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It's hard to imagine a style icon like Audrey Hepburn in need of a fashion makeover, but that's exactly what she gets in "Funny Face." This 1957 musical comedy took the classic story of "Pygmalion" and used it to transform a bookish Hepburn into a top fashion model -- while incorporating top-notch musical numbers -- all set against the backdrop of iconic Paris landmarks. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of this classic film!

Who starred opposite Hepburn as Dick Avery?

Legendary dancer and actor Fred Astaire played leading man Dick Avery. At 58 years old, he was nearing the end of his career -- and was 30 years older than 28-year old Hepburn, who played his love interest.


What magazine is featured in the film?

The film focuses on "Quality," a fashion magazine in the style of "Vogue." "Quality" is published and edited by Maggie Prescott.


What's the hottest color of the season, according to "Quality"?

Drawing inspiration from a matchbook, Maggie Prescott declares that pink is in, resulting in a musical number to the song "Think Pink." Thanks to the influence of "Quality," women everywhere reach for pink clothing, and even airplanes are made with a pink hue.


What is Maggie Prescott seeking after her Think Pink campaign?

Prescott decides that her next project will be "The Quality Woman" -- a model who symbolizes everything the magazine represents. That means she needs not only style, but also smarts.


What is Dick Avery's role in the film?

Dick Avery is a fashion photographer who works with Maggie Prescott on her Quality Woman campaign. He is based on a real photographer from the period, who actually had an advisory role in the film.


Where does Jo work?

Audrey Hepburn plays Jo Stockton, who works at a Greenwich Village bookstore called Embryo Concepts. Dick comes across it while looking for a "sinister" space to shoot the Quality Woman campaign.


Where is Jo when "Quality" magazine invades the bookstore?

Dick Avery and his crew enter the bookstore like a whirlwind. Jo is on a ladder at the time and ends up getting pushed around as Dick starts snapping pictures.


True or false: Jo is a huge fan of the fashion industry.

Jo refuses to let "Quality" film in the shop, calling the fashion world "chichi." They take pictures anyway, eventually locking her out of the shop.


Who stays behind to clean the bookshop after the photo shoot?

After completely trashing the store, Dick stays behind to help clean up. He also takes the time to get to know Jo better and kisses her, before she kicks him out.


What fabulous accessory does Jo wear as she sings "How Long Has This Been Going On?"

After kicking Dick out of the shop, Jo softens. She dances to "How Long Has This Been Going On?" while wearing a fab veiled hat.


Who is Jo's hero?

Jo is enamored with philosopher and professor Emile Flostre, who lives in Paris. He is a fan of empathicalism, or a belief in empathy, which Jo herself shares.


Where does Jo hide when she visits the "Quality" office?

When Jo walks in the doors at "Quality," Maggie and her crew immediately begin to make her over. When they bring out an enormous pair of scissors, she runs away and hides in a darkroom -- where Dick happens to be working.


What song do Jo and Dick sing in the darkroom?

The pair do a song and dance to the title track, "Funny Face." It is in the darkroom that Jo falls for Dick, and he convinces her that modeling in Paris might give her a chance to meet her idol.


Who is the designer involved in the Quality Woman campaign?

Couture designer Paul Duval is chosen to work on the campaign. He will design exclusive clothes for the Quality Woman, and Dick will take pictures for Maggie to publish.


Where is Jo when she is supposed to meet Paul Duval for the first time?

Jo fails to show up for the first meeting with the famous designer. Maggie and Dick find her in a smoky cafe, where she performs a famous Bohemian dance while dressed in an iconic black turtleneck.


What color dress does Jo wear when she poses with Winged Victory?

In a famous scene shot at the Louvre, Jo poses in a dramatic red dress as she descends the stone steps leading down from the Winged Victory sculpture.


Where do Jo and Dick dance to "He Loves and She Loves"?

As Dick finishes shooting Jo in a designer wedding dress at a chapel, the pair admit they are falling for one another and dance to "He Loves and She Loves."


What do Dick and Jo fight about, right before the big reveal?

After meeting with Jo's idol, Flostre, Dick is convinced that the man has bad intentions when it comes to Jo. He and Jo fight and end up destroying the set -- ruining Maggie's big reveal.


True or false: Dick was right about Flostre's intentions toward Jo.

When Flostre and Jo are finally alone together, he proves that he is much more interested in her body than her mind -- forcing her to smash a sculpture over his head so she can escape.


What is the final outfit Jo wears in the big fashion show?

Jo dons a gorgeous wedding dress as her last outfit in the show, but she is incredibly distraught because she and Dick are fighting and he has left Paris.


Where do Jo and Dick reunite at the end of the film?

Dick decides not to fly home, and heads to the chapel in search of Jo. He finds her, and the pair float off down the river to the tune of "S'Wonderful."


True or false: The film was a flop at the box office in 1957.

"Funny Face" did relatively poorly at the box office when it was released in 1957. It wasn't until Hepburn starred in "My Fair Lady" in 1964 that the film was re-released and started making money.


True or false: Hepburn did her own singing in "Funny Face."

Hepburn did her own singing in "Funny Face," but another singer's voice was dubbed in for Hepburn's parts in "My Fair Lady."


True or false: The movie has almost nothing in common with the original musical "Funny Face."

Despite sharing a name, the film is very different from the 1927 Gershwin musical. Only four songs from the musical made it to the film, and the scripts are completely different.


True or false: Charlie Chaplin played Dick in the Gershwin musical.

Fred Astaire starred in the 1927 Gershwin musical, then reprised his role in the 1957 film. He as reluctant to participate but owed Paramount a film, so he took the role of Dick.


Which of the film's stars dance to "Clap Yo' Hands"?

It's Dick and Maggie who dress as a pair of beatniks and perform to "Clap Yo' Hands," as they sneak into Flostre's home to see Jo.


Which two characters sing "On How to Be Lovely"?

Jo is nervous when preparing for the big fashion show, but Maggie helps her relax as the two dance to "On How to Be Lovely."


What word did Hepburn use to describe dancing with Astaire?

Paris was going through a rainy period during filming, so Hepburn and Astaire's big dance at the chapel was made difficult by muddy conditions. Hepburn later exclaimed that she waited 20 years to dance with Astaire and ended up with mud.


How many Oscars did the film win?

The film picked up no Academy Awards, despite nominations for things like costumes, art direction and cinematography.


What is Kay Thompson, who played Maggie, best known for?

Thompson acted in just four films and spent much of her career as a vocal coach. She is best-known as an author -- she wrote the Eloise books.


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