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Who are we kidding? There's no escaping from The Thing. Your only hope is to confront this strange creature face to face and save yourself and humanity. But do you know enough to stop it? Find out in this quiz.

The original movie, 1951's "The Thing from Another World," was based on a short story called "Who Goes There?" Who wrote it?

They're one and the same. Campbell used the pen name Stuart for his popular short story.


Where was the 1951 version of "The Thing" filmed?

Of course, this was before global warming turned Glacier into a beachfront property. Its frigid, icy geography played well in the film.


"The Thing from Another World" featured which amazing stunt?

It's called a full-body burn, in which the stunt person is lit totally on fire. Some sources say this was the first in Hollywood history.


How did the production crew of the 1951 film start the stunt man on fire?

You might as well go big. They actually used highly flammable kerosene to ignite the blaze.


Why did the director refuse to include close-up shots of the monster in "The Thing from Another World"?

He wasn't the only one who thought the costume was kind of lame. James Arness, who was wearing it, agreed.


How long did it take the makeup artist to come up with a look for the original film's monster?

After nearly 20 sculptures (and five months), the director finally approved the monster's appearance.


It may have featured a slightly cheesy monster, but "The Thing from Another World" did garner which honor?

It has cultural significance (as well as a huge cult following), so it wound up in the National Film Registry.


What unusual approach did "The Thing from Another World" take for credits?

Only the technical and production credits were displayed before the action commenced.


The 1982 version of "The Thing" is renowned for what?

It certainly wasn't known for great reviews, but the film's special effects and makeup were top-notch for that era.


British Antarctic researchers have which tradition related to "The Thing"?

It's a British "thing" apparently, in which they all gather together to watch the movie and get freaked out before going back to their Antarctic beds.


What was one of the selling points of the 1982 version of "The Thing"?

The whole plant monster thing got thrown under the bus, as director Carpenter introduced a more sinister, shapeshifting monster similar to the one in Campbell's novella.


The original "Thing" movie was released in what year?

It was 1951, and after World War II, when paranoia still ran high.


The dramatic and paranoid mood of "The Thing from Another World" matched American society's fears of what menace?

Joe McCarthy gave "The Thing" two thumbs up. The movie debuted during the Red Scare, in which people worried an awful lot about communism.


Who was the biggest star to emerge from "The Thing from Another World"?

He parlayed his plant-monster image perfectly into his role as an Old West marshall.


The 1982 adaptation of "The Thing" featured which huge Hollywood star?

Perhaps the Times Square version starred Herman, but the Hollywood film had Kurt Russell, who starred in some of the biggest 1980s movies.


The 2011 version of "The Thing" stars who?

She may never sleep soundly next to ferns again. In this film, Winstead is stalked by an alien invader.


From a biological standpoint, why is it unlikely that a plant-based creature could intertwine with human cells?

So much for reality-based fiction. From a molecular perspective, people and plants have entire ranges of cells that simply don't work the same way.


James Arness wasn't fond of his monster costume. He complained that it made him look like what?

The mind boggles that his career path only went upward from there, considering his carrot-ish beginnings.


In addition to Kurt Russell, 1982's "The Thing" featured which other well-known person?

It's too bad they didn't make the monster out of oatmeal. Brimley played a scientist.


The 1982 take on "The Thing" was filmed partially where?

To mimic Antarctic conditions, the temperature of soundstages in Los Angeles was lowered to a chilly 40 degrees Fahrenheit.


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