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If you love makeup, you'll love trying to ace our makeup quiz, which includes a variety of makeup tools, brushes, powders, foundations and eye makeup.

Let's start with the basics: foundation. Foundation comes in a variety of finishes and coverages that should be used before bronzer and blush. You should also know what type of skin you have, as certain types of foundation work differently on oily, normal, dry, mature and combination skin.

It also helps to know your face shape, which may vary from oval, rectangular, round, heart-shaped and diamond. Depending on the shape, you may have to focus on certain features of your face, such as the jaw line, cheekbones and hairline.

This quiz will also look at the lifespan of certain types of makeup, as it's important to know when you should toss out old makeup. Makeup can be a breeding ground for bacteria that may cause infections, so it's crucial for your health to know which makeup to keep and which to throw out!

If you think you can score a 35/35 on this makeup quiz, we challenge you to test your luck now! We hope you know everything about makeup brushes, tools, bronzer, eyeshadows and foundation, because this quiz starts right now!

What is a Beauty Blender?

A Beauty Blender is a type of sponge that is used to apply foundation. The sponge also works best when it has been dampened in some water.


Which of these is correct in order?

The correct order is: primer, foundation, concealer. Primer is used to make foundation go on more smoothly, foundation provides a light-heavy coverage of the face, and concealer is used to touch up on any blemishes.


What is an angled blush brush used for?

As its name implies, an angled blush brush is used to apply blush to your cheeks, specifically the cheekbones. The "angled" part of the brush is used as a guide as well since your cheekbones are at an angle.


Which of the following is NOT a type of eyeshadow?

The word "kabuki" actually refers to the kabuki brush, which is used for applying powder to the face and body. Other types of eyeshadows are matte and sticks.


What does "BB" cream stand for?

Beauty Balm, or BB cream, is used for a variety of applications, including acting like a "light" foundation/concealer. It's typically more luminous in texture and may also help to ward off acne.


Which of these foundations typically comes with a sifter?

Mineral powders typically come in small, compact sizes and include a sifter. One benefit of a sifter is to add just enough product to the mineral powder brush.


What is the standard lifespan for mascara?

The standard lifespan of mascara is 3 months, due to potential bacteria that could cause an infection. Mascara also has a tendency to dry out faster than other makeup products.


Which of the following is used to "set" your foundation?

Makeup setting spray is used to "set" your foundation via a liquid spray. This will help to prevent the makeup from fading, making it look just as luminous from the beginning of the day, to the end.


Which of the following is the purpose of a fan brush?

The purpose of a fan brush is to "fan away" fallen eyeshadow particles due to eyeshadow application. This can be done without smudging any foundation underneath as well.


Which of these words is associated with a tinted moisturizer?

Tinted moisturizers are used to provide a dewy look that doesn't feel heavy. This means that coverage is light, which is also great for hot weather.


What does "CC" cream stand for?

CC cream, or color correcting cream, is similar to BB cream (which is known as beauty balm cream), except that it provides a heavier coverage. It also helps to correct certain coloring aspects of the face due to aging.


If the length and width of a face shape are about the same, what type of face shape is this?

A square face shape means that the hairline isn't curved and has equal facial proportions regarding the length and width. Demi Lovato is an example of a celebrity with a square face.


Which of these techniques are used to enhance the overall features of your face?

Contouring is used in conjunction with highlighting to enhance certain features of your face. The rest of the answers in the list refer to specific parts of your face, rather than its overall shape.


Which of these brushes are used for blending eyeshadow?

As its name implies, a blending eyeshadow brush is used for blending eyeshadow. This typically works well if you're applying different eyeshadow colors.


What is the lifespan of liquid foundation?

The lifespan of liquid foundation ranges from 12 to 18 months. On the other hand, powder foundations last for 24 months.


If you extend eyeliner past the edge of an eye and into a "winged tip," what is this makeup look called?

A cat eye can be accomplished via pencil eyeliner or liquid eyeliner, but using a pencil eyeliner tends to be easier. This makeup look involves extending the eyeliner past the edge of the eye for a "cat-like" look.


Which of these makeup tools is used for curling eyelashes?

Before you apply mascara, use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes. You typically curl your lashes for about 10-20 seconds per eye.


What is the best way to apply concealer under the eyes?

To apply concealer underneath the eye, it's best to draw an upside down triangle using the concealer wand. You then blend the concealer in an angled, upward motion.


If you have brown eyes, which eyeshadow color should you use?

Of the colors in the list, gold eyeshadow is the most flattering on brown eyes. Other colors that flatter brown eyes include red and brown.


To groom your eyebrows, it's best to use a ______ .

A brow brush/comb has both a comb and a brush side to it, and is best for grooming your eyebrows. This type of brush is also great for "unruly" eyebrow hairs.


Where is the cupid's bow located on your lips?

The cupid's bow is the "v-shape" part that is located right on the top center of your lips. This can be accentuated further using lip liner.


Which of these eyeshadow colors are the most suitable for green eyes?

Purple colors work best for green eyes. This is because purple is a vibrant color that makes green eyes "pop."


To make certain features of your face "glow," you should use _______.

Highlighter is used in conjunction with contouring to enhance specific features of your face. Highlighter, in particular, is used to make these facial features "glow."


"Light, medium and full" refer to ______.

Foundation comes in various forms, including light, medium and full coverage. It's also best to pick a type of coverage based on the weather.


Which of these is NOT a type of blush?

"Smudged" is not a type of blush, but gel, cream and shimmer are. There are also powder and tinted blushes as well.


If makeup has the word "baked" on the label, what does that mean?

"Baked" makeup means that the makeup started out as a cream base and was baked into a powder. This means that the texture is much softer than typical powders.


If you have oily skin, which makeup look would be best?

Matte foundation is not only long-lasting, but it's great for those with oily skin. The finished look won't look oily, shimmery or shiny.


If you have dry skin and need very lightweight coverage, which type of foundation should you choose?

Sheer foundation is similar to tinted moisturizers and provides a very lightweight coverage. This is also great for dry or normal skin types.


A skunk brush is also called a ______.

The stippling brush, or "skunk brush," is actually made from two kinds of fibers. The top portion of the brush is made from synthetic hairs, while the bottom half uses animal hairs.


When determining if you should use old makeup, you should check its ____.

When determining if you should use old makeup, you should check its smell, color and texture. This applies to all brands, whether its luxury or drugstore.


For about how long does pencil eyeliner last?

The lifespan of pencil eyeliner is typically two years. If it was liquid eyeliner, the lifespan would be 3-4 months.


If you don't have lip liner, which of these can you use instead to line your lips?

Lip brushes are the perfect tool to use to line your lips, sans lip liner. It can also be used to "fill in" your lips with color.


Which of these eyeshadows typically last the longest on your eyes?

Cream eyeshadow lasts the longest on your eyes compared to the rest of the answers in the list. It can also be used underneath powder eyeshadows.


A combination of smudged dark brown or black eyeliner and eyeshadow results in which of these eye makeup looks?

Smokey eyes or "rocker eyes" are dark in color with the help of smudged eyeliner and eyeshadow. Dark mascara is also typically used to enhance the overall look.


Why should you use primer?

Primer is applied before foundation and is used to make your makeup go on more smoothly and evenly. It's also used so that the foundation doesn't settle in the pores.


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