.


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