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Think you've got the smarts to play with the big kids? Take this Rugrats quiz to test your knowledge of this '90s favorite.

Ready for a Rugrats reboot? It just might be in the works.

Rugrats was the '90s animated series about Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, twins Phil and Lil DeVille, Susie Carmichael, Angelica Pickles, and, of course, the Pickles family canine, Spike. Episodes were often based on Angelica's incessant bullying of the babies, and the lessons and adventures of the gang. The show first aired on August 11, 1991, and wrapped up after nine seasons and 172 episodes.

The show was so popular on the small screen that the industry couldn't resist making a big screen version for moviegoers. The idea paid off with the 1998 "The Rugrats Movie" earning a whopping $140 million from a $24 million budget. The movie was so successful that Paramount and Nickelodeon teamed up again on the 2000 "Rugrats in Paris: The Movie," which earned a respectable $103 million. A third movie sequel, the 2003 "Rugrats Go Wild," did not fare as well, earning only $55 million and barely doubling its $25 million production budget.

How well do you remember the show? Take this quiz to find out.

Who is Tommy's baby brother?

Dil Pickles was introduced to the series during The Rugrats Movie in 1998.


What does Stu Pickels do for a living?

Stu invents toys for his children, who are his inspiration, but Stu's toys don't always function correctly.


What is the name of Tommy's dog?

Spike's breed is Siberian tiger hound, which is uncovered when a man returns Spike back to the Pickles.


Why do the babies want to eat dog food?

When Tommy tells the other babies that if they eat dog food they will turn into dogs, they all agree to try it, even Angelica.


What kind of store did Chuckie and Tommy get locked in?

Tommy and Chuckie decide they are going to live in a toy store and sneak away when their dads aren't paying attention.


Who is Chuckie's father?

Chas starts the series as a single parent, but he remarries in the second Rugrats movie, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie.


What is Tommy's favorite dinosaur?

When the babies go to the movies, they sneak out of the movie they are watching to go see the Reptar movie that is also playing.


Whose mother works all the time?

Charlotte is known for spoiling Angelica, but she fails to spend any quality time with her daughter. This is mainly due to her job as a CEO.


What do the babies look for at the miniature golf course?

While looking for an ice cream parlor, Stu and Drew come across a miniature golf course and decide to play a game. As they play golf, the babies sneak off in search of ice cream mountain, which Angelica saw on the way in.


Who gets sprayed by a skunk?

When Chuckie is sprayed by a skunk, everyone tries to find a way to get the smell off of him. It is not until Chuckie climbs into a pot of soup that Tommy's grandmother made that the smell finally comes off.


Who does Chas marry?

In Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, Chas meets Kira, who he later marries. After getting married, Chas and Kira open a coffee shop together.


What kind of dinosaur is Reptar?

Reptar is a popular fictional dinosaur in Rugrats. He inspires many different forms of entertainment from toys to ice skating shows.


Where does Charlotte work?

Charlotte is the CEO at Mega Corp, which takes up most of her time. She is often seen on her cellphone, dealing with business calls.


What does Angelica have a nightmare about?

Angelica's parents believe they are going to have another baby, and Angelica is fearful that she will be forgotten. She is so afraid that she dreams her new baby brother is going to eat her.


Why does Chuckie worry when he swallows a watermelon seed?

Grandpa Lou tells the babies not to swallow a seed because a watermelon will grow inside them, but Chuckie accidentally swallows one, leaving all the babies worried that he will explode.


Which two are twins?

Phil and Lil have many similar interest like bugs, but they also argue a lot as any siblings would do.


Where do Didi's parents come from?

Boris and Minka are the grandparents of Tommy Pickles. Boris always talks about living in "the Old Country," by which he means Russia.


Why is Tommy afraid to take a bath?

A toy is sucked down the drain while Tommy takes a bath, and he is afraid to take a bath after that. However, he eventually works up the courage to pull the drain plug and discover if he truly can be sucked down the drain.


Who gets rich from a contest?

Chas wins $10 million, but due to a bad investment, he loses almost all of the money. He does manage to keep enough to fix his leaky roof.


Which pair are brothers?

Stu and Drew have a sibling rivalry that often plays out in the show, like when they compete in miniature golf.


What creature are the babies worried about when they camp outside?

Lou tells the babies a story about Sasquatch, and the babies worry that the creature is coming for them.


Why do criminals kidnap Tommy?

Tommy is kidnapped from his yard when two criminals mistake him for a child of Ronald Thump.


What does Tommy and Angelica want from their grandparent's attic?

Angelica tells Tommy that ghosts live in their grandparent's attic, but when they both see a ball fall from the attic, they believe that other toys might be up there as well.


Why do the babies get Chas' car dirty?

When Chas takes the babies to the carwash with him, he accidentally leaves them in the car as it gets washed. To make matters worse, Angelica roles the sunroof back, and the car is full of bubbles when it comes out the other side.


What do the babies use as a play toy as Stu tries to put together the Kiddie Carnival?

Separately, the babies use the box from the Kiddie Carnival as a toy. Tommy pretends it is a race car, Chuckie pretends it is a spaceship, Phil pretends it is a house, and Lil pretends it is a cave.


Who is Chuckie's stepsister?

When Chas marries Kira, Kimi becomes Chuckie's new stepsister. As their relationship grows, Chuckie takes on the role of Kimi's protector.


What does Susie win from Angelica when Chuckie finally uses the slide?

Angelica makes fun of Chuckie for being afraid of slides, and she bets Susie two popsicles that Chuckie won't ride down a slide again. When Angelica is proven wrong, she owes Susie two popsicles.


What is the name of Angelica's favorite doll?

Angelica is protective of Cynthia and talks to the doll as if it were her best friend, which Cynthia probably is considering how mean Angelica is to everyone else.


What does Susie accuse Angelica of stealing?

Susie's bike goes missing, and Angelica pulls up on a bike that looks very similar. Susie accuses Angelica of stealing her bike, and their argument gets so heated that Angelica's doll, Cynthia, ends up tied to a ballon in the sky.


Who is Lil and Phil's father?

Howard is often dominated by the presence of his loud wife, and he comes across as shy and quite because of it.


What does Randy Carmichael do for a living?

Randy is Susie's father. He is well known for writing the TV show "Dummi Bears."


Why doesn't Angelica speak for part of an episode?

Angelica's mom, Charlotte, promises Angelica a new toy if she will be quite until Charlotte finishes her work. The task proves to be much harder than Angelica thought.


What unique item does Miriam Pickles wear?

Aunt Miriam is the cousin of Lou Pickles. She wears a periwinkle-colored wig.


Where does Lou move to in "Grandpa Moves Out"?

When Lou feels unappreciated living with Stu and Didi, he moves into a retirement home before realizing that he misses living with his family.


What do the babies believe is a spaceship that will take them to the moon?

The babies wander into Lou's camper and believe it is a spaceship that will take them to the moon.


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