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During this quiz, we are going to travel down the junk food aisle of your mind. As we go along, we are going to try to figure out how many different junk foods you can identify from one single photo. Out of 40, how many do you think you'll know? Keep that number in mind as you answer our questions, and see if you can outdo yourself! 

From Doritos to Fudge Rounds, there is no short supply of delicious, caloric and flavorful junk foods. Even if you are a strict and healthy eater, you will probably be able to identify more of them than you think. In fact, if you can't identify a few of the old standard junk foods, we will be a little concerned that you live under a rock and might need some assistance. 

Whether you are a true lover of junk food like most of the writing team here in the office or you only know what they are in order to avoid them, we believe that your knowledge of sweet and salty treats runs deeper than you think. Take a look at each photo and choose the food you think you see. Are you a junk food pro or could you stand to live a little? Find out!

What's the name of this corny junk food?

In 1932, the Fritos recipe was purchased by a San Antonio, Texas, company. They were originally made by hand, using equipment that was also purchased from the Fritos creator.

What is the name of this chewy treat?

Currently manufactured in Kentucky, Airheads first entered production in 1985. Since then, the tangy, taffy-like treat has become widely available across the United States.

What is the name of this spongy junk food?

In 1930, a baker named James Dewar invented the Twinkies recipe, now manufactured by Hostess. A public outcry saw the banana cream flavor return to the market periodically, including in 2007 and 2011.

Can you name this junk food?

Although no one can actually agree on the birthplace of the french fry, there's no doubt that it's a favorite all over the world. No matter how you slice and fry the potatoes, you can find them in some version in most cultures.

What is the name of this stuffed junk food?

First produced in the '70s, Combos can come with a pretzel, a cracker, or a tortilla shell. Most of these stuffed tubes are sold in gas stations.

What is the name of this sweet treat?

Ho Hos were invented by a San Francisco bakery in 1967. Although they have often been imitated, Ho Hos are the standard for chocolate cake roll treats.

What is the name of this snack?

One of the oldest junk foods on our list, the pretzel dates back over 1,400 years! They are thought to have originated in Europe during the Early Middle Ages, when they were crafted by monks.

What is the name of this crunchy junk food?

Originally called Olin's Brown Jug Toasted Corn, Corn Nuts were first sold in 1936. They were sold to tavern owners looking for a way to get something in their patrons' stomachs besides alcohol.

What is the name of this junk food?

In 1971, Goodmark Foods released Andy Capp's Hot Fries, resembling french fries. The crunchy snack food's bag was adorned with the comic strip character Andy Capp's name and likeness.

What is this squishy junk food called?

Introduced by a Russian immigrant, Sam Born, Peeps were originally shaped by hand. Since 1953, they have been filling holiday baskets full of chick-like happiness.

What is the name of this popular junk food?

Created in 1923 by Frank Mars, the Milky Way was named for both the galaxy and malted milk drinks. The Milky Way bar goes down in history as the first filled candy bar.

What is the name of this junk food?

In 1929, the Slim Jim was invented in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was not turned over to a meatpacker for mass production until the early 1940s.

What is this crunchy junk food called?

Also called cracklins, pork rinds trace all the way back to the West Midlands in England. Although most associated with the American South and Cajun country, pork rinds are now available on most store shelves.

What is this pink junk food called?

Since 1947, Sno Balls have been a popular junk food, manufactured by the Hostess company. They attribute Sno Balls' success to the wartime effort to ration sugar and flour.

What is the name of this junk food?

Ding Dongs were not named for their taste, they were named as part of a marketing campaign that featured a ringing bell. They have been produced since 1967.

What is the name of this chewy junk food?

Gummy Bears were invented in Germany in 1922. Originally called Dancing Bear Treats, Gummy Bears are often called Jelly Babies in other countries.

What is the name of this fancy junk food?

Manufactured by Topps, Ring Pops are formed on a plastic ring base. They were first introduced in 1979.

What is the name of this junk food?

Chex breakfast cereal was introduced in 1937, and party mix recipes first appeared in magazines in the 1950s. However, it wasn't until 1985 that the bags full of mixed treats we know today were put on the market.

What is the name of this sweet junk food?

Introduced to grocery store shelves in 1960, Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies are a popular treat. With their brightly colored sparkles and individual wrapping, they are perfect for snackers on the move.

What is the name of this crunchy junk food?

Founded in 1978, Kettle Chips have made a name for themselves in the potato chip market. Although they taste similar to normal potato chips, they are cut thicker and they're seasoned with premium ingredients.

What are these little treats called?

Manufactured by the Hostess company, Donettes are a bag full of small donut treats. Available in several flavors, the latest release of Devil's Food was chosen by the public.

What is this delicious junk food called?

Available in boxes of multiples or sold as a larger singles version, Fudge Rounds have been a hit for Little Debbie for over 40 years. With their chocolatey filled center, they have a taste all their own.

What is the name of this cookie?

Originally called the Oreo Biscuit, Oreos were trademarked in 1912. These days, you can find many different varieties, including a cereal called Oreo Os.

What is the name of this thirst-quenching drink?

Invented in Texas, Dr. Pepper dates all the way back to 1855. It was originally only sold as a soda fountain drink.

What is the name of this colorful junk food?

Cheetos were the invention of the same Texan who created the Fritos company, Charles Elmer Doolin. With their addictive crunch, Cheetos had a humble beginning in a test kitchen.

What name would you give this treat?

Contrary to popular belief, the first flavor of Doritos introduced to the market was Taco. The popular Nacho Cheese variety wasn't introduced until 1974.

What is this junk food named?

Created by a German sweets maker on Staten Island, Vanilla Wafers officially began commercial production in 1898. They are often used as the base of an American dessert called banana pudding. Since 1967, the cookies have been marketed as Nilla Wafers.

What is the name of this old favorite?

Originally produced in 1916, the MoonPie is manufactured by the Chattanooga Bakery in Tennessee. The traditional MoonPie should be no more than 4 inches in diameter.

What is the name of this popular candy bar?

Created in 1930, the Snickers bar has an interesting namesake. It was named after the favorite horse in the Mars family - the producer of the Snickers bar.

What is the name of this irresistible junk food?

Rice Krispie Treats were created in the Home Economics department of the Kellogg Company in 1939. They were created for a charity fundraiser for the Camp Fire Girls.

What is the name of this sugary drink?

Orange Crush was invented all the way back in 1911. It was created by a Canadian chemist, and it is now manufactured by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Company.

What is the name of this old-time treat?

Made from a marshmallow base, Circus Peanuts date all the way back to the 1800s. Although you can buy them in many colors today, they were originally the orange hue they are associated with.

What is the name of this cookie?

Chips Ahoy's clever name has been used since the cookie's creation in 1963. Today they're available in flavored thins and with rainbow chips.

What is the name of this tasty treat?

Originally created in Ohio, Fig Newtons were mass marketed by the Nabisco Company in 1910. Fig Newtons are comprised of an outer pastry shell and filled with a fig paste.

What is the name of this popular junk food?

Ritz Crackers are easily identified by their scalloped edges. They were created and introduced in 1934 by the Nabisco Company.

What is this junk food's name?

Since 1932, Lay's Potato Chips have been a standard and a staple in junk food. Inventor Herman Lay traveled across portions of the United States and sold the treats out of the back of his car.

What is the name of this sweet treat?

In 1942, Pixy Stix were invented in St. Louis, Missouri. The inspiration came from a drink mix called the Fruzola Jr.

What is the name of this cookie?

Introduced to the public in 1969, Nutter Butters are made by the Nabisco Company. They are easily recognized by their unique peanut shape.

What is the name of this junk food?

Named after their appearance, Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies are shortbread rounds with 100% cocoa stripes. They are, of course, made by elves and we cannot tell you any more information.

What is the name of this handy snack?

Almond Joy bars were first released in 1946. They were set as replacements for a similar candy called the Dream Bar.

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