The My Favorite Martian Quiz

By: Bamb Turner
Image: TMDB

About This Quiz

Martians were big business in the 1960s. With mankind's first lunar landing just over the horizon, it's no surprise that a show about an Earthbound alien caught the public's interest. Take our quiz to see how much you know about this sci-fi comedy classic!

What year did "My Favorite Martian" premiere?

What was the "Earth name" of alien Exigius 12-1/2?"

What is Tim O'Hara's profession?

Which of these physical features identifies Martin as an alien?

What is the name of Tim's landlady?

Who played the role of the Martian on the show?

What is the name of Tim's boss during Season 1?

Who does Mrs. Brown date during Seasons 2 and 3 of the show?

What does Martin do to earn a trip to a psych ward in Season 1?

What is the name of the dancer Martin falls for during Season 1?

Which temporary super power does Martin grant Tim in the Season 1 episode "The Awful Truth?"

What keeps Martin from going home when Mars finally gets close to Earth's orbit in Season 1?

How does Martin regain his memory after losing it in the Season 1 episode "Who Am I?"

What happens when Martin gets a toothache?

What gives Martin 3-D vision in the Season 2 premiere of the show?

Who does Martin accidentally clone in the Season 2 episode "Double Trouble?"

What kind of creature gobbles down Martin's vitamin by mistake in a Season 2 episode?

What does Tim's Uncle Seamus believe Martin to be?

How often does Sneezaphobia Day occur?

Where do Martin and Tim travel first when Martin builds a time machine?

What city do the pair visit on their second journey through time?

What era do Martin and Tim reach on their third attempt to master time travel?

What is the name of Martin's 11-year-old nephew?

Who does Martin recruit to help repair his spaceship in "Martin Meets His Match?"

Where do the pair travel in "Pay the Man the $24?"

Who played Martin in the 1999 film version of "My Favorite Martian?"

What is the name of Tim's boss' daughter in the 1999 film?

What does Lizzie use in the film to transfer into a monster?

Martin and Zoot return to Mars for good at the end of the movie.

How many seasons did the animated series "My Favorite Martians" run?

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