Quiz: The Snake Quiz
The Snake Quiz
By: Deborah Beckwin
Image: Pexels

About This Quiz

Snakes have been around for more than 164 million years, with the oldest fossil snake found in southern England—a small stem-snake (Eophis underwoodi) from around 167 million years ago. 

Although snakes have been around for millennia, people usually view snakes with some sort of emotional charge. People love them, hate them, fear them or even bring them into their worship services (hello, snake handlers in churches). It's hard not to feel some sort of strong emotions about serpents—and it's because humans have a long history of folklore with these animals.

Snakes are seen dualistically as good and evil. For the good, snakes' regenerative powers (via shedding their skin) are seen in some cultures as life-affirming. There's the Rod of Asclepius, for the Greek god of healing and medicine Asclepius, which is a symbol of one snake on a staff. 

But then there's the caduceus, which has two serpents entwined on a winged staff. Although the American medical field has also adopted this sign to represent medicine, it's probably in confusion with the Rod of Asclepius. The caduceus has many associations including wisdom and negotiation, but also lying and thievery.

Whether you fear, loathe or love it, the snake has and will continue to play an important part in our culture and history as a human species. 

So are you ready to sidewind yourself into this serpentine quiz about the oft-misunderstood snake? We hope you have fun! Good luck!

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What body part (or parts) does NOT help a snake hear?
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Which of the following snakes is known to have no teeth?
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What do you call someone who is afraid of snakes?
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Which snake is commonly mistaken for the venomous copperhead?
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What venomous snake has another name that is also the name of a type of shoe?
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What snake is known to estivate, or become dormant during the hotter summer months?
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Which venomous snake has the longest fangs?
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Of what percentage of snakes give birth to live snakes?
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Which family of snakes has the largest number of species?
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Which is one of the most rare and critically endangered snakes?
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In which of these countries are snakes NOT found?
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What does the word "cobra" mean?
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Which is known to be the LARGEST snake on record?
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Which snake is considered to be the fastest?
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We all know about the really long snakes. But how about the shortest? Which of the following is the shortest snake?
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What snake is named for the ability of eating other snakes, including venomous ones?
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Which snake is NOT a part of the subfamily of sea snakes (Hydrophiinae)?
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Which snake has fangs that do not fold back?
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What is the range of the number of meals does a snake needs per year for optimal health?
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How long can an anaconda hold its breath underwater?
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Which snake is responsible for the most snakebite fatalities in the continent of Africa?
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Which of these snakes is NOT a legendary or mythical creature?
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Which of the following is a snake that can open its jaws at a 170 degree angle when it's biting?
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Which is the only snake species completely comprised of only females and which reproduces asexually?
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Which snake has the deadliest venom?
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Which of these snakes is NOT a member of the Big Four (a group of Indian snakes responsible for the most human snake bites)?
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Which North American snake is often called a puff adder but is non-venomous?
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What is NOT one of the names for a snake's brille?
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This venomous snake's eye area is thought to be meant for camouflage.
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Which of the following is associated with the more ancient name of "asp"?
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What is the most common snake in North America?
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Which of the following snakes specializes in eating other venomous snakes and the world's biggest venom glands?
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What temperature Fahrenheit is too cold for a snake?
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