Quiz: The Gipper and More: U.S. President Nicknames
The Gipper and More: U.S. President Nicknames
By: Nathan Chandler
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Politicians are nickname magnets -- their prominence in society makes them targets for alternative monikers, sometimes respectful, sometimes ... not so much. Presidents are no exception. How much do you know about nicknames for U.S. Presidents?

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Which president was sometimes called "Unconditional Surrender"?
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Why was Chester Arthur sometimes called "Dude President"?
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Which president was "American Fabius"?
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Which president's nickname became a huge part of his campaign marketing?
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Who was "The Teflon President"?
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Why was Abraham Lincoln sometimes called "The Ancient One"?
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How did Theodore Roosevelt feel about the nickname "Teddy"?
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Why was James Monroe called "Last of the Cocked Hats"?
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Who was "Ten-Cent Jimmy"?
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For being cold and impersonal, what was Benjamin Harrison's nickname?
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What nickname did John Adams wind up with after offering this line during one of his speeches: "Sink or swim, survive or perish with my country, is my unalterable determination."
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Who was "Sir Veto" because of his frequent use of presidential veto powers?
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Why was Grover Cleveland called "Uncle Jumbo"?
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Which president was called "The Phrasemaker" because he wrote his own well-crafted speeches?
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Franklin Roosevelt was called "The Sphinx" for his silence on which issue?
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Who was "Grand Wrestler," known for his feats on the mat?
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Which of the following was NOT one of Andrew Jackson's nicknames?
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Why was Thomas Jefferson called "Long Tom"?
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Who was "Old Rough and Ready"?
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Lyndon Johnson frequently walked around the White House turning off the lights. This act earned him which nickname?
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Teddy Roosevelt was also known as what?
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Why was Benjamin Harrison called "Grandfather's Hat"?
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Who was "Mr. Nice Guy"?
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Which of the following was NOT one of Martin Van Buren's many nicknames?
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Herbert Hoover was called "The Great Engineer." He was actually an engineer.
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Who was "His Accidency," the vice president who became president due to the president's death?
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What issue earned William McKinley his "Wobbly Willie" nickname?
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Why was Calvin Coolidge called "Silent Cal"?
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