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Nurses don't get as much appreciation as they need. These are the people who have to do most of the grunt work, while the doctors are the ones who get all the thanks. Nurses work crazy hours, have to cater to all our needs, sometimes work in horrible conditions and don't get enough pay. These smart individuals also need to know how to use some of the most high-tech equipment on the planet, and that's why we're here today with this quiz. 

In showing how much we love nurses, we want to show you how much smarter they are than the average person, by testing your knowledge about the things they use every day. So we're going to ask you some questions about the medical equipment that all nurses have learned how to use, and it'll be up to you to tell us what that instrument is. 

If you can even answer even half of these questions correctly, you'll have our respect and maybe even that of some nurses. So, if you're willing to try to guess what these things are and do, let's get started on this quiz. 

Which of these tools is used to stop or control bleeding?

A hemostat clamp, also known as a hemostat, arterial forceps or peanut, is a medical instrument used during surgical procedures. This device is used to control bleeding by compressing open blood vessels.


Which nursing tool is used for taking someone's temperature?

A thermometer or clinical thermometer is designed to measure body temperature in order to quickly assess various health issues. The temperature may be taken by inserting the device under the armpit, under the tongue or into the rectum through the anus.


What do medical staff use to see or examine the eyes of a patient?

A penlight is a small flashlight in the shape of a pen that is fitted with a small LED light. It is utilized by nurses to examine and gauge pupil dilation, reflexes and brain functions, which helps to determine or rule out any brain injuries.


Do you know the name of the medical vacuum?

Suction is a medical tool that acts as a vacuum cleaner. It is utilized to clear the airway of blood, vomit, saliva, mucus or any other secretion which may interrupt the patient's breathing.


Which of these is a tool that helps with oral examinations?

A tongue depressor or spatula is a flat, thin, rounded wooden stick which is used to perform further examinations of the mouth and throat, particularly in cases where a foreign object is lodged in the patient's throat.


You listen to one's breathing and/or heartbeat with this. What is it known as?

A stethoscope is an acoustic medical device designed to listen to someone's breathing or heartbeat (intestinal, venous or fetal sounds). It consists of two tubes connected to earpieces and a small, disk-shaped resonator.


What's the more common name of the medical tool that is also known as a sphygmomanometer?

A blood pressure monitor, also called a sphygmomanometer, is an instrument which gauges blood pressure. It consists of an inflatable rubber bladder, which may be self-inflated or squeezed by a small hand-held pump, and a meter which subsequently records the patient's blood pressure.


Which of these options is the more technical way of saying "needle?"

A syringe is a sterile medical tool used to insert medication or to withdraw fluids from the body. It may also be used without a needle to administer liquid medicines to children or young animals.


What's the name of the tool that checks someone's oxygen-saturation levels, among other things?

A pulse oximeter is a small medical device used to measure a patient's oxygen-saturation levels and pulse-rate readings. It may be placed on the fingers, toes or earlobes and must be changed every four hours to prevent necrosis.


Which instrument below records your heart rhythms?

An EKG monitor or electrocardiography monitor is a device which prints records of cardiac rhythms and provides possible diagnoses for abnormal heart rhythms. It works by interpreting electrical impulses of the heart and then producing a corresponding waveform.


What helps nurses deal with time?

A nursing watch is used by nurses to correctly perform certain tasks such as manually recording blood pressure, determining the length of time needed for pushing IV push drugs or when to start antibiotics for a blood transfusion.


Which of these administers fluids intravenously?

An IV pump, also known as an intravenous pump, is a device that is utilized to regularly administer the controlled amounts of medication, fluids or nutrients into the patient's circulatory system.


What would a nurse use to measure someone's sugar levels?

A glucose meter is a small, portable, hand-held device used to accurately measure a patient's glucose (sugar) levels. It is also commonly used at home by patients with diabetes or hypoglycemia.


This device is used to shock the body in order to reset the heart's rhythm. What is it called?

A defibrillator, which may be manual or automatic, is a device which provides a dose of electric current (countershock) to reset the heart rhythm. Depending on the type of device used or needed, defibrillators may be external, transvenous or implanted (implantable cardioverter-defibrillator).


Which device delivers fresh air to a patient's lungs?

A ventilator is a computerized machine which delivers breathable air in and out of the lungs of a patient who is unable to breathe on their own. It is primarily used in anesthesiology, intensive care medicine, emergency medicine and home care.


What's the name of the uniform that lots of nurses (and doctors) wear?

Nursing scrubs, also called a nursing uniform, are protective garments which comes in a variety of colors, including teal and royal blue. Brands of nursing scrubs include Grey's Anatomy, Baby Phat, Landau and Cherokee.


What's the official name of surgical or medical tape?

Micropore tape, known as surgical or medical tape, is a lightweight surgical tape that is used to secure bandages and wound dressings in place. It consists of a hypoallergenic adhesive which allows air to reach the skin and is easily removed without damaging the skin.


These protect a nurse's hands. What are they?

Medical gloves are disposable gloves made of different polymers such as latex, nitrile rubber, neoprene and polyvinyl chloride, and they may be powdered with cornstarch or unpowdered. Gloves are used in medical settings to prevent cross-contamination between the patient and caregiver.


What's the name of this medical device used to treat blood loss?

A PASG, or Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment or military anti-shock trousers, is a medical device designed to treat severe blood loss by applying pressure to arteries of the lower body, such as the stomach and legs.


What's the name of the device that is used to transport a patient with a suspected spinal injury?

A trauma/spinal board is a device used primarily in pre-hospital trauma care to move an individual with a suspected spinal or limb injury. It consists of a flat board with straps which keep the patient in place and prevent them from moving during transportation.


What's the name of this device most commonly used on babies that supplies newborns with certain vitals?

An incubator is an apparatus used in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. It provides a warm environment for sick or pre-term newborns and is fitted with additional equipment including a blood pressure monitor, oxygen hood and ventilator in order to evaluate and treat them.


Which tool helps nurses keep an eye on babies?

A fetal monitor is a device that is utilized to monitor the status of mother and baby during labor and delivery. It also allows emergency personnel to keep track of the heart rate of an unborn baby as well as the mother's contractions.


Which of these devices stabilizes the neck?

A head immobilizer is a plastic-wrapped foam casing which requires at least two persons to use it. This device is strapped to a spinal board and stabilizes the head in cases of head and neck injury.


Do you know the name of the tool that delivers oxygen to a patient's airways?

The nasal cannula, much smaller than a face mask, it fitted in the nose and is utilized to provide a low dosage of oxygen when connected to an oxygen supply. It is used on patients who are unable to tolerate high doses of oxygen or do not require a very high flow of air.


Which of these gels/liquids provide a boost of sugar?

Oral glucose is glucose in the form of a gel or liquid substance which provides an instant boost to the blood sugar. It is primarily used in persons with low blood sugar, particularly diabetic patients.


This has an air tank that contains fresh air, among other things. What is it called?

An oxygen kit is composed of an oxygen tank and a variety of masks for persons in need of oxygen. The oxygen level provided is typically adjusted according to the clinical signs displayed by the patient.


What's the name of the tool that supports broken or fractured bones?

A splint is a medical device used to provide support to broken bones or spinal fractures, allowing them to heal correctly. It is also used to temporarily immobilize potentially damaged joints and broken bones.


This legwear is used by patients and nurses alike to improve circulation in the legs. What is its name?

Compression stockings are commonly used to improve blood circulation, relieve restless leg syndrome and reduce the presence of varicose veins. The stockings are occasionally used by nurses to provide relief to the legs and feet from continuous walking and standing.


Which of these objects is used to protect those who have been involved in fire accidents?

Burn sheets are sterile laminated sheets used to provide a protective barrier between caretakers and burn victims who are at high risk for infections when coming into contact with surfaces around them.


Which of these tools carries medical equipment necessary for any emergency?

A jump bag is a crucial necessity in the medical field, as it contains essential tools and equipment. Some of the important items include thermometers, stethoscopes, scissors, gauze pads, bandages, medical tapes, syringes and gloves.


Can you name the device that is used to cut away items like clothing during a medical emergency?

Shears are a quick and relatively safe way to cut the patient's clothing to conduct a proper assessment or to perform certain interventions. They have wide, unsharpened tips that glide smoothly across the skin.


Do you know the name of this medical necessity that helps doctors and nurses with medications and dosages?

The drug book guide is a book which provides nurses with vital information to help them in making crucial decisions and to avoid errors. This book outlines guidelines needed for various medical procedures, understanding of drug usage and potential negative reactions.


This item dresses wounds and helps with compression. What is it called?

Gauze pads are generally used to clean and dress small wounds, lacerations and abrasions where blood loss is not imminent. The larger pads, known as combine pads, are used to cover larger wounds or provide compression for massive blood loss.


Which electronic device do nurses save information on and use for updates, as well as research?

A PDA/tablet is required to record and keep track of data and medical tasks as well as communicating these to other healthcare personnel. It also used to quickly research and reference medical drugs, leading to fewer mistakes and more accurate diagnoses.


These pieces of cloth are often wrapped around injuries to help compress them. What are they called?

Bandages are utilized to provide support or reinforcement to injured areas and to minimize contamination by creating an airtight seal as well as providing compression in cases of bleeding.


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