Quiz: The New Driver Safety Quiz
The New Driver Safety Quiz
By: Deborah Beckwin
Image: NPHOTOS / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

As the song goes, life is a highway, and most of us are in our cars for a big chunk of our lives. For example, according to the Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration, Americans drove more than 3.22 trillion miles in 2016.

According to the Office of Highway Policy Information, as of 2009, 87 percent of American drivers who could get a driver's license have one—over 210 million people! That's a lot of people sharing the millions of miles of roadways that cover the U.S. There are also a lot more drivers on the road than there used to be: in 1970, there were only 112 million drivers.

So with all those drivers out there, safety as a new driver is of utmost importance. We're in our cars more often, which means we may be tempted to do other things while driving. It also increases the chance of being involved in a car crash due to increased exposure. 

If you just got your driver's license, you probably know what a broken white line on the road indicates versus a solid double yellow line. But do you know how far your steering wheel should be from your body? Or where you should put your hands on the steering wheel? Both of those questions have to do with how cars have changed in the past three decades.

So what do you say, newly minted driver? Can you handle the curves of this quiz about new-driver safety? Buckle up, because you're in for a fascinating ride! Safe travels!

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