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From the minute we meet someone we see as a potential love interest, the first kiss is on our mind. So many things depend on that first kiss. It either makes or breaks the magic. You anticipate it, you imagine how wonderful it would be, and when it finally happens, it’s either everything you could dream of or a first sign of not being compatible with that person. Sure, kissing is fun, and yes, it feels amazing. But did you know that the way you kiss and express yourself through kissing says a lot about your personality?

Some people base their relationships on lust, while others prefer to base them on love and companionship. While many folks only care about lustful, passionate kisses, others prefer tenderness and softness in their kisses. Do you only kiss when the feelings are deep and meaningful or do you see kissing as something that’s pure fun? Are you aware of all the amazing personality treats the way you kiss reveals? Take this quiz to find out what’s your kiss personality and how the people around you perceive you. You might be surprised by the results!

What is the best place for a first kiss?

If you had to choose between these four types of kisses, which one would be your favorite?

When is the perfect time for the first kiss with someone new?

How confident are you when it comes to your kissing abilities and techniques?

How would you rate your kissing abilities 1/5?

How do you feel about French kissing on the first date?

How often do you like kissing?

How much do you actually like kissing?

Would you ever kiss someone you don’t have feelings for?

Have you ever kissed an ex?

How do you feel about romantic gestures?

Can a hug feel better than a kiss?

Have you ever kissed in the rain? Would you like to?

What is your favorite movie kiss out of these four?

Would you kiss and tell?

When you think of the color red, what crosses your mind?

In your opinion, which lipstick color is the most attractive?

Imagine holding hands with your partner. How are your fingers placed?

Would you ever go to a nude beach?

Which dance would you love to experience with a new partner?

How long do you wait until you say “I love you?”

How do you feel about long-distance relationships?

What do you think the people you have been involved with romantically think about you?

How do you feel about public affection?

What was your first kiss like?

You know you’re about to go out and make out with a cute date. What do you do to prepare?

When you go to your partner’s house, how do you greet them?

Which is your favorite body part to kiss?

If you were to go on a honeymoon with the person of your dreams, where would you go?

Last, but not least – how much do you care what other people think about your personality?

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