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He's the speedster who can outrun just about every being in the universe. How much do you know about The Flash?

The original Flash gained his superpowers through exposure to what?

Inhaling the fumes gave him incredible abilities.


The Flash comic books were initially published by which company?

The publisher has been creating comics for more than eight decades.


During the Silver Age era, Flash was said to be faster than what?

Depending on who is doing the thinking, this may not be all that impressive.


What is Flash's superpower?

His quickness defies the laws of physics.


Which version of Flash is considered to be the fastest?

He was said to be fast enough to outrun death.


What freak act of nature contributes to Barry Allen's development of superpowers?

The bolt blows up a cabinet full of chemicals that douse Allen and eventually grant him superpowers.


Which character was the first Flash?

He was a college student; a lab accident gave him his special powers.


Jay Garrick's new superpowers helped him excel at which sport?

His gridiron feats, however, eventually took a back seat to greater objectives.


Which is NOT one of Flash's nicknames?

He's also been called "The Scarlet Speedster."


Which version of Flash started many issues by saying, "I’m the fastest man alive?"

West was the third incarnation of Flash.


The wings on the side of Flash's head are a tribute to which Roman god?

As you probably guessed, Mercury's speed was legendary.


In which year did Flash make his comic book debut?

Flash is one of the oldest comic book heroes.


What was the name of the version of Flash found on Earth-D?

He appears in only one issue and dies fighting for the Justice Alliance.


How did Iris West figure out Barry Allen's secret superhero identity?

But she kept his secret and didn't say a word until he finally told her.


What was the name of the evil version of Flash?

His greed and ambition ruined him.


Who murders Iris West?

He is sometimes called "Reverse-Flash."


For how long was the Flash dormant following the Golden Age of comics?

After nearly a decade of gathering dust, the character made a triumphant return in 1956.


Which superhero is a descendant of the Flash?

Green Lightning's name was Ali-Rayner West, making her a relative of Wally West.


Barry Allen is put on trial for killing which character?

He breaks Zoom's neck for attempting to kill his fiancée.


Who does Flash famously race in a 1967 comic?

It was the first of several races between the two lauded heroes.


How does the cable TV version of Flash gain his superpowers?

He awakens from a coma with his newfound abilities.


What is the name of Wally West's significant other?

She's featured prominently throughout the Flash saga.


In the TV show, how long is Barry Allen in a coma before he regains consciousness?

His long nap pays huge dividends in terms of physical speed.


Which artist was the first to draw Flash?

Lampert also created Droopy the Drew Field Mosquito.


Where are most of the scenes for "The Flash" cable series shot?

The show has also done location shooting in Portland.


In the TV show, what is Iris West's profession?

Her character is played by actress Candice Patton.


The creators of cable TV's "The Flash" also created which other comics-based show?

Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti worked hard to make "Arrow" successful, too.


For which city department does Barry Allen work?

He works in forensic science.


The cable TV version of "The Flash" takes place in which fictional city?

Central City was Flash's home starting in the Silver Age of comic books.


What award did the cable TV show win in 2015?

Grant Gustin won the award for his portrayal of Flash.


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