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"It's a show about nothing." But, who's going to watch that? Well, apparently everybody. "Seinfeld" was an instant hit from its release in 1989 to its finale in 1998, and it is considered to be one of the funniest and influential sitcoms that ever hit the TV screen. But, how much do you really know about the main character, Jerry Seinfeld? While you may still sit back and watch countless reruns, there's a good chance you won't be able to finish this quiz without giggling. 

This quiz will test you in ways you can't imagine, and we assure you, all these questions... "They're definitely real... and they're amazing"... from Jerry's favorite superhero to the name of his dentist. Hopefully, you're not eating Jerry's favorite cereal when you take this quiz, or else you might choke and vomit all over the place. By the way, can you recall the last time Jerry upchucked a cookie? 

"Seinfeld" reads like the book, "War, What Is it Good For." It has its ups, its downs and its complete fiction. It's been over twenty years since Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer graced "Seinfeld." How much could you possibly remember? So, "Yadda, yadda, yadda," give it a try, you might surprise yourself!

What is Jerry's Dad’s name?

The late Bernie Martin, who died in 2005.


What was the name of Jerry’s dentist?

According to Jerry, he converted for the humor of the Jews.


Who gives Jerry unbearable body odor?

Valets play a significant role in both Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm.


Who is Jerry’s favorite Superhero?

Superman was a TV show after a comic, starring George Reeves.


What book did Jerry call “War, what is it good for”?

War and Peace is considered one of the classics of all time in the literary world.


When Jerry was casting for the part of Kramer, what did Kramer steal?

Tom Pepper is the actor hired to play Cosmo Kramer in the pilot of Jerry. He astonishes the crew with his resemblance to Kramer.


What is the name of the virgin who went out with Jerry?

The role of Marla was played by Jane Leeves, an English actress.


When staying at Kramer’s, who does Jerry call?

He is never seen in any of the episodes, but through Cosmo Kramer's accounts, he is the source of bizarre anecdotes, and is known to frequently give esoteric information and harebrained ideas.


What is Jerry’s father’s favorite TV show?

She was played by Lucy Lawless.


What’s the name of the condo where Jerry’s parents reside?

People from NYC who stayed in Florida just for the winter were are called “snowbirds.”


What did Jerry drop in the toilet?

Larry David has consistently use “hygiene” as a basis for humor in his shows.


What car did Jerry once drive?

It was a Saab 900


What movie did Kramer see that made him tell Jerry to pull the plug if he were ever in a coma?

This is a fictional movie, along with others cited in Seinfeld.


What did Jerry want to bring on the Charles Grodin show?

Grodin starred in the original Heartbreak Kid.


When George and Jerry try to interest the Japanese in their idea of a sitcom, they gave them what fruit?

Pitching sitcoms was an element in the early episodes of the show.


What edifice was involved in Je Mayo’s Party?

At the party, Jerry was given the job of telling the guest not to tap the glass of the aquarium.


What was the real name of Monks?

This restaurant really existed in NYC.


Who was responsible for the phrase “yada yada yada”?

When Julia Louis Dreyfuss hosted Saturday night live, she did a sketch based on yada yada yada with Larry David.


What phrase did Crazy Joe Divola scream at Jerry?

Divola is noted for stalking, Jerry, for whom he developed a pathological hatred.


How much money did Jerry win when Kramer bet on a basketball game with Mike?

Mike is the guy who calls Jerry a phony.


Where did Jerry go to high school?

Jerry also attended that high school.


When was the last time Jerry threw up before he upchucked the cookie?

It was a black-and-white cookie that caused the upheaval.


How much money did Jerry give Elaine for her birthday?

It was double the amount George gave Elaine for her birthday.


What size pants does Jerry wear?

Jerry actually scratches off the real number so he claims to wear 31, and he’s certainly skinny enough to pull it off.


How much were the two cable installers going to charge Jerry?

These were illegal cable installers.


What was the name of Jerry’s gym teacher in high school?

The teacher is the one who started the race with Jerry’s bitter rival.


What publisher put Jerry’s parents up at the Plaza Hotel?

They unwittingly put up Jerry’s parents while giving Elaine a job interview.


What’s the name of the dog that Jerry watches for a passenger?

The passenger was a sick airline traveler.


On what floor did Jerry live in his apartment building?

It was Apartment 5A.


What was the name of the book that Jerry had that was overdue at the library:

It’s a funny bit because the book is noted for its graphic sex.


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