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"Leave It to Beaver" harkens back to a simpler time, when moms wore heels and pearls to clean the house and the worst thing a kid had to worry about was a bully or a bad grade. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about this feel-good classic!

Who played June Cleaver on the show?

Barbara Billingsley played super-mom June Cleaver, who cleaned the house in heels and always wore her signature pearls. In reality, the pearls were necessary to hide a surgical scar on Billingsley's neck, and the heels helped her tower over the growing child actors on the show.


What was the name of Beaver's older brother?

Tony Dow played big brother Wally, who spent just as much time sticking up for his little brother as he did knocking him down. Dow had never acted before "Leave It to Beaver" and auditioned for the show on a whim while visiting the studio with a friend.


Who was Beaver's nemesis at school?

Sneaky Judy Hensler, played by Jeri Weil, was always trying to get Beaver in trouble at school. Fortunately, their teacher Miss Canfield was smart enough to spot her tricks and keep the feud between the two under control.


What city do the Cleavers call home?

June, Ward, Wally and Beaver live in Mayfield, USA -- the name of the state is never revealed. At the start of the series, the family lives at 485 Mapleton Drive, but by Season 3, they've moved across town to 211 Pine Street.


Who was Beaver's fireman friend?

Gus the Fireman was the only one of Beaver's friends who wasn't constantly landing him in trouble. Burton Mustin appeared on the show 15 times in the role of Gus.


What was the name of Wally's trouble-making best friend?

Ken Osmond played Eddie Haskell, who was a perfect gentleman to the adults on the show, but frequently dragged Wally and Beaver into his various schemes.


What was the name of the local bully who terrorized the youngest members of the Cleaver family?

Clarence "Lumpy" Rutherford -- played by Frank Bank -- bullied the Cleavers before finally striking up a friendship with the boys. Lumpy's father was Fred Rutherford, who also happened to be Ward's co-worker and friend.


What do Wally and Beaver call Aunt Martha?

June spent summers with her Aunt Martha in Riverside, a town near Mayfield. Her sons refer to Aunt Martha as umbrella aunt because she once brought them umbrellas as gifts.


What do the boys attempt to trade for a bicycle in the pilot episode?

The boys collect 1,000 bottle caps, hoping they can trade them into the Franklin Milk Company for a bicycle. When their plan fails, Ward saves the day by buying them a bike.


What animal do Wally and Beaver place in the toilet tank in Season 1?

The boys hide a pet alligator named Captain Jack in the toilet tank. This was supposed to be the pilot episode of the show, but it had to be held back a few weeks because the censors were concerned that a scandalous toilet tank would be shown on television.


Why does Beaver move into the guest room briefly during Season 1?

After Wally complains about his messy ways, Beaver moves from their shared room into the guest room. Eventually they compromise, agreeing that Beaver will be a little neater and Wally will be a little messier. From that point on, the boys share a room once more.


What do Larry and Beaver put in a pipe in their first attempt at smoking?

After the Rutherford family gifts the Cleavers with a decorative pipe, Larry and the Beaver fill it with coffee grounds and then cigarette ashes as they attempt to figure out what's so great about smoking.


What role is Beaver assigned in the school play?

Beaver is assigned to play a singing canary, but after he develops a case of stage fright, his teacher lets him play a simple mushroom instead.


What ultra-hip hairstyle does Wally choose at the start of Season 2?

Pressured by Eddie, Wally adopts a hairstyle known as the Jellyroll, which his mother June describes as an oil mop. After Beaver copies his style, Wally realizes it might not be such a great look after all.


What year did the show premiere?

"Leave it to Beaver" hit the air on April 23, 1957. It ran for 235 episodes over six seasons, and ended in 1963 when star Jerry Mathers was ready to quit acting to attend high school.


Who does Beaver pick as the most interesting character he knows for a school project?

After choosing his father as the most interesting character he knows for the show's Season 2 finale, Beaver is forced to make his "boring" father sound as interesting as possible to impress his classmates.


What secret club does Beaver join in Season 3?

Beaver joins The Bloody Five in Season 3 but ends up quitting to join Lumpy's secret club, which is known as The Fiends.


What sport do The Lightning Eleven play?

In the Season 3 finale, Beaver forms a football team called The Lightning Eleven. While Wally agrees to coach the team, he gives away secret plays to girls he likes.


What is the name of Ward's boastful uncle?

Played by Edgar Buchanan, Ward's Uncle Billy comes to Mayfield with big stories about his supposed accomplishments and world travels.


What baseball stadium do Beaver and his friends prank call in Season 5?

Beaver and his friends prank call Dodger Stadium in one Season 5 episode and end up ringing up a huge long-distance bill while waiting for Don Drysdale to pick up the phone.


What piece of nostalgia does June find in the series finale?

In one of the first planned series finales of any sitcom, June finds an old scrapbook in the attic, and the family gathers around to reminisce.


Rocker Alice Cooper used to play Eddie Haskell on the show.

In an interview, Cooper described himself as behaving like Eddie Haskell as a kid. Readers took him too seriously and assumed that the actor behind the smarmy character actually grew up to be Alice Cooper. Instead, the actor who played Haskell grew up to become an L.A. police officer.


The actor who played Beaver died in Vietnam.

This popular piece of Beaver "trivia" is false. Jerry Mathers tried to join the Marines but was turned down because he was such a beloved icon. He ended up joining the Air National Guard instead.


What year did the reunion movie "Still the Beaver" premiere?

In the 1983 television movie "Still the Beaver," fans learn that Ward has passed away, and Beaver has moved his two boys back into his mom June's house.


How many seasons did "The New Leave It to Beaver" run?

The reboot of the original series -- which starred many of the same actors -- ran for 105 episodes over four seasons from 1984 to 1989.


What was the name of Wally's wife in "The New Leave It to Beaver?"

In the '80s revival of the classic sitcom, viewers learn that Wally -- still played by Tony Dow -- is married to Mary Ellen. The couple have two children -- a daughter named Kelly and a son named Kevin.


Beaver's wife has kicked him out in "The New Leave It to Beaver."

Poor Beaver never managed to grow up, apparently, and his wife has kicked him out of the house, leaving him no choice but to move back home with his mom. When his wife leaves the country, his sons Kip and Oliver move in with June and Beaver too.


Which character's real-life sons played in the '80s reboot?

Ken Osmond, who played Eddie Haskell, had his real-life sons star in "The New Leave It to Beaver" with him, playing his sons Freddie and Bomber.


What is the name of Eddie's wife on the reboot?

Eddie is married to Gert on the show. In one Season 2 episode, Oliver suspects that Eddie plans to murder Gert in the hopes of collecting her life insurance payout and buying himself a pool table.


Who does Beaver marry at the end of "The New Leave It to Beaver?"

Beaver almost remarries his ex-wife Kimberly so that his family will be whole again, but he eventually decides to marry his true love, Pamela, instead.


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