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It's rare to find such a talented powerhouse vocalist like Adele, who can sing with such raw emotion and feeling. From a young age, Adele knew that singing was her calling, and it wouldn't be long before she had the rest of the world hanging onto her every word. With talents in writing and music, she's a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment world! Would you call yourself her ultimate fan?

Adele has made her mark on the music industry with hits like "Rolling in the Deep" and her smash single, "Hello." There's no doubt that you could sing a few lines, even if you aren't her biggest fan. While many know her radio hits, there are so many other great songs to be enjoyed on her albums. Many about love, while others about different subjects as well. It's hard to find an artist that can keep a delicate balance between sadder songs and happy songs, but Adele can do it well. She has a song for every occasion!

So, do you consider yourself to be a huge Adele fan? If you can sing her songs and know a thing or two about the artist, then you'll have no trouble acing this quiz!

Looking back at Adele's past albums, do you know how she commonly names them?

Adele has released a few albums, all being named with numbers. In fact, the albums were named for her age, despite her usually being a few years older when they came out. While she says she might leave this system behind, you never know what could happen in the future!


Can you name the song the lyrics, "Cause there's a side to you / That I never knew, never knew" are from?

A song about being in love with someone who breaks your heart, this song shows Adele learning that it's time for her to leave the relationship. She learns that she'll be better off if she moves on from him, no matter how much she really loves him.


In which song does Adele sing, "Baby, I have no story to be told?"

When Adele sang this line, she followed it up by saying that she had the dirt on her ex. Being angry at him, she wasn't afraid to tell the world what he did. What better way for her to do that than to put it in a hit song?


Adele had a smash hit on her hands with her song "Hello." What album is it on?

Adele's song "Hello" took over the world and the airwaves in 2015. Around the world, it quickly rose up into the ranks and went number one on countless charts. This is a song that often comes to the mind of many people when they think about Adele.


Adele's huge hit "Skyfall" was recorded for which of the following types of media?

"Skyfall" was a track that Adele recorded for a James Bond movie that shares the same title. Adele even won the Oscar for Best Original Song for the theme. She's halfway to an EGOT. With multiple Grammys and an Oscar, she just needs an Emmy and Tony.


Can you name the classic Adele hit that was first to make it on the Billboard Hot 100 charts?

"Chasing Pavements" was a song that was part of Adele's debut album, and it was also her first single released from "19." Despite being such a beautiful song, did you know that it was inspired by Adele punching her boyfriend in the face?


Everybody comes from somewhere. Do you know where Adele is from?

Adele is from England, where she grew up with her mom and dad, and moved around quite frequently. Did you know that she went to school with two other famous individuals? They were Leona Lewis and Jessie J!


The lyric, "I'd be your last love everlasting you and me" are from which classic tune?

These lyrics are from Adele's song "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)." In typical Adele fashion, she has said that this song is about telling the guy that she's happy and moved on, but he needs to do the same.


Which of the following Adele songs did not win a Grammy Award?

Adele has won 15 Grammys in her career, spanning from Best New Artist wins to Record of the Year. She has consistently been recognized for her creativeness and beautiful lyricism that make her songs so touching.


In which tune are the lyrics "I love it to see everybody in short skirts, shorts and shades" sung?

Despite London being known for its rain, the city has its nice days where you can find people out and about in all types of attire. Adele refers to their summer clothes in this song and the love that she has for the city.


The lyrics, "You never seem to make it through the door" are from which of Adele's tracks?

All about a relationship that Adele wanted, "Water Under the Bridge" was a single from Adele's album, "25." The core of the song was that Adele did not want their love to be just like "Water Under the Bridge."


The camera follows Adele as she strolls around in which famous music video?

As Adele walks around in the somber, but beautiful video shot in black and white, she sings the lyrics to “Someone Like You.” If there’s one thing that Adele is a master at, it’s conveying emotions through music.


Written about a place in London, can you name the song that the lyrics, "but it's in my roots, it's in my veins" are in?

The River Lea is a real body of water that runs through London, a place that has inspired Adele since she first started singing. In this beautiful tribute, she remembers the beauty of her home and all the things it has given her.


It's no secret that Adele has incredible vocals, but what did she have to have surgery on to fix?

Adele unfortunately had to undergo vocal cord surgery after an injury to them in 2011. She was forced to cancel a few dates of her tour in order to rest her damaged vocal cords. Despite this, she still made a strong comeback once she was all healed up.


"Under your thumb, I can't breathe" are lyrics from which famous Adele song?

Being a song on her album "21," "Turning Tables" is all about turning on one another in a relationship. Adele said the concept came from a dinner where literal turning tables were involved.


Adele has a child with her ex-husband. What's her little boy's name?

Adele would be lost without her son and has even written songs about him. He was born in 2012, and Adele and her husband named their newborn Angelo but did their best to keep him out of the spotlight as much as possible.


Artists often draw inspiration from others when creating something new. Who has inspired Adele in her artistry?

In her career and even before it, Adele found herself inspired by a few people, with one of them being Ella Fitzgerald. It’s easy to hear the influence that she’s had on Adele through her strong vocals and catchy songs.


Can you name the song that Adele wrote when angry at someone she had dated?

One of her most popular hits was all about putting the anger that she had into song form to finally let it all out. You can hear the raw emotion in her voice as she sings lyrics like "You played it to the beat."


Adele penned which of the following chart-topping hits after friends spread rumors about her?

As Adele proves in this song, being a celebrity is not easy, especially when friends spread rumors about you. For Adele, this became a reality, and in her typical fashion, she sat down and wrote a song about the incident that became a huge hit.


Which of Adele's widely successful albums had the track "Sweetest Devotion" on it?

"Sweetest Devotion" is a song that Adele wrote about her life as a parent. A beautiful tribute to her song, it's also the last song on her album, "25." Adele is indeed a great mother, as she does what she can to keep her son out of the spotlight.


Can you name the Adele song that is all about moving on past a relationship?

After a breakup, things don't always go smoothly or completely end right there. In this song, Adele shows that it's time to make things right and smooth things over so that they can both move on with their lives.


Of the following list of things, what does Adele deal with openly with the public?

Despite being a huge star around the world, Adele still fears to step on stage to perform. She always manages to put on a killer show with her fantastic stage presence no matter what she steals with backstage.


You might hear the lyrics, "I only wanted to have fun / Learning to fly, learning to run" in which Adele song?

In this song, Adele finds herself looking back at her past before fame. Wanting to go back to simpler and younger times is something that so many wish they could do, but Adele says it best in this track.


Do you know which social media website that was popular at the time gave Adele her big break?

There's no secret that social media has helped to make some of the biggest stars famous, and the same is true for Adele. Her friend posted her music on MySpace, which got her picked up by a record label, jump-starting her career.


Which song focused on the subject of London, a place that Adele loves?

"Hometown Glory" was all about Adele's love of where she came from, London. It's no secret that Adele loves to spend as much of her time in London as she can, but did you know that she often experiences homesickness while out on the road?


What year was Adele born?

Adele was born in 1988, the same year that Rick Astley released "Never Gonna Give You Up." Growing up in London, she picked up her love of music at a very early age, starting to sing for the first time when she was 4 years old.


Every artist usually hits the road to see their fans. How many tours has Adele been on?

Braving her stage fright, Adele completed three tours so far in her career. Her very first tour was called "An Evening With Adele." Since then, her tours are better known for being named "Adele Live."


"Whenever you look at me I wish I was her" are lyrics from which track?

It's never nice when someone gives you the cold shoulder, but Adele makes it sound so good in this song. In the music video for this song, the camera flashes from Adele to ice sculptures placed around the room.


Can you name just one of the instruments that Adele can play?

There's no doubt that Adele has talent vocally, but she also knows how to play instruments as well! Not only can she play an acoustic guitar, but she also has a lot of skills on the bass guitar, too.


Adele is her real name, but do you know what her surname is?

Adele Adkins is the singer's real name, but did you know that one of her middle names is also "Blue?" The general meaning of the name Adele means "nobility," which is no surprise for someone who tops charts consistently!


Adele's album "21" focused most heavily on which of the following parts of her life?

Much of Adele's songs are about heartbreak and relationships, but "21" focused more on one singular relationship that she was in. "Someone Like You" from the album took on a different perspective by being more about the fear of never finding someone like him again.


In which song will you find the lyrics, "Look, don't get me wrong / I know there is no tomorrow?"

When two powerhouse vocalists and talented writers get together, you get this beautiful song. The two influential artists were Bruno Mars and Adele, who wrote this song. The song was released on her album "25," and Adele says that Bruno's presence made her that much better.


In which music video is Adele shown staring out over the city through the window of her apartment?

This song is Adele's take on a Bob Marley classic, and she has been praised for making it her own with her signature style. Adele said that she had not envisioned a cover song on her album before listening to this one.


Adele doesn't feature on many songs, but do you know which of the following she does?

"Water and a Flame" is a song that is performed by Daniel Merriweather, who enlisted Adele to join him on the track. You know a song is good when a legend such as Celine Dion records her own version of it!


In the age of album art being displayed on phones as you listen to the music, can you recall the song that has a young Adele on the cover?

Album art can add to the music, so what better song to have a young picture of Adele as album art than one about being young? In fact, Adele considers this song to be one of her most favorite songs that she's written.


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