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Don't get lost. Take this "Gilligan's Island" quiz and test your castaway knowledge.

Here's a blast from the past! "Gilligan's Island" was a sitcom that ran from September 26, 1964 to April 17, 1967, although it seems like it ran longer. The show ran for three seasons and a total of 98 episodes, 99 if you count the pilot. The show ran in black and white in 1964 and 1965 9the first season) and in color for the remainder of the show. But, whether the castaway's adventures were in black and white or color, the show was entertaining and engaging. Viewers couldn't wait for the next week's episode.

The show was about the SS Minnow, but you knew that. You probably also know that the Skipper, played by Alan Hale Jr., and First Mate Gilligan, played by Bob Denver, tried their best to keep the Minnow from running aground on an uncharted island, but thank goodness that bit of land was there or they all would have drowned. Of course, since the island was uncharted, rescuers would never know where to find them... at least for three years. Still, even after all that time, the castaways were in good shape because of their diverse talents of finding food, making shelter, and developing technology well enough to survive.

If you think you know all there is to know about "Gilligan's Island," take this quiz now.

How did The Skipper affectionately address Gilligan?

Skipper would call Gilligan “Little Buddy”.


What was the name of The Skipper’s boat?

The SS Minnow is the The Skipper's boat.


Bamboo-made items where often featured on the show. Which of these is an example?

Other great inventions included a washing machine and a battery charger.


Gilligan’s Island aired between September 26, 1964 and April 17, 1967, what interesting changes happened during the airing of the entire series?

The first season was filmed in black and white. The second and third season were filmed in color.


What is Gilligan’s full name?

Gilligan’s full name was never said in the TV series. He was simply known as “Gilligan”.


What foods did the castaways subsist on?

Fish and coconut cream pies were staples for the castaways. They also had citrus fruit and fresh water available.


The pilot episode, titled "Marooned", was filmed in November 1963, although it aired later. What happened during filming that the cast and crew will never forget?

On November 22, the day of the John F. Kennedy assassination, filming continued despite the shocking news.


One more easy one: which answer is NOT correct:

Only Russell Johnson, as The Professor, had the intelligence to help the castaways survive (but not get off the island).


As Thurston Howell III, Jim Backus used some of the voice inflections and mannerisms of another role he played. What role was that?

Jim Backus reused some of the voice inflections and mannerisms of Mr. Magoo.


Which one of these statements about the Professor is true?

The Professor was in fact a high school science teacher, not a university professor.


Who was offered the role of Gilligan first?

Jerry Van Dyke was first offered the role as Gilligan but turned it down. Too bad; he could have been an American cultural icon.


Last question, where did the castaways end up in the final episode?

The show was cancelled at practically the last minute, so the writers did not know that they had written the final episode in the third season. Hence, the castaways never made it home.


When frustrated, what did the Captain use to hit Gilligan?

In moments of exasperation, the Skipper would swat Gilligan on the head with his cap.


We’ll start out easy. Which answer is NOT correct:

The beautiful Ginger was played by Tina Louise.


Tina Louise, who played Ginger, was the only cast member who refused to return for any of the post-series TV movies. What was the cause of the conflict between her and producer Sherwood Schwartz?

Louise clashed with producer Sherwood Schwartz because of all of the above.


From what location did the “three-hour tour” leave?

According to fans, most of the clues within three of the TV shows pointed to Honolulu, Hawaii, however in one episode, "Big Man On Little Stick," the clues point to Acapulco. In this quiz, the majority rules.


And now the big debate, Ginger or Mary Ann? One way to answer this is: who got the most fan mail?

According to Bob Denver in a 2001 interview, Mary Ann had more fan mail than Ginger by a more than 2 to 1 ratio.


Everyone knows the Gilligan’s Island theme song, right? Which of these is NOT part of the lyrics to the song:

“To make the others comfortable, in a way that they do best” is incorrect lyric. The correct lyric is “To make the others comfortable, in the tropic island nest."


Three of the seven castaways are plagued by evil twins. Who are they?

Gilligan, Ginger and Mr. Howell all had doubles show up on the island, wreak havoc and leave the island without rescuing the others.


Which of the spin-offs used the voices of the original castaways, at least most of them?

For the New Adventures of Gilligan, the voices were done by the original cast except for Ginger and Mary Ann (both were voiced by Jane Webb). Gilligan’s Planet used the voices of the original Gilligan's Island cast, except for Tina Louise (Dawn Wells voiced both Mary Ann and Ginger).


Where did the character Mary Ann grow up?

Mary Ann was a simple farm girl from Winfield, Kansas.


There were three spin-offs of the show. Which of these is one of them?

All of the above are spinoffs of the popular TV series.


One of the many themes that ran through the series included strangers appearing on the island and getting back home without rescuing the others. Which one of these characters was discovered by the castaways?

In :Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy," featuring a young Kurt Russell, lil’ Tarzan gets off the island but no one else does.


Gilligan’s Island enjoyed solid ratings during its original run, but then what happened during the following decades of syndication?

Gilligan’s Island grew in popularity during syndication, especially when the show aired after school hours.


As the saying goes, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Are you aware of all the clones and parodies there have been of Gilligan’s Island? If so, which of these sound familiar?

Gilligan’s Island: The Musical was first produced in the early 1990’s. Since 2001, after extensive revisions, it has been seen at various theaters across the U.S.


Which of these is NOT the title of a Gilligan’s Island sequel?

Gilligan’s Island was popular even when made into spin-offs and film sequels.


In the 1966-67 season, the sitcom’s rating had fallen out of the top 30. What show aired at the same time on another channel, pushing down its popularity?

The Monkees aired at the same time on NBC.


Which of these is another example of the show's inventiveness?

Still more inventions: a lie detector machine, a roulette wheel, and a pool table!


The castaways called him “Captain” and “Skipper,” but what was his real name?

The Skipper is lovable but is irritated continually by the clumsiness and ineptitude of his "little buddy" Gilligan.


The actress who played Mrs. Howell had some quirks. What was one of them?

The actress who played Mrs. Howell had it written into her contract that there were to be no close-ups of her.


Although the series entertained so many, there are always a few people who had issues with it. Which of these are true?

The United States Coast Guard occasionally received telegrams pleading for them to rescue the people on the deserted island. The Coast Guard would simply forward these telegrams to producer Sherwood Schwartz.


Although it seemed as if they were shipwrecked forever, how many episodes of Gilligan’s Island were aired?

98 episodes aired during the three seasons of the show.


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