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Martians were big business in the 1960s. With mankind's first lunar landing just over the horizon, it's no surprise that a show about an Earthbound alien caught the public's interest. Take our quiz to see how much you know about this sci-fi comedy classic!

What year did "My Favorite Martian" premiere?

The sci-fi comedy ran for 107 episodes over three seasons from 1963 to 1966. The first two seasons aired in black and white, followed by a final season filmed in color.


What was the "Earth name" of alien Exigius 12-1/2?"

Anthropologist Martian Exigius 12-1/2 took the name Martin O'Hara so he wouldn't stand out too much after crash-landing on Earth.


What is Tim O'Hara's profession?

Tim O'Hara is a reporter for the "Los Angeles Sun" who is reporting on a launch at Edwards Air Force Base when he comes across a crashed spacecraft.


Which of these physical features identifies Martin as an alien?

Martin has a pair of retractable antennae protruding from his head, which makes it easy to identify him as a Martin when he fails to retract them in time. Martin also has the ability to turn himself invisible, read minds and levitate, among other impressive alien skills.


What is the name of Tim's landlady?

Tim and Martin share a garage apartment owned by Mrs. Lorelei Brown, who starts an on-again, off-again relationship with Martin -- not knowing that he is an alien.


Who played the role of the Martian on the show?

Ray Watson played Martin the Martian, with Bill Bixby as Tim and Pamela Britton as Mrs. Brown.


What is the name of Tim's boss during Season 1?

Tim works for Mr. Burns during the first season of the show. When Tim finds himself up against Mr. Burns' nephew for a promotion, Martin whips up a meal using Martian ingredients in the hope of helping Tim get the job.


Who does Mrs. Brown date during Seasons 2 and 3 of the show?

Mrs. Brown takes up with Detective Bill Brennan during the show's second and third seasons. The tough detective, played by Alan Hewitt, is highly suspicious of Martin, and causes plenty of trouble for Tim and his Martian boarder.


What does Martin do to earn a trip to a psych ward in Season 1?

After Martin is seen sitting atop a water tower, police commit him to a psych ward because they think he is suicidal. While at the hospital, Martin ends up playing doctor to his very needy psychologist in the episode "The Man on the Couch."


What is the name of the dancer Martin falls for during Season 1?

Martin falls head over heels for a dancer named Peaches during Season 1. He is so smitten that he reveals his true identity to her, but she doesn't believe him and rejects his advances.


Which temporary super power does Martin grant Tim in the Season 1 episode "The Awful Truth?"

Martin gives Time the power to read minds, which comes in handy when Tim is assigned to interview councilman Jack Granby that same day.


What keeps Martin from going home when Mars finally gets close to Earth's orbit in Season 1?

In "RX for a Martian," Mars passes close enough to Earth for Martin to safely travel home. The only problem is that he ends up in the hospital with a sprained ankle after falling down the stairs.


How does Martin regain his memory after losing it in the Season 1 episode "Who Am I?"

After Martin is hit by a monkey wrench, he loses his memory and has no idea that he is actually a Martian. Thankfully, a well-timed hit from a hammer shakes his memory loose and reminds him of his true alien identity.


What happens when Martin gets a toothache?

In the Season 1 finale, Martin learns that a problem with his teeth causes a problem with his eyes. The only way to restore his vision is to have a dentist remove the offending tooth.


What gives Martin 3-D vision in the Season 2 premiere of the show?

After consuming Mrs. Brown's low-fat brownies, Martin's dreams go from 2-D to 3-D. This might sound cool, but Martin and Tim quickly learn that 3-D Martian dreams can cause real-life explosions.


Who does Martin accidentally clone in the Season 2 episode "Double Trouble?"

Martin inadvertently clones landlady Mrs. Brown right before she is set to go on a date with Detective Brennan. The clone ends up going on the date in her place, leaving Martin and Tim scrambling to resolve the situation.


What kind of creature gobbles down Martin's vitamin by mistake in a Season 2 episode?

After a pet rabbit named Cleo eats one of Martin's Martian vitamins, the creature grows to the size of an adult human. Fortunately, Mrs. Brown is having a costume party at the time, so no one is the wiser.


What does Tim's Uncle Seamus believe Martin to be?

When Tim's Uncle Seamus comes to visit, he immediately spots something unusual about Martin and pegs him as a leprechaun. He then asks the magical little fellow to grant him just one wish -- reunite him with his long-lost love Eileen.


How often does Sneezaphobia Day occur?

In the Season 2 episode, "Gesundheit, Uncle Martin," Martin sneezes uncontrollably, losing his memory with every sneeze. It turns out that Martians experience a sneeze-filled day known as Sneezaphobia Day once every 300 years.


Where do Martin and Tim travel first when Martin builds a time machine?

When Martin builds a time machine in an attempt to return home to Mars, he ends up taking himself and Tim on a trip back to the year 1215, where the pair explores medieval England.


What city do the pair visit on their second journey through time?

In Martin's second attempt to use the time machine to get home, he sends Tim and himself off to 1849 St. Louis, where the duo is promptly arrested by the great-grandfather of Detective Bill Brennan.


What era do Martin and Tim reach on their third attempt to master time travel?

Their third voyage through the time machine sends Tim and Martin to the silent movie era of the 1920s, where Martin is determined to interfere in the production of a movie he just can't stomach.


What is the name of Martin's 11-year-old nephew?

Martin's young nephew Andromeda crash lands on Earth in a Season 3 episode. While the character was meant to draw in younger viewers, he was quickly written out of the series.


Who does Martin recruit to help repair his spaceship in "Martin Meets His Match?"

Martin brings Leonardo di Vinci back from the past to help repair his damaged ship so he can finally make it home. Unfortunately, di Vinci is more interested in stealing back his "stolen" Mona Lisa than in working on an alien vessel.


Where do the pair travel in "Pay the Man the $24?"

In this Season 3 episode, the pair travels back to 1626 Manhattan, where they almost convince the Indians not to sell Manhattan to the Dutch for some small amount of money.


Who played Martin in the 1999 film version of "My Favorite Martian?"

The 1999 movie remake of the classic '60s sitcom featured Christopher Lloyd as Martin the Martian, Jeff Daniels as Tim O'Hara and Christine Ebersole as landlady Mrs. Brown.


What is the name of Tim's boss' daughter in the 1999 film?

In the film, Tim gets fired from his job, then takes his boss' daughter Brace Channing -- played by Elizabeth Hurley -- with him to investigate a crashed spaceship.


What does Lizzie use in the film to transfer into a monster?

Lizzie only has to chew a special gum, known as nerplex, to transform into a hideous monster and escape SETI -- who are intent on capturing Martin and all of his accomplices.


Martin and Zoot return to Mars for good at the end of the movie.

Martin and Zoot decide to stay on Earth and live with Tim and Lizzie. Only the brilliant Martian scientist Neenert decides to return home to Mars.


How many seasons did the animated series "My Favorite Martians" run?

Inspired by the '60s sitcom, the animated "My Favorite Martians" lasted for only one season after premiering in 1973. The show focused on Martin's nephew Andy, an alien canine named Okey and a human named Katy.


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