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"Gilmore Girls" is a cult classic, with a mom and a daughter as close as can be (for at least most of the show). Since Lorelai gave birth to Rory at such a young age, her world was kind of turned upside down. It was not the life that her parents had planned for her, and they were not necessarily thrilled with her choices, even though they love their granddaughter very much.

So much happened during the seven seasons and revival on Netflix. Rory went through boyfriends, heartbreak, triumph and a few identity crises. It can be hard to keep track of them all, but the most loyal watchers will remember every twist and turn "Gilmore Girls" took.

Think you remember Rory's first boyfriend's name? Or Sookie's firstborn's name? There were so many pivotal characters in "Gilmore Girls," each with their own storylines and factoids, that it can be hard to keep track. This challenge will make you rack your brain for things you probably haven't thought about in a while, but you will be so happy to revisit. And no cheating! Wait until after you take this trivia quiz to rewatch every season of "Gilmore Girls."

Think you can still pass this challenge? Take this quiz to test your "Gilmore Girls" knowledge!

Who sings the "Gilmore Girls" theme song?

The song wasn't written for "Gilmore Girls," but revamped from Carole King's 1971 album "Tapestry" for the show in 2000. The song "Where You Lead" was co-written by Toni Stern, and they were approached by Amy Sherman-Palladino about using the song for the show's theme.

What is the name of the private school Rory attends?

In the first episode, Rory finds out she's been accepted to Chilton, a private school that will increase her chances of getting into Harvard. While excited, she is hesitant to go after she meets a boy she likes at her old high school.

What song is playing in the beginning scene of the pilot episode?

When the show opens, we see Stars Hollow, cars and a kid on a skateboard. We also hear "There She Goes" playing as the camera pans around town. The first version of the song was released in 1988.

What are the first words in the pilot episode?

It becomes a common theme throughout the show that Luke gives Lorelai a hard time about how much coffee she and Rory drink. It's that witty banter that made people fall in love with the show.

What is the name of the inn where Lorelai works in the early seasons?

Lorelai sought refuge at The Independence Inn right after she had Rory. It became their home, and Lorelai worked in housekeeping before ultimately becoming the manager. Sookie is the talented chef at the inn.

What day of the week is dinner with the grandparents on?

Before they would agree to pay the Chilton tuition for Rory, Emily and Richard had one condition: dinner every Friday at their house. This is when we learn so much about Lorelai and her tough relationship with her parents.

What is Rory's dad's name?

Christopher Hayden was Lorelai's high school love and Rory's father. Their parents wanted them to get married, but the kids wouldn't hear of it and ultimately went their separate ways romantically. At least for a while.

What is the Gilmores' neighbor's name?

Babette Dell lives next door to the Gilmore Girls with her husband Morey. She frequently drops by to talk about her cat going missing or hiding under the porch. She and Miss Patty are quite the gossiping friends, too!

What is the name of Rory's first boyfriend?

We meat Dean Forester briefly in the very first episode. Rory takes a liking to him, and he reciprocates, but it takes a bit for their relationship to kick off. Cornstarch, anyone?

What is the name of Sookie's trusty produce guy?

The love/hate relationship between Sookie and Jackson is strong. He doesn't always have the produce she needs, but he hates when she gets it elsewhere. Nevertheless, their romance grows into something more serious.

Who is Rory's arch enemy when she first starts at Chilton?

Paris first enters the show teasing Rory about a bad grade, if that's any indication of their early relationship. Who would have ever thought that they would become best friends? Paris dreams of going to Harvard.

What dish did a food critic call "perfectly fine"?

In an otherwise raving review, the food critic passed over Sookie's famous risotto by calling it "perfectly fine." Sookie cannot get this out of her head and goes to the critic's house to make him try the risotto again, but this time with a different wine to see if that changes his opinion.

What does Lorelai have a keen sense of smell for?

On many occasions, we hear Lorelai say that she can smell snow. She thinks it's a sign of good things to come and that nothing bad can happen when it snows. Maybe that's why she loves coffee - to offset that winter chill.

What prompts Rory and Lorelai's road trip in season 2?

It wasn't clear at first what happened between Max and Lorelai, as everything was seemingly going great. But Lorelai just can't commit, so she and Rory hit the road for an unplanned trip with no destination in mind.

What is the name of the bed and breakfast where Rory and Lorelai stay on their road trip?

Lorelai thinks that her friend still owns the B&B, but they arrive to a much different story. The Cheshire Cat has themed rooms and almost hourly activities that the guests love to participate in. Even Rory and Lorelai get involved when there are scones.

What is Luke's sister's name?

Liz is Jess' mother and Luke's sister. She is a free-spirited sibling, coming to town unexpectedly and staying for who knows how long each time. She relies on Luke to look after Jess, though, when he gets a little out of control.

What news does Christopher tell Lorelai on the day of Sookie's wedding?

After spending the night together, Lorelai starts thinking more long term with Christopher. He is her date to Sookie's wedding, but when things start getting real, he has to tell Lorelai that his girlfriend is pregnant. Needless to say, that changes things quite a bit.

How does Rory break her arm?

Jess was driving Rory's car when there was a little accident that landed Rory in the hospital with a broken arm. It caused some tension between Luke and Lorelai, as she lashed out and blamed Jess and Luke for Rory ending up in the hospital.

What's the name of the Chilton school newspaper?

Rory begins writing for "The Franklin" and reports on things like student elections. Paris eventually becomes editor of the paper, and she tries to give Rory all the worst assignments.

What does Lorelai decide to name her twins in her dream?

Lorelai awakens to a bunch of alarms going off and tells someone in the distance that they're hilarious. We find out that it's Luke in the kitchen, and as he's saying goodbye for the day, he says goodbye to Lorelai's stomach and acknowledges their twins. We then see Lorelai wake up from the dream.

Who is Doose's Market named after?

The self-important Taylor Doose is kind of a thorn in everyone's side. He owns the grocery store and eventually an old fashioned ice cream parlor. He's a stickler for rules and loves protocol.

Who are Tookie Clothespin and Squeegee Beckenheim?

In an effort to see what catalogs retailers sell her name to, Lorelai gives a fake name to cashiers. However, in one store, she forgets the name she uses, Squeegee Beckenheim, so she makes up a new one, Tookie Clothespin. As a result, she ends up with even more catalogs.

How many Thanksgivings do Rory and Lorelai attend in "A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving"?

The Gilmore girls are expected at four different Thanksgiving dinners! The Kims, the grandparents, Sookie and Luke are all anticipating the girls being at their Thanksgiving celebrations. That's a lot of food, but if you know anything about the Gilmore girls, you know they can handle it.

What causes Rory and Lorelai to not speak for over an entire season?

After getting some unsavory advice from Mr. Huntzberger, Rory is convinced that she doesn't have what it takes to be a journalist. She decides to drop out of Yale, move in with her grandparents and join the DAR with her grandmother. Lorelai doesn't approve of these choices, and they barely speak for quite a while.

What does Sherry name her baby with Christopher?

When Lorelai finds out what Sherry named the baby, she can't help but feel like she copied her. Whether she actually did, or Lorelai is still a bit sour about the baby thing, you have to admit, it does sound familiar.

What big event happens during the Festival of Living Art?

Sookie is a week late and gives Lorelai a beeper that will go off when Sookie is close to giving birth. Lorelai lands a coveted role, and Taylor is worried she won't be able to pull it off. When the beeper goes off, Lorelai has to remain perfectly still until the curtain drops, then she can run to be with Sookie.

Who does Rory drunk dial during spring break?

While on spring break, Rory has a little too much to drink while hanging out with Paris and the girls from Chilton, and one of them ends up dialing Dean's phone number. She insists they're still just friends, even though he is married.

What is the name of the secret society Rory becomes a part of at Yale?

Rory starts investigating the Life and Death Brigade for the Yale newspaper. She has an inside source, who turns out to be Logan, and she gets caught up in all of the stunts and activities of the society.

What is Luke's daughter's name?

Luke finds out he has a daughter in season 6, right after Rory and Lorelai reconcile. He keeps it from Lorelai for a while, and, not surprisingly, she's not too pleased when she finds out.

What is Logan's nickname for Rory?

Logan calls Rory "Ace," as in "ace reporter," because she wants to be a journalist and she writes for the school newspaper. He calls her Ace 88 times to be exact, and it really is a compliment and term of endearment for the two.

What does Lorelai name her dog?

After feeling like an empty nester, Lorelai gets a dog. She names it Paul Anka, after the Canadian singer. The Polish Lowland Sheepdog even makes an appearance in the revival.

What is the revival called?

The revival of "Gilmore Girls" premiered on Netflix in 2016. It showed the Gilmore Girls' lives in each season of one year. It gave loyal "Gilmore Girls" fans the updates they were craving and left us with a cliffhanger that might never get resolved.

What happens at the end of "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life"?

Throughout the revival, we see Rory living her best life and hooking up with a few different people. This results in a pregnancy, and fans are left guessing who the father is.

What is the name of Kirk's new business in "A Year in the Life"?

Kirk doesn't have an app for Öööber, so you have to call his mom and then she'll tell Kirk and then he'll find a car and come pick you up. Lorelai couldn't get through to him that it was the same thing as Uber.

What does Rory take up for stress management?

When Lorelai wakes up from a recurring dream, she hears incessant tapping. When she goes to investigate, she sees Rory tap dancing in the kitchen. Rory explains that she started doing it when she can't sleep to clear her mind.

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