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By: Robin Tyler
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Most will agree that when you hear the word muscle car, you think of a vehicle with an imposing look, roaring V8 engine and a vehicle that covers a quarter-mile at an impressive rate!

Since they hit the scene in the 1960s, the muscle car quickly became the vehicle that drivers around the world wanted to own. And there were so many to choose from. America's 'Big Three' quickly produced a number of muscle car models that sold like hotcakes.

In fact, the Ford Mustang sold over 400,000 units in little under a year, beating Ford's sale predictions by a massive amount. By the 1970s most major car makers in America had a muscle car of some sort. Well, there is still debate as to whether some models are muscle cars but if it had a V8 engine and it was quick, we call it a muscle car.

To this day, the Mustang and Camaro have modern equivalents that continue to push the muscle car through the 21st Century! Looks look incredible and still have those amazing V8's that power them.

Onto the quiz! Let's see how many muscle cars you can identify, mostly from the 1960s and '70s. Good luck!

Another case of is it or is it not a muscle car! This vehicle, with its European styling, was certainly different from other American models. Can you name it?

First introduced in 1970, it was the early models of this car that people consider to be a muscle car. What is it?

This subcompact car had a weird shape but certain models did include a V8 engine. Can you name it?

Can you name a late '60s muscle car based on the Dodge Coronet?

Some called it an upscaled Mustang, but an you name this car built by a Ford subsidiary?

A modern throwback to the 1960s, this American muscle car's engine produces 640 brake horsepower! Can you name it?

After their massive initial success, muscle cars soon became pricey. This one wasn't. Do you know what it is?

Ok, it's not a Mustang, Corvette or Camaro, but this early 70's muscle car had some charm and was aimed at the younger market, especially with that name. Which of these below are we talking about?

Introduced in 1967, this muscle car was evolved from the Skylark. Do you know what it is?

A lesser known muscle car, this lightweight two-door coupe had the V8, and that's the most important thing! What is it?

Can you name the muscle car that is right up there with the Chevy Corvette and the Ford Mustang as vehicles that muscle car aficionados want to own?

Released in the mid-60's, this wasn't a big name muscle car as in the likes of Ford, Pontiac or Chevy. Do you know which of the options below we are talking about?

A normal sedan, when given a V8 engine and a additional badge, can become a muscle car. Which of these below are we talking about?

Such an iconic muscle car, it even appeared in the Dukes of Hazzard, TV series from the '70s. What is it?

From the list below, can you name the muscle car that sold 400,000 units in double quick time when released in 1964?

With a Cobra Jet V8 as a power plant, this was a popular muscle car outside the Chevy, Ford and Pontiac realm. Can you name it?

Can you identify a car that sold 82,000 units in its first year of production in 1967? It was based on the Camaro chassis.

What is the make and model of the muscle car released in 1967 aimed at the more mature buyer?

Although early versions of this car where not muscle cars, those that added V8 engines in the late 1960's certainly were. What vehicle are we talking about?

Along with the Ford Mustang, this was one of the earliest muscle cars. Well the V8 versions at least. Can you name the vehicle we are talking about?

Can you identify the muscle car that was name after a Formula One event?

Although it debuted before the Ford Mustang, its later models with the Hemi V8 engine that defined this vehicle as a muscle car. What is it?

This GT-style muscle car was less popular than the regulars. It had six V8 engine options, however. Can you name it?

A utility coup muscle car? You betcha! Can you name it?

Introduced in the 1970s, this muscle car also has Hemi power. What muscle car are we talking about?

A NASCAR racer but also available to buy. Which car are we talking about?

Certainly one of the top three names in muscle cars, can you name the American model first seen in 1967?

Although not all models of this vehicle had muscle car status, those with V8 engines were, especially the Ford 7-liter 'Cobra Jet' V8. Can you identify the car?

Another model in which every version released certainly was not a muscle car. Experts do classify V8 powered models, especially the 7-liter version as muscle cars, however. Which vehicle are we talking about?

The 1970 model of this vehicle had a 370 brake horsepower under the hood. It certainly lived up to its wild name. Can you name it?

Another example of a little badge and a big engine turning a normal vehicle into a muscle car. Name this vehicle from one of America's "Big Three" automakers, please.

Can you name the car first introduced in 1955 that many feel is the first muscle car ever made?

A modified Charger, can you identify this muscle car that was actually intended for NASCAR?

Models of this muscle car with the Ford Cammer V8 engine certainly fit the muscle car bill. Which vehicle are we talking about?

Can you identify an American model in which the 1969 Hemi powered V8 is regarded as a fine example of a late '60s muscle car.

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